Flashback Friday: Eek! He’ll See Me Nude!

Circa 2004, comes this bit of body image sex positivity

I don’t know what all the fuss is about, kids, but lately Gracie has received some emails from women ~ frantic women who are worried about how they look in bed to their partners.

Read it for what’s more likely to be going on in your partner’s head than your fears.

Throwback Thursday: Controlling Parts Is Controlling The Sum Of Its Parts

Controlling Parts Is Controlling The Sum Of Its Parts was published here on SK on 08/27/2008; sadly, it is still relevant.


When bodies & their parts are controlled, we diminish not only autonomy in the physical and legal sense, but the constraints send the message to all that those beings those bodies & parts belong to are not free & equal beings.

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Twig-Spanking Fun Edition

This week’s Hot Flash Fiction Friday is a flashback from the Sex Kitten archives, circa 2005. It’s also a bit longer erotic story than your typical flash fiction; but we doubt you’ll mind.

Dreams can be exciting, or unsettling, or both. When I began to dream of a man entering the bedroom room I supposedly shared with a girlfriend, well, I was excited. And when the dream progressed to his punishing us, the excitement grew. Of course, I couldn’t tell my husband about any of it, but maybe you’ll understand.

Read the rest of A Dream, Or… by Jude Mason.

Soap Opera Flashbacks With Kola Boof

It’s been years since we last spoke with the divine Kola Boof. (See past interviews here & here; and a review of her “earliest, angriest book”, Nile River Woman, is here.) But on Monday we’ve got another exclusive interview with the legend! There’s so much to cover… For now, here’s a little flashback into Kola’s past…

Did you know Kola Boof once wrote for Days Of Our Lives, The Young & The Restless, and As The World Turns? It’s true. It was an especially poignant gig as Kola was born in the Sudan and came to the US at age six ~ and little Kola learned English watching daytime soaps. Discover more in Kola’s V-Log, below. (And come back Monday for the first part of our latest interview with Kola!)