Submit and Like It Too!

Why does he look so unhappy when he’s getting what he wants? Too much of the male submission art is spoiled (for me) due to his sulky, poor-me attitude.

Maybe it’s part of the package for some men. They want to feel mistreated so they can think of her as the bitch, the mean one. But, the fact is the FemDom fantasy is directed by the men. Especially in this image with her huge boobs and the lack of a wedding dress. It’s one thing for him to be nude and chained up but… what real woman would go to her wedding like that! (Unless it was a nudist themed wedding – and how many of those have you been invited to?)

I like images which show the man is valued and he knows it. I like things to be a two way exchange, not focused on him and leaving her wishing she had brought something to knit while she reads his script. The Domme needs to be involved, personally and liking it. Otherwise, she’s the one who will be in the image with the hangdog, bored, and sulky attitude.