Free Love Was Born In The 60s, But It’s Coming Of Age Today; Is Your Adult Dating Profile Ready?

According to Google Trends, “sex hookups” have become more than just the stuff of a lonely person’s day dreams ~ or a horny person’s wet dreams. Over the past decade, people have moved from the idea of a cheap and easy sexual encounter to taking action by searching online. In fact, searches for “casual sex sites” has grown exponentially in the past five years as well ~ no doubt in response to the generous increase of websites, such as, which kindly offer to help folks meet their needs. Yes, free love may have been born in the 60s ~ but it’s coming of age now.

But you still have to put the work in to find a fuck buddy online. For example, you can’t just do as TechnicallyRon did, and let Google autocomplete fill in the blanks of your dating profile:

However, the biggest sins in creating casual sex dating profiles lay in the photos.

Here are simple tips on how not to screw-up your fuck buddy profile pictures:

1) At least one of your photos should have your face in it. In fact, your primary profile photo ought to have your face in it. Sure, this helps people recognize you when you meet; but seeing your face also puts people at ease. No one wants to risk being lured in by a hot Jessica Rabbit bod only to find themselves having one of those face-to-face-with-Lena-Hyena moments.

You can laugh all you want to; but this is what people fear on these dating sites. Since no one is actually as bad as Lena, don’t be so damn afraid to show your face.

2) Have someone else take natural photos of you to use in your hookup profile. This is not only so that you look like an actual person (instead of those fish-faced selfies), but it proves you have some friends & aren’t a creepy loner. And don’t have the friend take a picture of you in a random weird place. How about just a normal snapshot of you chillin’ at home. Oh, and don’t include other people in the pic. I mean, really ~ who else really wants to be on your sex profile?!

3) Keep nudity under wraps. Yes, these are adult sites; but come on, you needn’t flash all your bits to anyone who passes by your profile. In fact, here’s an escort promotional tip: Use your photos to tease them into wanting to see more of you.

By all means, take those nude photos. But save your completely nude photos in a private album or hold onto them until they are requested. Yes, gents, this includes those dick pics! Even when we women are actively seeking dick, we frown at guys who just whip it out & show it to anyone. Not only does this make you look desperate, but your fascination with your own cock makes you seem like a selfish lover.

How to Look Hot for Web Sex 

For me online sex can’t get any better than IRC. Several women could talk behind the scenes while they sexted (on IRC you can keep a private chat, open a channel with several people and chat in a group all at the same time, in different windows, all in text format) with men. The behind the scenes conversation was always far funnier and personal than the men were. I still think 90% of men online are just sex trolls and they tend to prove me right.

I never got into the webcam sex stuff. I’d have to actually have a reason to want to share more than online chat with a guy – which would mean he would have to prove himself to be more than a sex troll. But, I have sent sexy scans of my boobs to a man I dated (offline). That was as much fun for me as it was for him. Setting up the pose, coming up with something creative… it was all fun. I liked knowing he would find it sexy too.

So I understand the new online sex stuff, the thrill of it. That feeling of being bold, daring and sexy all at the same time. Of course, just as I did then, you want to send a good impression and a great image. This article was mainly about the cosmetics to wear, that’s all less important than the lighting. Good lighting makes you look sexy even without cosmetics.

Find the Right Setup- Choose a spot in the house with natural light. “If you’re Skyping at night, try to make it as bright as possible with the light coming toward you,” says Scantlin. “Never sit with the lighting behind you.” Scantlin explains that positioning the light in front of you (shining on your face) will brighten your face and highlight your features so your date can see you better. If the light is behind you (shining at the back of your head), your face will appear dark. “The light doesn’t have to be a spotlight, but by positioning it so it points toward your face, you will allow your features—and perfect makeup—to shine,” she says.

Source: How to Look Your Hottest for Skype Sex | Women’s Health Magazine

Intimate Photos Take Us Into the Bedrooms of People With Disabilities (NSFW) – Feature Shoot

For Je t’aime moi aussi, photographer Olivier Fermariello enters the bedrooms of individuals with disabilities, cutting through taboo and rarely discussed topics to reveal the complex sexual identities of his subjects. In a world that subscribes to a relatively homogeneous definition of beauty, physical differences at times become a source of discomfort. Here, Fermariello combats the prejudice surrounding disabled individuals, who are too often unjustly and inaccurately relegated to a realm of n


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Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Warming Up his Man Nuts

The man was nude, wet and cold. The snow was fresh, still coming down in lazy drifts. The woman held a camera and was fully dressed, coat and boots and a warm hat too.

“I want snow angels not snow flying saucers. Lift your arms up higher, right over your head and together. That’s better!” She snapped another photo.

The man was not nearly as enthusiastic as she was. But, he was sticking it out. He was actually thinking about something else, trying not to feel the cold snow surrounding him, covering him as it continued to fall.

“I want two more snow angels in the row. That will make five and I can take a photo of them all in a row. It’s going to be so much better than our Christmas card photo last year!”

Without grumbling, maybe with a bit of belated Christmas spirit even, he made two more snow angels. His skin was numb. He wondered if it really were possible to freeze his balls off and was it really all worth it?

She was smiling and setting up for the last photo. He waited, posing as she told him. The snow feeling like raw ice at his back now. When she signaled him to get up he really had to struggle.

“Look at your poor little man nuts, they’re blue and we haven’t even started the sex play yet.” She giggled while helping him to stand and then wrapping him up in a blanket. “I’ll make you a nice hot chocolate.”

Indoors, sipping hot chocolate while sitting at her feet, she pretended to ignore him. He shifted and sat cross-legged showing his somewhat less blue balls. Her bare foot brushed his thigh. She kept her head turned to the computer, looking at the images she was uploading of him making snow angels outside. She laughed softly as her toes touched his belly.

Leaning back on his left arm he kept drinking the hot chocolate in his other hand. He gave her wandering foot and toes more room to explore. Soon she found her target. With her foot she teased his cock, making it longer, harder and balancing it on the top of her foot.

“Stand up boy”, she told him. So he did. She took his cock in her hand and just held it with a good grip, not too tight but firmly. That was all she did. But it was enough. She patiently, wickedly waited.

Then she cupped his balls in her warm hands. “They aren’t blue now. Or, not yet.”

She looked up at him then, enjoying his arousal and her control of it. She led him away, her hand still firmly on his cock all the way to the bedroom.

man in the snow

Image via: Welcome to my World: Taken from Tumblr: Naked Guys in the Snow

Jane Hilton Photographs: Exploring The World’s Oldest Profession

An exhibition of new photographs by Jane Hilton, at Eleven, uncovers the hidden world of life inside Western (USA) brothels. Hilton first encountered Madam Kitt


The exhibition mentioned is over, but the article is worth reading for context ~ then see more photos at Jane Hilton’s website & order the book at Amazon.

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Hot Flash Fiction Friday: The Rain at Night

I love the rain at night.

The sky is so dark and slick looking. Just a little thunder and lightening. The big storm has passed and now the rain just soaks down from the sky.

I like the raindrops running down your bare skin. You’re so white in some places.

man-standing-in-rain-all-wet-shirt-wide-hd-wallpaperYour hair is plastered to your scalp and you are wet right through now. I bet you’re cold too.

“Pirouette boy!” I call out to you.

Putting your arms over your head you turn a circle around. I can see the mud squishing between your toes.

“On your tippy toes, like a ballerina!”

“Now hop a bit, put a bit of a skip into it!”. I laugh quietly. There is humiliation and then just plain meanness. You won’t like it if I’m laughing at you. But, there isn’t a lot sexy about a naked man hopping in the rain. The rain itself though…. I love the rain at night.

You’re cold, wet and I think your lips look on the blue side of pale. Another minute…. but not more than that.

I pull a hot towel out of the dryer and bring it with me out into the rain. I get a few photographs of the rain, the darkness and your wet skin. This is the turn on for me. Not your suffering, or your humiliation. Those are the things you want. I wanted the sensation of the rain, the sensuality of the drops running down your skin, through your hair and your breath in the night sky.

I’m quick, snap, click and a small adjustment of your pose for a last photo of your wet face up close.

I wrap you in the warm towel and lead you to the sliding glass door and the heat and light of the indoors.

I stay outside, by myself and play in the rain. I photograph the sky, up there far into the darkness. How far can the camera see? How many raindrops will be in the photo, captured in that blink of a lens?  I want to catch the rain on film before it’s all gone.

You come out, all dry and warm now. You’re wearing your rain coat this time and under it I know you will be dressed in your soft flannel workshirt and worn jeans. Your feet are in Wellingtons now, shiny with rain.

I love your smile as you wrap me up in a big hug and the worn, old quilt from our bed.

“Come inside now.” You say. Your voice is soft, almost a whisper for a man. It’s sexy and you’re warm and sexier now too. I don’t mind leaving the rain behind.

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