Coins In The Slot (Or, Golden Escort Fantasies)

In Australia, where sex work is legal, a Gold Coast sex worker has been advertising her escort services by touting her past modeling experiences. Sounds like a good marketing ploy, right? Wrong.

golden fantasy escortAn Australian escort, who goes by the name “Wild, Raunchy Blondie” under a “Golden Fantasy” escort listing, has been promoting herself as a “stunning meter maid from the Gold Coast” and an “Original Golden Meter Maid.”

Gold Coast meter maids at Surfers Paradise in 1971Despite how that name may sound here in the USA, the “Golden Meter Maids” have nothing to do with any sort of showers. Instead, the Surfers Paradise Meter Maids are legendary tourist attractions, with a 50 year legacy. Pretty women wearing skimpy golden bikinis & the obligatory high heels who wander around the streets of the Australia’s Gold Coast, aka Surfers Paradise, protecting motorists from parking violations. When the beauties spot a meter about to expire, they plug in the requisite coin and place a card on the vehicle’s windshield which reads, “You have just been saved from a parking fine by the Surfers Paradise Meter Maids.” The coins are supplied by the company ~ who earns plenty more by selling tourists trashy & sexy-in-that-college-frat-boy-way souvenirs.

While it’s rather probably that this particular “Golden Fantasy” had worked as one of the meter maids, she did so having signed a disclaimer vowing not to “bring the brand into any form of ill-repute.”

Bikini_Cooler_meter_maidsYes, the company that brings you $15 cheap plastic bikini can coolers, is worried that their image is being tarnished by sex.

Once a meter maid herself, Roberta Aitchison has owned the 50 year old company for the past 30 years. And Aitchison is zealously guarding her kitschy brand, contacting those she feels violate the trademark and the disclaimer. Including taking action against “Golden Fantasy” over this past weekend.

But Aitchison is facing bigger problems than that. Advanced new parking meters are working to render the Surfers Paradise Meter Maids obsolete. And it’s not just the technology, either. Local business owners are complaining that the meter maids are “in clear breach of the council’s anti-touting laws by selling merchandise to tourists.” That news story also says that Aitchison’s business is struggling to attract maids. Perhaps it’s because potential meter maids know they can make more as sex workers ~ when the meters are running.

Escorts & Selling Sex In The Land Down Under

Not long after I retweeted the link to the transcript of Hungry Beast‘s interview with National Classification Board member Greg Scott about the Australian rules regarding nudity in Unrestricted Category publications (which raise a plethora of questions, not only in censorship but in terms of female body image, especially down under), long-time reader Mike asked how this might affect sex workers in Australia.

brisbane escorts tease in lingerie and heelsWhile I’m no expert on things Australian, I expect it has little, if any, impact. For while sex work, including escorting, is legal in Australia, I doubt sex workers are allowed to advertise in publications like Cosmo. (Here, in the US, you can’t even advertise sex toys in such publications ~ even if editorial covers the subject.) I’ve reached out to those I know who live or work in Australia for their input.

But even if sex workers are allowed such means of promoting their services, I doubt many of them would opt for using nude photos. Savvy escorts know that tease is more of a marketing draw than explicit photos. For example, the photos shown here. They are random examples taken from profiles of Brisbane escorts and Perth escorts.

And while we are speaking of Aussie escorts, the Daily Mail has a feature on Australian sex workers talking about their diverse client bases.

sexy perth australia escorts

What’s It Like To Be A CamGirl? (Part Three Of The Exclusive Kaylee Pond Interview)

Ever since we’ve met the fabulous Kaylee Pond, we’ve been talking about the fun and games on camera. But, even if some folks who think being a webcam girl brings “easy money”, there’s plenty of work involved in being a cam girl. A lot of it behind the scenes. Heck, I bet that even some of Kaylee’s hugest fans may not know all the work she does!

Since Kaylee has been an erotic webcam performance artist for two years (she just celebrated her “cammiversary” September 1st!), and is a very successful one at that, I thought she would be an excellent choice to discuss the real work involved in camming. (Plus, it gave me a chance to talk to my girlie crush a bit longer lol)

Kaylee, let’s talk about the work…

How long is a typical webcam show? How much planning goes into a typical cam session performance? Does it take more time to plan than to perform?

My shows are usually 4 hours long; that is pretty consistent!

Link cosplay by webcam model kaylee pondI plan out a schedule of shows at the start of each month, making a calendar that lets everyone know what activities we’ll be doing each day! Sometimes I leave a few days as a surprise and sometimes things change, but in general the shows are all planned in one day.

I have lots of shows that are kind of classics among camgirls as well as many that I’ve come up with on my own. I try to spread things out so that there’s a nice mix of laid-back shows, active shows, sexy shows, art shows, etc. There are some huge favorites that I and my room adore and so I always make sure to do them at least once a month. I LOVE when I get to add completely new shows and ideas. Scheduling the calendar helps me immensely as it’s usually much easier to plan all at once rather than wondering each day what I should do.

sexy busty kaylee pond on camI usually do spend MOST of my day doing things related to camming, but I have the luxury of mixing them in with other things like watching awesome shows or movies while editing videos, answering emails, making costumes & props, etc. I’m sorry the answer is so wibbly-wobbly, but it can be hard to say…

Some days, the show is one that doesn’t take a ton of prep and those days I usually start getting ready an hour before the show and take about 30 minutes after the show to clean up and take care of after-show things (in addition to the regular work stuff I do during the day, addressed more in the next question). That’s a really easy show day.

wild cat kaylee pond body paint on camOn the other hand, there re costume days.

Costumes days, or days I’m introducing a more complicated show, I might be getting ready for many days in advance and will wake up the day of the show to instantly begin getting ready. That day I will work in a focused way from the moment I get up — until an hour or two after I log off!

How much of your time is spent marketing your web cam business?

That’s a tough question mainly because marketing and just working on camming things are mixed up and interspersed throughout my entire day, pretty much every day. (Though I do try to pull back a bit on my days off so that I can give more time and attention to my family and friends). I suppose when the “product” you are selling is yourself, most things you do can be part of your work.

When I wake up, I check Twitter, my email, and my MyFreeCams (MFC) email and answer everything that I can at that time. I try to tweet about what I’m doing throughout the day, respond to comments, and update my fan club blog with pictures usually every day (and sometimes my regular blog too). If I do something interesting I try to take a picture or tweet about it, so marketing is kind of something that is constantly being thought of. For example, I just took a shower and also brought my camera to take pictures because I thought my fan club would like them!

kaylee pond bath

I often have videos and photosets to edit and updates to make to the graphics on my MFC profile, so when I have projects like that going on I can sometimes spend half the day working on that. I’m not sure what length of time marketing might take but it does permeate a great deal of my life. It’s a never ending cycle of tweeting, blogging, reading email, responding to messages on all platforms and then doing it all again once I’m done. I feel it’s all very worth it and fortunately I enjoy it a lot!

Do you have any other sites you perform at?

I perform mainly on MFC — I’m online there 5 days a week! I do occasionally work on a site called Streamate and have a store on Clips4Sale which is a place just for selling videos. I sell most of the regular videos I make for MFC there, but a lot of what’s available are clips of awesome fetishy things, like me wiggling my toes, lighting matches, or doing jumping jacks.

Being a sex worker can be isolating… Do your family & friends know? Do you have a support system to talk about your work with?

Yes, my friends and family know! I’m very proud of my job and I also am very happy getting to be open and honest with the people that I love.

kaylee pond on cam as unikittyI’m really pretty open with most people! For friends and people that I meet, I usually say that I’m a performance artist/webcam show host on the internet! If the people seem cool, I’ll usually use the word “camgirl” too; sometimes they need an explanation of what that is and sometimes they don’t. Most are really incredibly curious about it and find it really interesting, so that’s usually really fun! I love talking about my job so it’s always awesome to have an opportunity to chat about it and I must admit I also enjoy knowing that I might spread some new ideas about sex work out into the world.

Yet, it’s really pretty easy to adjust the story and make it more vanilla if it feels inappropriate (landlord, neighbor, person in grocery store, random person at a family party, etc). There are so many things I do that really are vanilla so it’s cool because I still get to talk about a lot of the things I love about my job. Sometimes there are just people I don’t feel like doing the whole explanation with so I tend to leave the naughty bits out to keep it more simple.

Poison Ivy cosplay by Kaylee PondMy husband is incredibly supportive, I would say that he is my main support system and I feel so lucky to have him! I always talk about work with him and he knows the ins and outs and what sort of things are going on, so it’s really wonderful to get to vent or gush with him when I need to, in addition to prattling on about random work stuff.

I am also incredibly active on an absolutely AMAZING and incredible forum, AmberCutie’sForum (ACF), which was created and run by one of my favorite MFC models, AmberCutie. It’s an awesome place for camgirls and camsite members, too. We talk about everything there and it’s a great place for info and advice, information about camming, tech stuff and all sorts of things like that but it’s also just a spectacular place for camaraderie and support.

camgirl Kaylee Pond Poison Ivy cosplayWe play forum games, talk about things going on in the world, and all kinds of random topics, too. Lots of camgirls aren’t very open about what they do and just getting to be yourself somewhere is SO valuable. Even when you’re “out” a lot of people can’t necessarily relate to the general “work stuff” of a camgirl so getting to just be open someplace is very important. I can’t imagine how different my camming life would be without ACF, I am so grateful for it and the amazing people there.

Is the money you make camming your sole or main source of income, or do you have a “day job” that pays the bills?

Camming is my full-time job!

curvy camgirl kaylee pondWhen I started (with a very intense amount of planning, I might add), I already was working at another job but disliked it very much.

Mr. Pond and I agreed that if I could come with enough money in a savings account for 3 months worth of what I would make at my regular job, I could quit and cam full time with the help of some sort of safety net if things went terribly wrong. I was working 7 days a week for a while there and camming after a shift at work for several of those days, so it was pretty rough at first, but I adored it and within 2 months was able to quit my regular job and put my full effort into camming, which was a dream come true.

Yes, being a successful webcam performer involves a lot more than just sitting in a room with a webcam pointed at you. Even if you don’t go “on location” *wink* And, yes, there’s still more of Kaylee yet to come! Stay tuned! (Likely to be posted on next Monday or Tuesday.) Meanwhile, go watch her on cam ~ and let her know that Gracie and Sex Kitten sent ya!

Girl Scout Cosplay Kaylee Pond PhotosetGirl Scout Kaylee Pond cosplay