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Not long after I retweeted the link to the transcript of Hungry Beast‘s interview with National Classification Board member Greg Scott about the Australian rules regarding nudity in Unrestricted Category publications (which raise a plethora of questions, not only in censorship but in terms of female body image, especially down under), long-time reader Mike asked how this might affect sex workers in Australia.

brisbane escorts tease in lingerie and heelsWhile I’m no expert on things Australian, I expect it has little, if any, impact. For while sex work, including escorting, is legal in Australia, I doubt sex workers are allowed to advertise in publications like Cosmo. (Here, in the US, you can’t even advertise sex toys in such publications ~ even if editorial covers the subject.) I’ve reached out to those I know who live or work in Australia for their input.

But even if sex workers are allowed such means of promoting their services, I doubt many of them would opt for using nude photos. Savvy escorts know that tease is more of a marketing draw than explicit photos. For example, the photos shown here. They are random examples taken from profiles of Brisbane escorts and Perth escorts.

And while we are speaking of Aussie escorts, the Daily Mail has a feature on Australian sex workers talking about their diverse client bases.

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James Deen’s Alleged Assaults Were Ignored, Laughed Off by Casts and Crews #sexwork #porn #rape

Since Saturday, when porn actress and writer Stoya tweeted that she was raped by porn hero James Deen, four more adult film performers have come out agains

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Cauterucci’s article gives the most balanced view of the whole James Deen rape story ~ including the debacles facing women in porn and sex work. While the adult industry has a much faster (and positive) response to its stars who rape and abuse than Hollywood and mainstream media do, there are always the following issues of whether or not it is rape if a person is paid or likes rough sex. 


“There is nothing wrong or rape-like about enjoying rough sex and being good at it. There is nothing wrong or suspicious about acting out a consensual rape fantasy. But, as in offscreen/noncommercial sex, the entire validity of porn as an industry hinges on consent. Perversely, that may be one reason why a porn actress might feel compelled to stay silent about these kinds of violations: Women who act in adult films are often portrayed as victims with little agency or know-how, who must resort to a demeaning and dangerous career because they have no other options. Stories like the ones Fires, Lux, Rayne, and Peters tell—important as they are—don’t exactly contradict that myth.

But neither porn nor rough sex subjected these women to sexual assault, and they didn’t turn James Deen into a rapist. The allegations against Deen are full of references to ways porn actresses control their own careers: through lists of acts they won’t perform, lists of people they won’t perform with, and contracts that specify exactly what will happen in a scene. Deviating from the agreed-upon variety, timing, and manner of sex is just as wrong as any other kind of assault. The women who’ve told their horrifying stories about Deen know that. Deen and the bystanders who looked on and laughed did, too.”

Click links for more info on rape & rape fantasies ~ including issues in porn & sex work.

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The Sex Kitten Arousr Review

While apps like Tinder allow you to message one another, they are designed for real world hookups. You join Tinder via a Facebook login, after all, which means your real identity is exposed. Even if you take precautions, there is risk that your friends, family, coworkers, etc. will know what you are up to. These days, if you want your sex to be really safe, you need more than a condom to protect you from STIs; you need to protect your heart, reputation, digital privacy, etc.. But nothing combines the pleasure of orgasm with the ultimate safety of masturbation via virtual sex. So why not grab your phone and get sexting with a stranger?

free arousr android sexting app

This is where Arousr comes (or cums) in. It combines the erotic thrills of casual sex with the confidential anonymity one loses too easily in this digital age. Grab your mobile phone and text the Arousr number of the chat host of your choice (or use the free app), and you’re ready to have the safest sex via sexting anonymously. You can even share photos. It’s kind of like the chat rooms of yesteryear, but with greater privacy, the ability to be mobile, and the assurance that you are sexting with a legal adult.

What’s more, you can also elevate your sexy texting to phone sex and even video chat. In many cases, you can also get video clips to enjoy while the hottie of your choice is unavailable ~ for some credits, of course.

Arousr is clearly aimed at male users. But then, aren’t most sex services? Bonus points, dudes who use Arousr, for being horny and sending your dirty thoughts and dick pics to someone who is legal, willing, and waiting instead of harassing someone who is not interested.

sexting at arousr

Joining Arousr is relatively easy ~ just be aware that your user name cannot be more than 10 characters long (if it is, you’ll need to reload the page to enter a new/shorter handle; otherwise the page won’t let you hit the register/submit button). While chat hosts are required to provide proof that they are of legal age, users are only required to put in the year of their birth and agree to the terms of use. This potentially allows underage users, but most of the chat hosts are savvy enough to not offer any explicit photos or videos for the free chat, at least not right off the bat.

Most of them will click to activate “Premium Mode” before such adult acts. This means the free sexting with that person stops and that you’ll need to spend credits to continue the action. There are no tricks here. You’ll get a notice that states, “Replying to this message will put you in Premium Mode.” This means that if you wish to continue the conversation, you must reply to the message with your PIN code. Then, and only then, will you be charged the 10 credits for each message sent from that chat host. If you do not wish to pay to continue, do not answer the message; you can then simply move onto another member.

When you join, you get 100 credits added to your account. At 10 credits per text, that’s 10 free sex messages.

What happens when the credits run out? Why, you must pay for credits, of course.

You can invest as little as $15 or as much as $100; in any case, it comes out to about 5¢ per credit. To help those of you who are mathematically challenged (either by nature, or due to arousal and blood flowing away from your brain), that comes out to 50¢ per text message. If you’re going the phone sex route, that would be $1.40 per minute; video calls are typically higher.

Overall, Arousr is aces. Additional details on Arousr, a TelePass company, can be found here.

If you are interested in becoming a paid chat host, women as well as bisexual and gay men can earn 50% of the take. Apply here.

The Dating Shortcut: Paid Dating

The site asks, “What’s your price?”

How much would you spend to get a date OR how much would you charge to go on a date?

Substitute date for other words and see how this business model sounds. I can see it isn’t a horrible idea. But… isn’t it a bad idea? When people pay for something they have more expectations and assumed rights to have what they want, first and foremost. That doesn’t sound like a date to me.

I’m sure this issue is handled on the site, somewhere. I didn’t spend much time looking for it. I don’t want to buy a date. I don’t want to be bought and paid for as a date either. I want to be asked on a date, invited. I don’t to be on a date with someone who picked me out of a catalogue by price. You can do that on Amazon but I thought we were past all that buying and selling of human beings.
datingshortcut is an innovative dating website that puts you in control of who, when, and where you date.

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Mutual Online Sex with Robots

I know the webcam women are paid but… it seems close to non-consensual. This idea comes from a sex site which the webcam women work for. Part of the post says they will have to be brave because it has a lot of thrust. Then, how consensual is that, really? Can she dial it down or does it not have that option? What if it’s not good for her, just him?

Men may love the idea of “giving her a pounding” with a robotic dick they control but… taking a pounding may not be such a lovable thing.

robot penis

Via- Robot penis lets men have sex with webcam girls over the Internet

A hi-tech ‘teledildonics’ contraption described as the ‘Rolls Royce of f**k machines’ lets lonely men thrust into an artificial vagina – and have a robot dildo penetrate webcam girls in time to their thrusts.

This would not be for me. One of my first thoughts after reading the post was about how this spoils the only good thing about online sex, control and being the one in charge.

Maybe I’m just not into anything this mutual. I like turning him on, getting him all twitchy, squirming while remaining mostly unaffected myself. I’m the Domme and giving up control to him, or a mutual robot-in-the-middle doesn’t really appeal to me.

Also, how many women actually have an orgasm this way? I doubt it would be a lot of them. Part of the problem would be timing, the lack of intimacy and the pace set by the robot and the man. A good orgasm should not be rushed, pressured or faked. My best orgasms start with my own imagination. There may be a robot involved, but not in this way.