Even Robots Need To Revive Their Careers With Sexy B Flicks

From the biography of Elektro, the world’s first celebrity robot who wowed the crowds at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, comes this sad and all-too-familiar chapter of the fleetingness of fame:

One curious part of the story is that Elektro tried the classic B-list celebrity tactic of using sex to revive a flagging career – appearing in a proto soft porn film in the 1960s.

The movie was entitled Sex Kittens Go to College, and you can see Elektro featured in the trailer.

Here’s the film’s trailer:

Catch Elektro as “Thinko”, Mamie Van Doren, and the whole gang in the flick.

Alpha the Robot Abducts Queen Zorine Of The Nudists

Not to become the sexy robot blog or anything, but who can pass up a photo ~ and a story ~ like this one from the 1935 San Diego Exposition?

A grand event thrown to help boost morale and the local economy during the Great Depression. Among the hundreds of exhibits, the ones best remembered are Alpha the Robot, a “mechanical man” created by Harry May representing the cutting edge of mid-30s robotic machine age modernist technology. At some point during the exhibition, Alpha wandered away from the Palace of Science and found himself at another exhibit, that of Queen Zorine and her harem of nudists who were frolicking about Balboa Park. This unique and delightfully strange picture shows Alpha “abducting” Queen Zorine.

Authentic vintage photo currently up for auction here; via.

Alpha the Robot Abducts Queen Zorine Of The Nudists

I Admit… I have a mini robot toy fetish

I’d like to set up these mini Transformer robots along the bottom of my bed, in a row facing me. I could fantasize about them coming to get me. Those mad, bad little robot men….

Maybe I like knowing I can escape whenever I want and laughing at how cute they are, trying to be so serious and scary and slutty. Of course, who knows what they might get up to once I went to bed and they escape out of the drawer… those bad little robot men.

3″ tall collectible series of Transformers figures. The tiny figures all swivel and pose w/7 to 9 points of articulation. Perfect for fans young & old!

Source: Transformers Blind Boxed Mini Figures

Mutual Online Sex with Robots

I know the webcam women are paid but… it seems close to non-consensual. This idea comes from a sex site which the webcam women work for. Part of the post says they will have to be brave because it has a lot of thrust. Then, how consensual is that, really? Can she dial it down or does it not have that option? What if it’s not good for her, just him?

Men may love the idea of “giving her a pounding” with a robotic dick they control but… taking a pounding may not be such a lovable thing.

robot penis

Via- Robot penis lets men have sex with webcam girls over the Internet

A hi-tech ‘teledildonics’ contraption described as the ‘Rolls Royce of f**k machines’ lets lonely men thrust into an artificial vagina – and have a robot dildo penetrate webcam girls in time to their thrusts.

This would not be for me. One of my first thoughts after reading the post was about how this spoils the only good thing about online sex, control and being the one in charge.

Maybe I’m just not into anything this mutual. I like turning him on, getting him all twitchy, squirming while remaining mostly unaffected myself. I’m the Domme and giving up control to him, or a mutual robot-in-the-middle doesn’t really appeal to me.

Also, how many women actually have an orgasm this way? I doubt it would be a lot of them. Part of the problem would be timing, the lack of intimacy and the pace set by the robot and the man. A good orgasm should not be rushed, pressured or faked. My best orgasms start with my own imagination. There may be a robot involved, but not in this way.

Fucking Robots For The Baby-Batter

Whether your love of robots is as fetish or you just like the idea of a super-charged male masturbator, a Chinese hospital in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, has created something just for you: an automatic sperm extracting machine, aka a jack-off-robot.


Of course, the new robot sex machine was created just to “help individuals that are finding it difficult to retrieve sperm the old fashioned way.” But isn’t that just what all masturbators are, really?

The only real difference is that someone wants to collect the deposit ~ and for the purpose of making a baby.


Shrinky Dink Kink (It May Not Be What You Think)

The fabulous Kaylee Pond is back at it again. Yes, this ginger has a gorgeous real body (with 36 Fs), but it’s her consistently high marks for creativity that amazes and out-strips most camgirls. This time, she’s incorporated both Doctor Who and Shrinky Dinks into the sexy show by creating Dalek body art! You can catch Kaylee on cam five days a week ~ and arrange a private show via private message ~ here.

kayleepond Dalek body art

Dalek shrinky dinks kaylee

bare breasts red hair glasses doctor who cam girl

kaylee pond doctor who cosplay nudity

Images via fansite The Wonder Of Kaylee Pond.

Ladies & Robots

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Good Girl Deserves a Good Robot for Herself

Something about a pretty girl in the company of an imposing robot spoke very dearly to the hearts of readers and movie-goers of the Fifties’ Space Era. Chrome was at the height of industrial fashion, and the curvy reflective plates of friendly (and not so friendly) robots played well against curvy shapes of the poster girls.

I planned to do this homage to the 50s style for some time, being partly inspired by illustrations from collectible science fiction pulp magazines, and partly by such sites as Fogonazos, or World of Kane with their own collections. So here is the first part of “Futuristic Ladies” post (the next one will feature space girls). Most images are promotional shots for the “Forbidden Planet” movie (1956) with Anne Francis, rare shots from various 60s TV series and, of course, art from vintage SF magazines.

See on www.darkroastedblend.com

Two Quick Dirty Links For Sex Kittens

Blackboards in Porn ~ which is exactly what it sounds like, looking at the blackboards (and what’s written on them) in pornography ~ is on a brief hiatus. But read the archives. It’s like the extra credit teachers give for clapping the erasers. If you care to be a brown-noser for porn. *wink*

If you’ve been giving robot lovers a lot of thought, check out at Silent Porn Star’s Of Robots, Sex Dolls, & Babydolls.

Romance and Intimacy with a Robot Lover

I do have one little kinky fetish which probably says a lot more about me than I would ever want anyone to know. But, that’s how it is. I’m into robots, mechanical men, androids, and so on (up to and including alien men from another planet – but that’s almost another whole story really).

It’s not such a big deal. Really.

Part of the attraction is the lack of emotion. Yes, there is something of the feeling of being ‘forced’, of giving into the situation because the robot is far stronger physically and also unwavering in following his duty/ orders. So much about sexual relationships is about the power and control, who has it and who gives it to them. There is something very erotic about being at the mercy of a big he-man robot.

I’ve written a story where the man starts as a robot trying to win his female owner over to feeling more for him and in the end the robot turns out to be an alien with a secret plot for world domination. Anyway…

Part of it is really being in control. To the point where I can shut him off/ unplug him and stuff him into the back of the closet, under the bed… or… turn him on and get exactly what I want from him without negotiations, discussions or feeling I will be judged for what I want, or don’t want, from him. It’s about not having to explain myself, to feel guilty or pressured about anything in our sexual relationship. He will never tell me I want too much sex. He will never complain at all.

Yet, I wonder, how sincere are his compliments? Will they fall flat? Will I pretend I believe him for the sake of my own vanity? If so, how long will that really work for me? Not long I’m sure. Honestly is a big deal to me. Sincerity too.

Still, whatever he feels, it’s not a real person I will have to deal with outside of the bedroom, by my own choice. I will never have to fit into the image of the good girl or feel I have fallen from my pedestal. My love life with the robot would be a different life from the every day where I go to work, deal with the commute, family, friends…. The robot is an island, isolated like an oasis just waiting for me to flip his switch.

Some people call it Robot Fetishism, some call it Technosexuality. I know I am not alone in this.

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