Sunday Funnies: He Must Suffer! Femdom Coloring Book Edition

He Must Suffer! A Femdom Coloring Book by Darla Hallmark. Twenty drawings of men suffering at the hands of women in creative ways that you can color ~ or have your little submissive man do it for you.

In case you didn’t understand…

ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOT FOR CHILDREN!!! (not for some adults either)

Via @TrailerTrashGrl.

he must suffer darla hallmark bdsm femdom coloring book

Sunday Funnies: Halloween Humiliation Edition

Trailer Trash Angel proves she’s so not your Angel with it comes to phone sex, relishing in creating very twisted fantasies. This is especially clear with the Halloween Challenge she posted this year, in which she instructs callers purchase two of these Dobby the House Elf masks which submissive male callers will wear while performing on cam for her. Why two masks, you ask? Angel says, “One for your ugly face & another to hide that sad little sock puppet cock of yours.”

ugly dobby servant mask

That sort of twisted Harry Potter cosplay seems humiliating enough ~ but Angel takes it even further:

you may just impress Me if you find an even smaller one to put on that wee willie! I mean, there are options, like taking the head off a Dobby figure and placing it over that button-cock of yours. Look, this one even has a sock! And a diary, symbolic of your loser confessions.

Hey, it’s also poseable! So get two of those; I have other bad ideas…

If you think that Malfoy was cruel and sadistic to poor little Dobby, well, you just haven’t met Me yet. I assure you, I’m far worse. I can make a loser pig cry on cam in less than 10 minutes. …And yet, they beg for more!

Dobby the House Elf Poseable Action Figure with Diary and Sock

If you and your “Dobby-dick” are up, erm, ready for such a challenge, you should book your session asap; according to her Twitter feed, it’s booking fast.

Submit and Like It Too!

Why does he look so unhappy when he’s getting what he wants? Too much of the male submission art is spoiled (for me) due to his sulky, poor-me attitude.

Maybe it’s part of the package for some men. They want to feel mistreated so they can think of her as the bitch, the mean one. But, the fact is the FemDom fantasy is directed by the men. Especially in this image with her huge boobs and the lack of a wedding dress. It’s one thing for him to be nude and chained up but… what real woman would go to her wedding like that! (Unless it was a nudist themed wedding – and how many of those have you been invited to?)

I like images which show the man is valued and he knows it. I like things to be a two way exchange, not focused on him and leaving her wishing she had brought something to knit while she reads his script. The Domme needs to be involved, personally and liking it. Otherwise, she’s the one who will be in the image with the hangdog, bored, and sulky attitude.

But… Why is he Blue?

What has she done to make him look blue? All over! Maybe things started getting out of hand when she shaved his head. You know how these things get started, seemed a good idea at the time… Now he’s blue. I don’t think this is a good thing.

Print of The Lesson in a light coloured mount and signed. The complete item measures 12 x 16 (image size approx A4) and is supplied cello wrapped and

Source: The Lesson mounted signed print by NaughtyArt on Etsy

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Warming Up his Man Nuts

The man was nude, wet and cold. The snow was fresh, still coming down in lazy drifts. The woman held a camera and was fully dressed, coat and boots and a warm hat too.

“I want snow angels not snow flying saucers. Lift your arms up higher, right over your head and together. That’s better!” She snapped another photo.

The man was not nearly as enthusiastic as she was. But, he was sticking it out. He was actually thinking about something else, trying not to feel the cold snow surrounding him, covering him as it continued to fall.

“I want two more snow angels in the row. That will make five and I can take a photo of them all in a row. It’s going to be so much better than our Christmas card photo last year!”

Without grumbling, maybe with a bit of belated Christmas spirit even, he made two more snow angels. His skin was numb. He wondered if it really were possible to freeze his balls off and was it really all worth it?

She was smiling and setting up for the last photo. He waited, posing as she told him. The snow feeling like raw ice at his back now. When she signaled him to get up he really had to struggle.

“Look at your poor little man nuts, they’re blue and we haven’t even started the sex play yet.” She giggled while helping him to stand and then wrapping him up in a blanket. “I’ll make you a nice hot chocolate.”

Indoors, sipping hot chocolate while sitting at her feet, she pretended to ignore him. He shifted and sat cross-legged showing his somewhat less blue balls. Her bare foot brushed his thigh. She kept her head turned to the computer, looking at the images she was uploading of him making snow angels outside. She laughed softly as her toes touched his belly.

Leaning back on his left arm he kept drinking the hot chocolate in his other hand. He gave her wandering foot and toes more room to explore. Soon she found her target. With her foot she teased his cock, making it longer, harder and balancing it on the top of her foot.

“Stand up boy”, she told him. So he did. She took his cock in her hand and just held it with a good grip, not too tight but firmly. That was all she did. But it was enough. She patiently, wickedly waited.

Then she cupped his balls in her warm hands. “They aren’t blue now. Or, not yet.”

She looked up at him then, enjoying his arousal and her control of it. She led him away, her hand still firmly on his cock all the way to the bedroom.

man in the snow

Image via: Welcome to my World: Taken from Tumblr: Naked Guys in the Snow

Sunday Funnies: Decking His Balls

In a twist on BDSM Santa’s use of a Christmas tree, some femdommes make their own human Christmas trees out of a male submissive ~ including decking his balls with hot wax and using his cock as candle holder.

hot wax at christmas with male slave

femdom uses man as human christmas tree

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: When I Pull the Zipper Over Your Eyes

maskI pull the bondage hood on over your face. I zip it over your eyes. You keep them open to the last moment because that’s what I like – seeing your last look in the light before I turn your world dark.

Your breath becomes raspy. You never like the first few minutes in the hood.

I know you don’t like the smell of the hood. But, you stop thinking about the smell soon.

There you sit, waiting, expecting. I don’t do anything for awhile. I enjoy your anticipation. I like to wait for your squirming to start. Just waiting, thinking about what I will do next, what I’ve got planned or will get the impulse to do… it makes you eager and hard.

Silent and sitting right in front of you I notice the little things. You’re restless. First your hands sit on your thighs then rub up and down, caressing yourself. I like it. I cover one of your hands with my own and lead it up your thigh to your rising cock. Your breath whooshes out but the narrow vent leaves you coughing for air.

I keep your hand on your cock, not even moving, just resting our hands on your cock together. When your cock is hard and your hips wriggle and squirm your breathing is fast and gasping. Still I wait, holding you in position until your cock starts leaking.

That’s when your mumbling starts, begging through the zipper of the bondage hood. My real fun starts then. How long can I keep you right there… needing but not getting anything. How long can I stretch out your building need to orgasm.