Flashback Friday: Eek! He’ll See Me Nude!

Circa 2004, comes this bit of body image sex positivity

I don’t know what all the fuss is about, kids, but lately Gracie has received some emails from women ~ frantic women who are worried about how they look in bed to their partners.

Read it for what’s more likely to be going on in your partner’s head than your fears.

Sex Positive Airbnb


The premise is simple. You pick your location, then scroll through the guest rooms (or prison cells and play pens) that are available. Anyone with the appropriate space or equipment is free to act as host, just as long as they are open and “accepting of sexual diversity”. Some apparently even stay to offer extra “educational” services – though this is not an official part of the Kink policy.

Source: A ‘sex positive’ version of Airbnb is now online | Dazed

A different vacation for those who want to take their sex on the road. I’d rather not. A road trip with a stop over is one thing. For some reason I don’t like the idea of being in a place rented from someone else versus my own place. Maybe it’s a feeling of comfort to be in your own space and know where everything is.

What do you think about KinkBNB?