Saucy Saturday: Vintage Becky Bailey Edition

Kyle wrote in asking about one of the models in last week’s leg warmer post:

That ebony model with the very 80s workout outfit, Becky Bailey, do you know more about her?

That photo of Becky Bailey, aka, “Jayne,” came from this athletic spread for vintage men’s mag, Razzle (Volume 4. Issue 25 & 26 Xmas Special, 1986).

vintage workout grow your melons

vintage becky bailey workout

While in the vintage pictorial shoot, Becky was presented as a “gorgeous dark girl” for a supposed request for the same from a “black youth” (In a men’s mag, this request is about as reliable as a Penthouse letter ~ or describing her workout as “doing exercises to make her tits even bigger!”), there is some confusion regarding Becky Bailey’s ethnic heritage. And, no, blonde wigs don’t exactly help. *wink*

natural tits and ass lingerie vintage vintage becky red stockings natural bush from behind vintage toples blonde becky bailey vintage becky bailey blonde wig lingerie becky red and black lingerie vintage peek a boo with becky vintage mens mag

She was quite a popular busty model though, appearing in many men’s magazines, such as the American Gent magazine (“Home of the D-Cups”, Dugent Publishing;  August, 1986, cover) and UK publications like Tozerward Ltd.‘s Bounce (legend has it issue 31 has black & white photos of Becky). As was the way back then, Becky worked under, or was billed with, various names in these magazines, including as “Becky Rogers.”

gent d-cups vintage mag august 1986

She also appeared numerous times in the pages of Asian Babes, and made the cover of  Volume 1, Issue 5 (1995), where Bailey was billed as a “100% Asian” girl “Keziah.”

vintage asian babes keziah

Adding to the confusion, she also worked under the name the name “Becki Brown.”

vintage becki brown in shower

But, according to a fan nbwriter, Becky was East Indian:

I am 99 per cent sure Becky is “second generation” East Indian. That means her parents were born in East India (Pakistan) but she was most likely born in the UK. I believe I encountered her (by chance) in my 20s in a UK town (known for a larger asian population).

In this soapy spread, also from vintage men’s mag Razzle (Volume 4, Issue 10, circa 1997), she was rub-a-dub-dubbed “Ayesha.”

Razzle Vol. 04 No. 10 vintage soapy

vintage asian indian girl Ayesha in Razzle men's mag

She also appeared in at least two (British made) soft core films, under the name “Becky R.

But that’s about all I know… If anyone else can add to her story, please do!

busty vintagenBecky_Rogers-becki-brown

Flexible Laurien Wilde: Leg Warmers & High Heels

Speaking of leg warmers

The glorious 80s also gave us other videos ~ which gave directors, models, and actresses the ability to flex those fantasies explicitly… Perhaps none so well as the short-lived Laurien Wilde, also known as Lauren Wild, Kresten Boyd, Tina Ross, Tina Ronnie, Tina Ashley, Christy Boyd, Lauren Summers, and Bernadette Farrar. (She died tragically young, at the peak of her career, at the age of 20 in a car accident.)

laurien wilde tina ross leg warmers heels vintage porn

laurien-wilde explicit leg warmer vintage porn

Celebrating The Early Days Of Spring With The Leg Warmer Fetish

Eight years ago I wrote about the nostalgia for 80s porn. While I am still searching for erotica and explicit porn featuring shaker sweaters, I am happy to report that leg warmers are alive and well ~ and not just in retro or vintage porn, but offered by today’s porn producers too.

Not everyone is a fan, even if they do understand the whole foot fetish thing. Perhaps they simply don’t understand this variation of the leg lover. Or perhaps you have to be of a certain age to have fond recollections of leg warmers… (Not that your nostalgia has to be my nostalgia.) From classy to sassy, leg warmers were everywhere ~ including porn.


Becky Bailey vintage leg warmers so 80s

Leg warmers have always had a connection to dance & fitness ~ and the 1980s certainly gave many men the chance to masturbate to aerobic and exercise videos in the same way generations before them pleasured themselves via mom’s lingerie catalogs (and before that, just the pages in departments store catalog pages which sold undergarments).

jane fonda leg warmers

The fitness angle continues today, to be sure. But leg warmers have also been adopted by others as well.

There are those seeking snuggley comfort… Both the wearer and viewer enjoy the softer, sweeter, more intimate things in life…


And then there are those with those Japanese kawaii fantasies. While “kawaii” means “lovable, cute, or adorable,” apparently the Japanese only call leg warmers “Super Loose Socks“. (Which is more than a little disappointing, even after all my time documenting the weird Japanese names for fetish things). But hosiery, by any other name, still looks (and possibly smells) as sweet by any other name, so…

japanese anime leg warmers

Here, the appeal is largely that of a cute schoolgirl ~ even if the point of view is a peepin’ perv.

authentic japanese loose socks aka leg warmers

But of course, leg warmers are not only part of fashion, comfort, or even simple role play ~ they can be part of extreme cosplay. Depending upon how loosely you wish to define “leg warmers,” there are steampunk variations and even limb covers for those who enjoy the whole furry thing

pawstar furry fetish cosplay leg warmers boot covers

But this whole subject ~ like many ladies’ legs! ~ can go on for days… Suffice it to say, leg warmers remain hot.

Image Credits: 1) Marianne Gravatte wearing leg warmers, circa 1982, from the pages of Playboy Playmate Collection #4 (1983 imported Japanese edition); 2) Becky Bailey, from headband to leg warmers, from big hair to pubic hair ~ so 80s it hurts; 3) the iconic & legendary Jane Fonda; 4) the super sexy to snuggle with Tasty Trixie; 5) Japanese anime girl and Asian school girl wearing leg warmers via JList; 6) Pawstar Party Furz Faux Fur Furry Leg Warmers.

She’s Lovely and Not Shaved

The shaving issue bugs me. I think of it as a fetish more than anything sensible or modern. This woman from the 1920s is lovely – with all her arm pit and pubic hair attached.

Reproduction Postcard 1920s pin up photograph. Mint condition. Card measures 140 X 89mm.

Source: Vintage Repro French Postcard 1920s Pin Up Model by SlideWorld

Reusable Feminine Toupee

Kitty Carpet: reusable downstairs toupee is a female merkin or pubic hair wig that makes a funny gag, prank, joke, white elephant, or stocking stuffer.

CaptureSource: Kitty Carpet: reusable female merkin toupee

Available in dark, light or pink… for those days you want to be extra special.

Men are not left out…


You Give Men A Bad Name

Read My Lips A Complete Guide to the Vagina and VulvaWe talk about pubic hair from time to time here at SK, but I think the best discussion of the subject just might be this one where Dr. Debby Herbenick (Ph.D., M.P.H.) responds to a male who not only is of the opinion “that a trimmed and partially shaven vulva [makes] for an enlightened, mainstream young woman” (and he naturally wants to convince his lady to become one), but actually hits on Dr. Herbenick. *snort* and *blech* Go read it.

Dr. Herbenick is also co-author of Read My Lips: A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva.

An Ode To Female Pubic Hair

David M’s In Praise Of The Bush is the perfect male counterpart to my sentiments regarding women’s pubic hair. Here’s just a snippet to seduce you to get into the dark and tangled beauty of his post:

In this age where the completely shaved vagina is the norm, I feel it is my public duty to every now and then proclaim the beauty of the traditional bush.

…Note: I often refer to the bush as the GNP, or Glorious Natural Pelt, a apt, wonderful and humorous phrase an old blogger introduced to the world.

pubic hair

Meet Mona The Teddy Babe

I’d like to introduce you to Mona, the “Super Slutty Nympho” Teddy Babe sex doll with wild curly brown hair and intelligent brown eyes. Mona comes (if you’ll pardon the expression) with a green or black lingerie ensemble: a teddy, matching garters, and stockings. She also wears golden hoop earrings.

Mona’s real-life dimensions would be 36-22-34; that’s quite a curvy four-foot frame. Mona is a natural brunette; her carpet matches the drapes. Well, her pubic hair is a bit less wild than the head on her hair… She’s trimmed it neatly for you! And her pink pussy matches her pink nipples.

A Teddy Babe isn’t just given the name for her lovely lingerie; Teddy Babe is the name of the maker, who does their best to create sex toy partners who mimic the silky softness of human flesh by using a velvety-plush material (stuffed firmly with non-allergenic poly-fill). And yes, that does include a plush vaginal insert, or “Pussy Velour” if you will.

Due to her plush construction, Mona won’t give you the cold shoulder ~ not only because she’s a pliable, poseable, sex doll, but because she’s cuddly soft and her plush vs. plastic nature does not require a heating pad or other method of warm-up. Heck, she doesn’t even need a drink! The Pussy Velour insert provides a silky-smooth, yet rich and full somewhat textured sensation, quite like the warm wet velvet sensation of being inside a human woman. For those who are more familiar and/or comfortable with the feel of silicone or latex, you can line your Pussy Velour with a female condom or use another insert.

Mona is flexible. Her lush curvy body has three pivot joints (at the head and at both shoulders) and a durable wire skeleton which includes elbows, legs, ankles, etc. As a result, Mona the plush sex doll can turn and tilt her head, raise her arms above her head, wrap her arms snuggly around you in a hug, be posed and support herself in many positions. In fact, each of her fingers also has the durable, bendable wire skeleton, allowing you to form her hands into various gestures, or even to grasp certain objects. And her fingers come complete with plastic designer fingernails ~ for authentic feminine sensations as well as pretty looks.

All of this nearly requires one to undress and redress Mona to fit any fantasy.

I’m personally a huge fan of Mona as a nun.

I do have a thing for sex dolls; I’d like to get a go at Mona, and make her moan-a.

While the manufacturer names the shades of Mona’s lingerie and they take great pains to replicate the texture of female human skin, they fail to aptly describe Mona’s flesh color as anything but “nude” ~ and as we all know, nude is a state of dress (or undress), not a color of human skin. For the record, Mona appears to be quite fair skinned. Her Teddy Babe sisters, however…

Yes, Mona has sisters! There are quite a lot of Teddy Babes. Including Deluxe Teddy Babes in a larger, more life-sized, five foot four inches, with more realistic feet and plumper tushies (which seem to beg to be spanked!).

Each lady love in the Teddy Babe line has special features. For example, the Latina seductress, Bianca has tan nipples, extra bushy black pubes, and more life-like feet, right down to her flame red toenails.

There’s even Sonya, Vampire Mistress Of The Night, who is not only dressed for your slutty goth erotic vampire fantasies, but is undressed for them too.

Your Teddy Babe can accompany you in many fantasies and to many places (at least in your house), but she should not go in the shower or bath with you. (Nor should your slutty friend be tossed into the washer!) Give her a spongebath with gentle soap and water (or some delicate fabric cleaner, like Woolite), and you’ll enjoy your time doting on her. You can then blow-dry as necessary; her hair, for example. Your Teddy Babe’s Pussy Velour is held in place by a soft, plastic ring, which is both hidden enough inside so as not to bother you during such intimate moments of entry and can be removed from the Teddy Babe’s body for easy cleaning. Clean up with soap and warm water: Lather, rinse, dry, and replace for use again. Repeat as necessary. (If you fear your hot load may be too much for your Teddy Babe, each doll is shipped with a thin plastic “sheath” which can be inserted into the doll’s body cavity before you put in the plush insert; it will then act as a barrier between the interior of the doll and the fabric of the plush insert. )

The Teddy babes may have but one hole to put into service, however, they expect to take quite the beating; each is able to bear and recover from an estimated 500 pounds of pressure and not leak or tear.

Other bits you may wish to know…

Mona and her sisters are in stock here, so there’s no need to be alone for the holidays.

And when you use code SKWAY, you’ll save 15%. (Through January 15, 2015.)

In Praise Of Vintage Porn

Vintage porn is inspiring. For one thing, it’s easier to feel a lot better about your own body when you see real bodies. Sure, these bodies are still the more beautiful among us; but look at this beauty. Big natural breasts that slide as the lay on her ribcage, rather than sit up and beg like plastic balloon implants. (Nipples are supposed to do the sitting up & begging!) There’s a softness to her figure ~ her tummy, her arms ~ that allows for her skin to not be stretched like a goat skin on a drum of bones or hard muscles. And look what else is there ~ it’s our old friend, pubic hair!

When’s the last time you saw pussy hair? I mean in porn, erotica, even art; not your own or your partner’s. …Or maybe I do mean on bodies you can reach out and touch, because the absence of pubic hair in porn the past few decades has sent so many men and women to annihilating all the hair down there that it’s hard to tell the legal adults from the kids.

People seem to live so in fear of the natural stuff now that even a landing strip freaks some out. Seriously. A girl friend, upon deciding “tonight was the night!” asked if she should remove the thin strip because even that much might be too gross. *snort*

I leave mine on as proof of my full adult status and my lusty adult intentions. Sometimes I even show it off behind some sheer panties, like Pat Carpenter here.

It’s supposed to be a dark tangled mess down there. More than a metaphor for the natural wild things to be done, pubic hair serves a fucking purpose. Pubic hair, from mound to anus, protects the skin from abrasion; it’s a barrier against the friction of fucking. I don’t know about you, but I like as much sex as I can get, and I’ll take a pass on the friction burns, thanks.

Also, that Delta of Venus is part of love making itself.

Pubic hair is like other parts of the female anatomy; it ought to be touched, put to good use during foreplay and beyond. Even below the belt, we women are more than a clit and a pair of holes. Wandering your fingers through her muff to discover and explore her pubic mound, her lips… I love it when he grabs the ends like a beard, and gives a gentle (or not so gentle) little tug. Just thinking about it makes me wet ~ and then my wet pussy hairs retain the scent of my musk. That sends a message alright. He loves the feeling of wet pussy hair; that’s his proof of working in the right direction. As a matter of fact, that’s another fabulous thing about pubic hair ~ when you put your hand down her pants, the fur tells you that you’re getting close… If the lights are on, that fur patch still leaves a little mystery… Brings your partner in closer if they want a better look. And while they’re there, they might as well kiss it.

Now any porn with pussy hair is called “hirsute” ~ which is inaccurate and down-right dumb because the definition of the word means excessive hairiness, hair growing where it normally does not. And pubic hair is natural to the pubic area. If you’re a mature human, it’s as natural as can be. We used to be proud of growing those hairs. Hell, finding one of those hairs in the bar of soap used to be a (somewhat inconsiderate) gift from the sex gods. Of course, now more people use shower gels than bars of soaps, but I think you see my point: pubic hairs were once seen. They were signs of adults and adult actions.

Why are we so afraid to show we are mature adults?

Talk about some screwed-up body issues.

And talk about the missed opportunities.

Images: Gorgeous vintage photo via; sexy vintage Joseph Jasgur photo of Pat Carpenter in sheer panties proudly displaying her muff via.