The Rhinestone Tie

Possibly for a special occasion, but a little bling will pick you up on an ordinary day too.

I found several rhinestone ties once I started looking. Some were very colourful, with lots of patterns to choose from. But, I picked these two for their low key fashion flair.

My favourite comes from Lancetti:

The tie above comes from Exotiq Apparel.

There are plain ties, no pattern just rhinestones in a basic column and row. I found plenty of those on Etsy. But, they seem just a little too ordinary, like something done as a craft project. I think these ties look like something you chose to wear. A little boldness and risk without going overboard.

Cuff Links with Steampunk Style

I like the style of these. Not naked women, race cars or any of the other typical stuff they decorate accessories for men with. I like the old world, steampunk elegance and simplicity of these top hat cuff links. You could wear them anywhere. (A good reason for dressing up in a suit).

Top hat and moustache cufflinks available with either a black background or white background – please select your choice of colour from the menu above

Source: Top Hat and Moustache Cufflinks Choose Your Colour by urbaneye