Throwback Thursday: Controlling Parts Is Controlling The Sum Of Its Parts

Controlling Parts Is Controlling The Sum Of Its Parts was published here on SK on 08/27/2008; sadly, it is still relevant.


When bodies & their parts are controlled, we diminish not only autonomy in the physical and legal sense, but the constraints send the message to all that those beings those bodies & parts belong to are not free & equal beings.

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Twig-Spanking Fun Edition

This week’s Hot Flash Fiction Friday is a flashback from the Sex Kitten archives, circa 2005. It’s also a bit longer erotic story than your typical flash fiction; but we doubt you’ll mind.

Dreams can be exciting, or unsettling, or both. When I began to dream of a man entering the bedroom room I supposedly shared with a girlfriend, well, I was excited. And when the dream progressed to his punishing us, the excitement grew. Of course, I couldn’t tell my husband about any of it, but maybe you’ll understand.

Read the rest of A Dream, Or… by Jude Mason.

Soap Opera Flashbacks With Kola Boof

It’s been years since we last spoke with the divine Kola Boof. (See past interviews here & here; and a review of her “earliest, angriest book”, Nile River Woman, is here.) But on Monday we’ve got another exclusive interview with the legend! There’s so much to cover… For now, here’s a little flashback into Kola’s past…

Did you know Kola Boof once wrote for Days Of Our Lives, The Young & The Restless, and As The World Turns? It’s true. It was an especially poignant gig as Kola was born in the Sudan and came to the US at age six ~ and little Kola learned English watching daytime soaps. Discover more in Kola’s V-Log, below. (And come back Monday for the first part of our latest interview with Kola!)