“The Bitch” From “The Stud”

Joan Collins as Fontaine Khaled in The Stud.

joan collins stockings

The Stud was a 1978 soft-core flick based on the novel written by ~ you guessed it! ~ Jackie Collins.

Enjoy this ~ 5 minute clip montage of the film played to the film’s astonishing-period theme song. Breathlessly sing along, “The Stud, what’s his name, what’s his name!”

To be factually correct about this posts’ title, Collins/Khaled weren’t officially “The Bitch” until the sequel (book and film).


Here’s the trailer:

Saucy Saturday: Vintage Becky Bailey Edition

Kyle wrote in asking about one of the models in last week’s leg warmer post:

That ebony model with the very 80s workout outfit, Becky Bailey, do you know more about her?

That photo of Becky Bailey, aka, “Jayne,” came from this athletic spread for vintage men’s mag, Razzle (Volume 4. Issue 25 & 26 Xmas Special, 1986).

vintage workout grow your melons

vintage becky bailey workout

While in the vintage pictorial shoot, Becky was presented as a “gorgeous dark girl” for a supposed request for the same from a “black youth” (In a men’s mag, this request is about as reliable as a Penthouse letter ~ or describing her workout as “doing exercises to make her tits even bigger!”), there is some confusion regarding Becky Bailey’s ethnic heritage. And, no, blonde wigs don’t exactly help. *wink*

natural tits and ass lingerie vintage vintage becky red stockings natural bush from behind vintage toples blonde becky bailey vintage becky bailey blonde wig lingerie becky red and black lingerie vintage peek a boo with becky vintage mens mag

She was quite a popular busty model though, appearing in many men’s magazines, such as the American Gent magazine (“Home of the D-Cups”, Dugent Publishing;  August, 1986, cover) and UK publications like Tozerward Ltd.‘s Bounce (legend has it issue 31 has black & white photos of Becky). As was the way back then, Becky worked under, or was billed with, various names in these magazines, including as “Becky Rogers.”

gent d-cups vintage mag august 1986

She also appeared numerous times in the pages of Asian Babes, and made the cover of  Volume 1, Issue 5 (1995), where Bailey was billed as a “100% Asian” girl “Keziah.”

vintage asian babes keziah

Adding to the confusion, she also worked under the name the name “Becki Brown.”

vintage becki brown in shower

But, according to a fan nbwriter, Becky was East Indian:

I am 99 per cent sure Becky is “second generation” East Indian. That means her parents were born in East India (Pakistan) but she was most likely born in the UK. I believe I encountered her (by chance) in my 20s in a UK town (known for a larger asian population).

In this soapy spread, also from vintage men’s mag Razzle (Volume 4, Issue 10, circa 1997), she was rub-a-dub-dubbed “Ayesha.”

Razzle Vol. 04 No. 10 vintage soapy

vintage asian indian girl Ayesha in Razzle men's mag

She also appeared in at least two (British made) soft core films, under the name “Becky R.

But that’s about all I know… If anyone else can add to her story, please do!

busty vintagenBecky_Rogers-becki-brown

Saucy Saturday: Vintage Stockings Edition

Lingerie lover and PSO, A Slip Of A Girl, wears a vintage ivory satin bullet bra with a matching ivory satin girdle (with garters, of course!) over pink full-cut panties while putting on a pair of vintage nylon stockings. You can go here to get the 26 rare photos in this series. This photo set was previously only available to VIPs, but for a limited time only you can snag all the stocking pics. You can also follow her on Twitter @SlipOfAGirl.


Sex Kittens On The Prowl!

Via A Slip of a Girl, I discovered Isibella Mircalla Karnstein (aka Little Skylark) and The Chateau: Catgirl Manor ~ where I then found this Christmas video of sex kittens! If you love the look, you can get the kitty cat pet look with cat ears, collars, and fluffy tails at Sexclectic. (Discount codes here.)

Here’s Looking At You, Vanessa del Rio

If you’re a fan of Vanessa del Rio and her films, you should know that the legend is auctioning off memorabilia from her fabulous career. (She will personally autograph the items for the buyers as well.) Here are but a few of the fab finds currently available. (Before you get lost in looking, note the following: More on Vanessa here. And, hey, Vanessa del Rio has an active Twitter account!) Tip via A Slip Of A Girl.

classy vanessa del rio in fur

vintage classic vanessa del rio in panties

classic porn poster girls usa vanessa del rio samantha fox

peek a boo vanessa del rio nylons

vanessa del rio art by steve harris

steve harris art vanessa del rio nude in stockings

vanessa del rio in bondage stockings boots

busty vanessa del rio corset stockings nude

Saucy Saturday: Vintage Ventriloquist Edition

Yes, Veronica Chaos is amazeballs (we are huge fans!), but the idea of nudity with ventriloquist dummies and sexy time with puppets isn’t a completely new thing. From Peter’s collection of vintage film negatives and slides comes this vintage slice of cheesecake featuring a bare-breasted, bow-tie wearing, lingerie-clad pinup posing with a ventriloquist dummy.

We don’t know if she was good or bad at ventriloquism… Perhaps the titties were to distract you from seeing her lips move… But then again, if her other set of lips were moving, those panties with a pussy on them would keep us from seeing them. (If you love such panties, check out A Slip Of A Girl’s finds!) Anyway, that’s entertainment!

vintage ventriloquist topless lingerie cheesecake

Looking For Mad Men Fan Fic Porn? Tomorrow It’s Here!

Tomorrow morning (April 23, 2015) Erika Lust brings you a most awesome Mad Men fan fiction porn!

Here’s a sneak peek at Poppy Cox playing a girl obsessed with Joan Harris, and her very glam vintage sex hook-up with Alexei Jackson.

mad man fan fic porn

Looks like someone is working so hard they have to eat at their desk. *wink* But it doesn’t look like the secretary minds at all ~ look at her hold onto that desk… Look at that orgasm face! What are you waiting for? Get over to Lust Cinema and join so you can be among the first to watch it!

eating secretary out at her desk


redhead orgasm face lingerie porn

Saucy Saturday: BBW Erotic Art Edition

Via Storybook Whorehouse I found the French artist Giovanni who runs his own blog called Drawings & Tits (Very Big). OK, even if there’s nothing lost in translation and Giovanni is a man of few and simple words it doesn’t really matter. Giovanni expresses himself and his sex fantasies through his art.

bbw group sex art by giovanni

bbw on top of small man fucking giovanni

I don’t read French, and copy & pasting into translation takes too much time, so I am not certain if we are ever introduced to the cast of characters; but it seem pretty clear there is a cast of regulars who so enjoy the fine ample qualities of our heroines. And make no mistake, these are big beautiful, truly plus-sized, women. They have more than just exaggerated femaleness. Along with huge breasts and large asses these women have round faces, double chins, skin folds, and big bellies that men just want to grab.

handful of bbw belly giovanni

My favorite works are those in which she is in color and the men, in black white, pale by comparison. So even when she is shown as submissive with a group of men, she is the vibrant leader of all the action. But even when the works have the cast of characters in the same color palate, there’s something about the men’s faces… Amazement, awe, a bit of self-loathing… Something that says she may be the object of lust ~ but they are the comical ones, so driven with desire. It is that presentation which makes the slightly repetitive or limited works rather special. Reminiscent of Robert Crumb’s fetish work.

giovanni bbw erotic artsubmissive fetish bbw erotic art by giovanni

In Giovanni’s fetish artworks, whoever that large woman is, whatever and whoever she is doing, she is fabulous, large & in charge, enjoying all the attention.

bbw queen takes sex slave giovanni

bbw submissive huge tits art by giovanni

bbw nude erotic fetish art giovanni

Women Admiring Nylon Stockings in 1940s (& LGBTQ History)

Fun fact: Though being gay in the 40s sucked, being gay in the military was easier, and pretty common. There were apparently, at one point in time time so many lesbians in the military that when they tried to crack down on it, the girls wrote back and said “Look I can give you the names, but you’ll lose some of your best officers, and half your nurses and secretaries.” And they pret…

Source: dpoptart.tumblr.com

From @Deanna Dahlsad:

The info referenced came from this book:


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