Saucy Saturday: Footsie Fun For Everyone Edition

Lotus Lain and Mia Li are playing footsie…

Lotus Lain and Mia Li play footsie

When they notice someone watching… While that might sound creepy, the peepin’ Tom dude is invited into the action.

worship Lotus Lain and Mia Li's feet

If you love toes, feet, foot jobs, and some tramping, then this is for you.

Lotus Lain and Mia Li give a foot job

worshiping the feet of Mia Li and Lotus Lain

…For some reason, even though Lotus is of mixed ethnicity, I’m thinking of singing “Ebony & Asian-Li” to the tune of Ebony & Ivory

Saucy Saturday: Bailey Knox Makes Sexy Christmas Cards With Boob & Toe Prints

Bailey Knox poses in pretty red lingerie ~ trimmed in feathers ~ before baring breasts and toes to make holiday cards for fans.

bailey knox christmas lingerie

Dragon Lady Toenails?

Quib asks if referring to an Asian phone sex & camgirl Mistress’s feet as having “Dragon Lady Toenails” is racist.

At the time of this posting, the PSO in question, MzKim, has not yet replied. However, a sex worker like MzKim likely has played with far worse fantasies.

Over a year ago I wrote about “Yellow Fever” and sexual fantasies regarding Asian women. Overall, I agree with the advice given to Quib. But I hope MzKim finds the post and replies.

mzkim foot fetish phone sex mistress