Even Robots Need To Revive Their Careers With Sexy B Flicks

From the biography of Elektro, the world’s first celebrity robot who wowed the crowds at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, comes this sad and all-too-familiar chapter of the fleetingness of fame:

One curious part of the story is that Elektro tried the classic B-list celebrity tactic of using sex to revive a flagging career – appearing in a proto soft porn film in the 1960s.

The movie was entitled Sex Kittens Go to College, and you can see Elektro featured in the trailer.

Here’s the film’s trailer:

Catch Elektro as “Thinko”, Mamie Van Doren, and the whole gang in the flick.

Spanking for Jesus

Reading that Jesus is into BDSM was a surprise, until I read a bit more and understood Jesus is just a figurehead (again). But, what if Jesus were into spanking, bondage and kinky stuff? There’s probably a Twitter hashtag for that.

This post is actually about Christian Domestic Discipline, taken too far. Some aspects of safe, sane and consensual are missing. For instance, after a spanking there should be no aftercare because the punishment would not be as severe and serious if the spanker actually showed some consideration for physical and mental health.

What would Jesus do?

Christian Domestic Discipline, or CDD as its adherents call it, is a movement that seeks to carry out God’s will. Which specific plan of God’s? Oh, you know, just that all women obey their husbands fastidiously — a dynamic that CDD thinks is best maintained through doling out out corporal punishments. Its few thousand practitioners, however, claim that it’s not domestic abuse.

Source: ‘Spanking for Jesus’ Is Exactly as Fucked Up as It Sounds

Hot Flash Fiction Friday: Twig-Spanking Fun Edition

This week’s Hot Flash Fiction Friday is a flashback from the Sex Kitten archives, circa 2005. It’s also a bit longer erotic story than your typical flash fiction; but we doubt you’ll mind.

Dreams can be exciting, or unsettling, or both. When I began to dream of a man entering the bedroom room I supposedly shared with a girlfriend, well, I was excited. And when the dream progressed to his punishing us, the excitement grew. Of course, I couldn’t tell my husband about any of it, but maybe you’ll understand.

Read the rest of A Dream, Or… by Jude Mason.

Oh, The Joys Of Calamity

Model Calamity Amelie mixes vintage style with some pretty ~ and I mean pretty ~ risque themes. Among the works in her modeling portfolio are these wickedly stunning photographs by Emmelie Aslin. I adore the sexy lingerie-clad brunette posing with her gun, surrounded by her stuffed and mounted trophies, and the homage to the playful BDSM fetish queen, Miss Bettie Page herself, is super fun. But I think I adore the Return Of The Tentacle Beast poster most for its utter unexpectedness. (Oh, come on now; who doesn’t secretly fantasize about tentacles now and then?) It’s not often I look at photos and say, “Oh, what a wonderful pair!” and don’t mean the breasts ~ *wink* ~ but this time I am referring to the pairing of model & photographer. Found via this post at Smoke & Mirrors.

Calamity Amelie taxidermy

bettie page style lingerie play Emmelie Aslin

return of the tentacle beast pinup

Spanko Sub Art Update

A number of years ago, Sex-Kitten.Net featured the art works of Creative Spanked Wife, Patty. We went on to interview her as well. Twice. Over the years, her original blog was deleted and while our posts about Patty continued to be read, the links to her site went nowhere. Today, I stumbled back into Patty’s new website, Patty’s Gallery, and have updated the old articles and interviews. Just thought I would let you fans know.