A Sleep Mask for Men

This is a sleep mask for men. You may think men don’t need a sleep mask. But, how often have you wished you could shut out the world for awhile and just get some rest? Or, you may be one of those people who sleep with their eyes open and wake up with dry, scratchy eyes.

You may think it’s too girly. It’s not, this is a soft grey, like a manly sweatshirt. No frilly bits or sparkles, unless you get the urge to add them yourself.

You may even think it could be dangerous if you have a Domme with a wicked sense of humour… you would be right about that one.

Still… doesn’t this little man look happy? All comfortable, snug in his bed, alone. I expect his Domme is just out of the picture coming up with some… plan for his day. A good plan.

PLEMO Sleep Mask, Ultra-Soft Velvet Eye Cover, Breathe-Easy for Bedtime & Travel [Improved Version]

Sweet, Wet, Eroge Dreams

Love Japanese eroge? Are you a huge, hardcore fan of the Starless Nymphomaniacs Paradise, specifically? Do you love the eroge degradation and rape-fantasy play so much you dream of being house servant Sawatari? Well, then have I got some pillow covers for you!

Here’s MILF Marie Mamiya:

Seishojo Pillow Cover STARLESS NymphoManiacs - Marie Mamiya

Here’s the terrible maid, Sachie Asagiri:

starless maid Sachie Asagiri hentai

You can find more of the naughty pillow covers here.

All pillow covers are illustrated by Seishojo. They are made in Japan from high-quality 2-way, silky Tricot, measuring 500 × 1600 centimeters. NOTE: The actual product is uncensored, so you can, err, snuggle as intimately as you wish. (After all, pillow covers and pillows are the cheapest ~ and easiest to clean ~ version of sex dolls.)

bratty hentai eroge STARLESS Marisa Mamiya

What’s Japanese eroge? The word eroge itself describes what it’s all about; the word combines the two words “erotic” and “game.” So eroge is the genre of visual novel games, aka pornographic Japanese video games. You might also call them hentai games, or H-games for short, as everywhere (but in Japan) the word hentai is taken to mean adult animation.

[Technically, in Japanese, the word hentai does not refer to any media genre, but rather refers to any perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act. However, the truth of the word won’t stop anyone marketing anime or manga style pornography using the hentai label.]

There’s also an animated adult series of Starless; here you can find the whole compilation of Starless 21st Century Nymphomaniacs.

STARLESS 21st Century Nymphomaniacs hentai

Sunday Funnies: He Must Suffer! Femdom Coloring Book Edition

He Must Suffer! A Femdom Coloring Book by Darla Hallmark. Twenty drawings of men suffering at the hands of women in creative ways that you can color ~ or have your little submissive man do it for you.

In case you didn’t understand…

ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOT FOR CHILDREN!!! (not for some adults either)

Via @TrailerTrashGrl.

he must suffer darla hallmark bdsm femdom coloring book

Saucy Saturday: Footsie Fun For Everyone Edition

Lotus Lain and Mia Li are playing footsie…

Lotus Lain and Mia Li play footsie

When they notice someone watching… While that might sound creepy, the peepin’ Tom dude is invited into the action.

worship Lotus Lain and Mia Li's feet

If you love toes, feet, foot jobs, and some tramping, then this is for you.

Lotus Lain and Mia Li give a foot job

worshiping the feet of Mia Li and Lotus Lain

…For some reason, even though Lotus is of mixed ethnicity, I’m thinking of singing “Ebony & Asian-Li” to the tune of Ebony & Ivory

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Fun with a Little Penis

“Hello Dolly!” I yelled across the train station. He knew I was looking right at him, but he pretended he didn’t. Poor Dolly and his cute, little penis. We had such fun last night. At least I did.

Dolly, as I like to call him, wandered into my room from a party in another apartment down the hall. My fault for not having the door locked but, I was expecting my roommate home any minute.

Instead, Dolly came in. He didn’t have a coat, or a shirt or pants on. Just underwear. I knew there was a party, it was loud. I even knew Dolly, we had been introduced last year at a social event. He asked for my number but never phoned. So I didn’t look him up. But, now he was here. Pretty much nude and passed out drunk.

I decided to do something about it. I had time, art supplies and a collection of kitchen gadgets. Somewhere in all of that an idea was sure to come along.

First, I stripped him bare. That was a surprise. I’d never seen a micro, tiny penis before. Gorillas and such in nature documentaries don’t count. I thought it was cute. Like a little dolly penis. I played with it awhile. It got a bit longer, and a bit thicker, but not much. I didn’t get him to ejaculate. Likely due to him being passed out drunk. Disappointing.

I drew all over him. Personal tattoos. I left out his hands and face so he could go to work and not have a lot of explaining to do. I took photos of him. I posed him and took more photos. I had a lot of fun playing with my sleeping dolly.

My roommate had called and said she wouldn’t be coming in that night. So Dolly and I had the night to ourselves, well, mostly I had the night to myself with Dolly. I left him nude. He’s actually quite good looking and muscled. I’d never had the time to really explore a man’s body before. I’d only slept with a couple of boys and they weren’t interested in foreplay, not really. So, that night with Dolly, I had foreplay. All the foreplay I wanted with him.

His little penis was fun. Each time I got him hard again it was like watching time lapse photography of budding trees and plants.

In the morning he woke up not feeling so well. But, still hard as a rock, even when he realized all (or most) of what I had done to him. I guess I did take advantage of him. Some could say it was wrong. But, I didn’t use permanent ink and most of it washed off in the shower. I made him breakfast. He didn’t look me in the eye, didn’t really speak and rushed out the door with just a shy backward glance.

“Good bye, Dolly!” I yelled after him as he raced down the stairs.

Maybe this time he will call. I’d like to play with his little dolly penis again. Next time I want to make it squirt and tie a fussy little bow around it, like a tiny dolly dress.

Of course, if he doesn’t phone… I do have all those pictures. I’ve never blackmailed anyone before. It’s kind of a turn on to have Dolly under my thumb, maybe over my knee too.


Vintage Ken Doll found on Etsy.


Sunday Funnies: Halloween Humiliation Edition

Trailer Trash Angel proves she’s so not your Angel with it comes to phone sex, relishing in creating very twisted fantasies. This is especially clear with the Halloween Challenge she posted this year, in which she instructs callers purchase two of these Dobby the House Elf masks which submissive male callers will wear while performing on cam for her. Why two masks, you ask? Angel says, “One for your ugly face & another to hide that sad little sock puppet cock of yours.”

ugly dobby servant mask

That sort of twisted Harry Potter cosplay seems humiliating enough ~ but Angel takes it even further:

you may just impress Me if you find an even smaller one to put on that wee willie! I mean, there are options, like taking the head off a Dobby figure and placing it over that button-cock of yours. Look, this one even has a sock! And a diary, symbolic of your loser confessions.

Hey, it’s also poseable! So get two of those; I have other bad ideas…

If you think that Malfoy was cruel and sadistic to poor little Dobby, well, you just haven’t met Me yet. I assure you, I’m far worse. I can make a loser pig cry on cam in less than 10 minutes. …And yet, they beg for more!

Dobby the House Elf Poseable Action Figure with Diary and Sock

If you and your “Dobby-dick” are up, erm, ready for such a challenge, you should book your session asap; according to her Twitter feed, it’s booking fast.

Submit and Like It Too!

Why does he look so unhappy when he’s getting what he wants? Too much of the male submission art is spoiled (for me) due to his sulky, poor-me attitude.

Maybe it’s part of the package for some men. They want to feel mistreated so they can think of her as the bitch, the mean one. But, the fact is the FemDom fantasy is directed by the men. Especially in this image with her huge boobs and the lack of a wedding dress. It’s one thing for him to be nude and chained up but… what real woman would go to her wedding like that! (Unless it was a nudist themed wedding – and how many of those have you been invited to?)

I like images which show the man is valued and he knows it. I like things to be a two way exchange, not focused on him and leaving her wishing she had brought something to knit while she reads his script. The Domme needs to be involved, personally and liking it. Otherwise, she’s the one who will be in the image with the hangdog, bored, and sulky attitude.


Femdomme Friday Fashions

Via the number one phone sex Tumblr site, I found this post and then the fabulous shop called Female Supremacy, which features some fab femdom fashions ~ as well as a number of items for their submissive partners. These are a few of my favorites…

Bonus: If you’re not familiar with Zazzle, you should know that there are numerous style and color options ~ for both men & women ~ and you can customize the shirts, complete with pet & power names!

these boots front

femdom trampling tee


get down at my feet femdomme tank top

this is femdom bdsm tee



but women kick balls

i_serve_my_domme_t_shirts-for submissive males

cuckold men's tee shirt


Vintage Little Jewel Medieval Male Chastity Preserver “For the Errant Knight”

A vintage or retro boxed male chastity device from the 1970s called the Little Jewel Medieval Male Chastity Preserver, “For the Errant Knight.”

Vintage Little Jewel Medieval Male Chastity Preserver For the Errant Knight

I know with the name, graphics and all I’m supposed to be thinking “Medieval torture device” ~ but for some reason, calling a cock cage a “chastity preserver” reminds me of nautical tales of throwing a life preserver to the proverbial “man overboard.” Of course, a cock cage is exactly what your chronic masturbator needs to keep him from going overboard. …Now I am thinking of The Love Boat‘s Lothario in residence, Doctor Adam Bricker.

Anyway, this vintage cock cage with its punny little hanging jewel appears to be a novelty item and not for for actual use. The seller only notes one specific:

Box measures approximately 6.5″ x 3 3/4″.