Tale As Old As Time? Beauty & The Beast Buzz

Pop Sugar thought they were clever posting about a Beauty & The Beast inspired dildo. Maybe they were; I mean, why not capitalize on the new buzz surrounding Disney’s live action remake of Beauty & The Beast. Even if most of that buzz surrounds the upset over an openly gay character (Hey, at least it’s not Lumière, as a “flaming” candle.) instead of the teenage-buffalo romance:

Why let the fact that the rosebud-tipped glass dildo (which clearly stays away from anything remotely related to the fairy tale or “Belle”) has been around for quite awhile stop you either.

However, why point to the most expensive purchasing option for the toy? Not only is the Prisms Budding Rose Shaped Glass Dildo cheaper on Amazon ~ nearly half the price ~ but it ships free with Prime, and that means you’re not waiting the two weeks the other shop notes for shipping.

There are other glass rose sex toy options as well. But if the whole point was to capitalize on “the buzz,” why not go with a rose vibrator?

Find more at www.cirillas.com/penis-enhancers/!

Nifty Nostalgia For Your Naughty Bits

If you’re of a certain age, maybe even younger, you’ll likely recall the old Sit & Spins and the Hoppity Hop Balls… For those of us who had some pretty nice sexual awakenings on those toys, the iRide conjures those old naughty nostalgic notions…

iRide sit and spin hoppity hop

Sunday Funnies: Get Hammered Edition

Both CR/LF & TrailerTrashGrl pointed this gem out: The Night Stick And Hammer With 2 Interchangeable Heads Vibrating Sex Tool.

sex hammer

This interchangeable vibrating pleasure system comes with two heads for a true multi functional tool. There are 12 vibration functions for powerful stimulation. Made entirely of body safe materials, the two attachments are made of pure, matte, soft silicone, with just the right amount of firmness. Choose the contoured hammer head, or something more insertable with the ribbed night stick.

From Tom of Finland, so it comes with a free collector print. And yes, this sex toy is phthalate & latex Free ~ so it is safe to get hammered. Get shopping discounts here.

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You Might Want To Rethink Those Twin Fantasies

december-2008-playboy-twinsEveryone with fantasies of twins may want to reconsider as it’s been a rough week in twin sister news. First, a spurned wife leaves her cheating husband and twin naked in busy car park and then a Florida woman was arrested after fight with twin sister over vibrator, and boyfriend.

Yes, the vibrator gets top billing; men may come and go, but vibrators are forever.

The good ones, anyway.

The lesson here is to be upfront and enjoy your twins at the same time. It’s safer for everyone that way.

I Want A Lover With A Robot Hand

No, not this robot hand; this robot hand ~ the Jimmyjane Hello Touch. Or at least I thought I wanted that.

jimmyjane fingertip vibratorsFor those of you who have been hearing a lot about the Jimmyjane fingertip vibrating adult toy, including that it may be the best sex toy ever invented, and have been thinking of adding the pricey toy to your bedroom stash ~ let’s talk about it truthfully.

I myself was intrigued by the idea of G-spot and clit stimulation with a partner ~ without having to wedge a toy between us or worry about it tumbling off the side of the bed. What could be better than slim little pads on your lover’s fingertips, right? Only it seems to be too good to be true.

I’ve been reading reviews that indicate problems with everything from less than stimulating buzz and difficulty fitting the Hello Touch on your fingers, to issues with cleaning and I-don’t-think-so claims that the product is made of medical-grade silicone. Perhaps worst of all, the manufacturer recommends the Hello Touch for anal play ~ and, since the vibration pods are separate from the finger pads and straps, it is more than likely that the little vibrators could disengage and lodge themselves in the rectum. Not. Cool. (That sort of ignorance just shouldn’t be tolerated. It makes me suspicious of any other Jimmyjane products.)

You can read all the gory details in the review over at Dangerous Lily’s site. And, as with any review, there are the “your mileage may vary” issues, you can also read the bit more positive review posted at Autostraddle.

Personally, I will wait and see what better technology comes along to help me cum along. But I still want a lover with a robot hand… That sounds better if you sing it as a play on The Pointer Sisters’ Slow Hand. *wink*

A Sexy GoPro Gyno Vibe?!

I remember my first trip to they gynecologist. It was ages ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday…

I was not only a gyno virgin, but an actual virgin, when I made my first trip to Planned Parenthood. There, in order to get my first birth control pills, I got “the works”: vaginal exam, pap smear, and — surprise! — a rectal exam. [The lube required for that last part (pun intended) left my hindquarters slippery and as I walked across the parking lot, I felt the slipping & sliding announced to all who saw me, just where I’d been and what I’d been up too.]

Because Planned Parenthood clinics like to educate and empower you, I recall vividly being asked during the exam if I wanted to see my cervix. I was aghast. But then, as now, I opted to handle the awkwardness with a witty retort. Instead of simply saying, “No, thanks,” I said, “I think if I was supposed to see that, I’d have mirrors on the end of my fingertips.” I’m sure my blushing said more than my words; but in any case, she left it at that.

I’ve matured a lot since then. But I’ve still no desire to see inside my genitalia. To me, that’s about as sexy as seeing inside a man’s urethra. Let’s leave a little mystery, OK? However, Svakom, a Chinese company, has other ideas…

Enter the Gaga, a vibrator with a GoPro-style cam on the end of it. (I am doing my damned-best to refrain from Lady Gaga jokes!)

video cam vibe

Described as follows:

Vibration. Pulsation. Visualization. It’s all here with Gaga, our most innovative design that combines pleasure while allowing you to capture the most intimate moments and explore the most intimate parts of the body. Intelligently designs with a subtle light and built-in camera lens at the tip, Gaga will allow you to experience pleasure like you never have before, both visually and through the sensation of vibration. The simple to use touch controls on the vibrating shaft combine with a USB cable for laptops, or smart phone application that allows you to simultaneously share your stimulation and intimate pleasure with your partner whether they are beside you or miles away. Made using, 100% green technology the fastest recharging in the industry, Gaga will provide hours of uninterrupted, probing pleasure and exploration.

SVAKOM gaga vibe

And in this video, the company states that the Gaga “shares the exclusive right of gynecologist with you. Not only making you a better understanding and attention of your lover, but also making much fun for you.”

I’m guessing that one could also enjoy this “electronic endoscope function” anally as well. Men and women. (Just remember that lube!)

But call me old-fashioned; I prefer the old one-eye entering any of my orifices to be blind. Mr. DeMille, I’m soooooo not ready for my close-up

Frankly, I find this about as sexy as a trip to the gyno. Since it lacks sex appeal to me, I feel that at $180 a pop, I should also get a free pap and birth control with it.

However, if you find this toy sexy, you should know that the multi-speed, multi-vibration, light-up Gaga cam is latex-free and phthalate-free. And the Svakom Gaga Lighted Camera Vibe is only $157.30 at Sexclectic. Use code BIGSPENDER to save an additional $25 ~ making it just $132.30!

gaga cam vibrator

Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Just This 4th Of July Sex Toy & Asian Porn Sale?

Toy Demon, the best place in the USA to get honest-to-goodness Japanese sex toys & videos (DVD & Blu-ray), is letting you keep the fireworks going a lot longer ~ they’re throwing a July 4th sale.

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