Onaholes: The More The Merrier?

Hey, Hannah Smothers & Cosmo, if you think that the 3fap three-hole masturbation toy for men is confusing and upsetting, well, you must have missed this Fucking Ageist Cantaloupe Sex Toy from six years ago.

While the 3fap offers three holes (mouth, vagina, & ass) the Wet Sucker Setsugekka Orgy Onahole suggests an orgy of one man with at least three different women who each will wait their turns… There are three pussy onaholes, each representing three a woman of a different age, and one, apparently ageless, asshole.

The Setsugekka predates the 3fap by six years.

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Warning: Choke Hazard!

Despite the lifelike appearance, ethereal beauty, and being “endowed with soul”…

This doll, with the perfectly molded internal structure of vagina, is not for children under 3 years old.

Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Yes, it’s the small parts which make this sex doll inappropriate for children…

Hot For Teacher? Even Hotter For A Tit Job?

As a big-breasted girl, I know full well the power of a titty fuck. Since I can’t be everywhere, you might want to find a readily available substitute. And, since we’re speaking of “substitutes,” here’s a substitute teacher to help you with your busty naughty dreams: the Oppai Teacher, aka the Huge Boobs Teacher Deluxe Toy.

This Japanese masturbator has a pair of pleasure holes (onaholes) as well as a bountiful bosom for paizuri (titty fucking).

Unlike some other life-size (or nearly so) fuckable sex dolls, you have realistic breasts to play with.

I’m not exactly sure what makes her a “sexy teacher” ~ maybe it’s the glass test tube between her breasts… She’s a science teacher! She’ll blind you with science, baby!

But we can all get behind the idea of a teacher sex doll, right? Especially when this nearly full sized sex toy can also be used doggy style!

Made in Japan; but you can order it here and have it sent to you in the USA. Yes, it’s safe to use; 100% phthalate-free materials. Lotion is included too, so there’s nothing to stop you!

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Sunday Funnies: Sing Along Edition

The Autoblow 2 has been upgraded to the Autoblow 2 + and there’s a new sing along song to help you learn about the new features. Like the first jingle, also by Chicago-based singer-songwriter David Safran, this catchy little promo is supposed to maximize word of mouth marketing about the masturbator that simulates a blow job. *wink* Just try to un-hear “the Autoblow 2 has been upgraded; it’s a perfect time to be fellated!”

You can find my man’s review of the Autoblow 2 here.

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When “Fifi” Isn’t Some Fancy French Poodle, But A Prison Sex Toy

fifi-prison-masturbation-medical-grade rubber glovesDid you know that a “fifi” is slang for a masturbation device made and used in prison? I didn’t; but maybe you listen to Howard Stern or have more knowledge regarding incarceration.

In any case, my man decided to make a few of these sex toys using medical-grade rubber gloves and give them a try. You can read all about it here, where he even compares the DIY tools for pleasuring male tools to other masturbation devices.

As I tweeted, “This is what my man @CR_LF does while I sleep in mornings… Hey, I get it.”

Mutual Online Sex with Robots

I know the webcam women are paid but… it seems close to non-consensual. This idea comes from a sex site which the webcam women work for. Part of the post says they will have to be brave because it has a lot of thrust. Then, how consensual is that, really? Can she dial it down or does it not have that option? What if it’s not good for her, just him?

Men may love the idea of “giving her a pounding” with a robotic dick they control but… taking a pounding may not be such a lovable thing.

robot penis

Via- Robot penis lets men have sex with webcam girls over the Internet

A hi-tech ‘teledildonics’ contraption described as the ‘Rolls Royce of f**k machines’ lets lonely men thrust into an artificial vagina – and have a robot dildo penetrate webcam girls in time to their thrusts.

This would not be for me. One of my first thoughts after reading the post was about how this spoils the only good thing about online sex, control and being the one in charge.

Maybe I’m just not into anything this mutual. I like turning him on, getting him all twitchy, squirming while remaining mostly unaffected myself. I’m the Domme and giving up control to him, or a mutual robot-in-the-middle doesn’t really appeal to me.

Also, how many women actually have an orgasm this way? I doubt it would be a lot of them. Part of the problem would be timing, the lack of intimacy and the pace set by the robot and the man. A good orgasm should not be rushed, pressured or faked. My best orgasms start with my own imagination. There may be a robot involved, but not in this way.

What’s An “Onahole” & All About Kashin Cunts

For the uninitiated, an onahole is a Japanese male masturbator ~ a sex toy that’s designed to feel, and stimulate the penis, just like a tight little pussy. Among all the onaholes, Kashin onaholes by Rends remain a favorite. In part because, like most sexual goodies from Japan, they’ve added their own little twisted twist to a basic masturbator toy. In this case, as it is with Japanese wand attachments, the pleasure lies in materials and imagination.

rends kashin series male masterbator toys onaholeKashin masturbators are molded in one piece (no problem with joints or parts!) from the revolutionary “Daisy” material. It’s the Daisy material that provides an elasticity, friction, and tension which replicates a real live pussy. This medical grade styrene thermoplastic elastomer is fragrance free, non-oily, silky to the touch, and, most importantly, safe to use. This material is so safe, it was the first sex toy for men that sought ~ and achieved ~ a safety certificate from TÜV Rheinland laboratories. And the Daisy material can be washed; the Kashin can be turned inside-out for rinsing and to provide a real cleaning with anti-bacterial soap. Thus, it remains a sanitary toy.

Now for the imagination part…

The two biggest difficulties for men using toys to masturbate with is 1) a lack of excitement (from missing a partner) and 2) a lack of realistic feeling. A male masturbation toy must fuel the sex fantasy as well as manipulate his cock. With Kashin, the Daisy material goes a long way ~ but Kashin takes things even further by making a series of male masturbation toys, each with its own unique vaginal tunnel structure.

The tunnels are designed to meet specific stimulation needs:

In the first version, aka Chapter 1, there’s a ribbed path that used two-stages for a gradual tightening feel. Stage one is made of large ribs at 90 degrees angle, for hard and tight stimulation; stage two is a narrower tunnel with 60 degree angled ribs, for a softer, yet snugger, sensation. This is considered the “standard groove” type of masturbator.

kashin chapter 1 tunnel

Chapter 2, the second in the Kashin series, is a “bumpy ride.” The ever-narrowing walls of this masturbation toy are covered with three different types of beads for additional, but gentle, stimulation.

kashin 2 bumpy penis stimulator

Version or Chapter 3 is made to mimic the softer, “loose” feeling of oral sex. It works like this: There’s a ribbed path leading to a vacuum chamber ~ this vacuum system creates suction which provides the realistic sensation of a blowjob.

kashin 3 oral sex vac sex toy

Number four in Rends Kashin series is the tightest of the grooved masturbators. In this version, the tight tunnel narrows in three grooved stages.

rends kashin tight grooved onahole

In the fifth in the series of Kashin toys, Rends begins their most realistic pussy toys using multi-dimensional molding to create a 3-D tunnel that twists and turns in a wave fashion. The winding tunnel has small V-grooves and beaded bumps for a unique and tight feeling. It is the tightest of the 3D Kashin toys.

3-d tight pussy sex toy

Last, but certainly not least, is the latest in the Kashin series, Chapter 6. Another multi-dimensional or 3-D molded toy, Chapter 6 gets pretty darn close to recreating the texture and feel of fucking a real pussy. Along with its varying, winding, tunnel shape and textures, Kashin #6 offers the experience of “bottoming out” by including the uterine ostium (the rounded aperture at the end of the vagina where the cervix begins). This alone warrants the price. And it’s probably why the Kashin 6 tops most lists of most intense onaholes.

kashin 6 most realistic intense fake pussy to fuck

Each onahole in the Kashin series has a maximum length of 7 inches, a maximum width of 2.75 inches, and a total weight of 12.7 ounces. Their size, and feel, makes them a great insert for most silicon & plush sex dolls.

Overall, the Kashin series of onaholes is quality, from end to end. It’s not just the insides either. I know a number of men who really enjoy playing with the labia on the Kashin toys ~ they make for great fun with the tips of dicks and fingers too.

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