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I don't run a cat-house, but I do have some extraordinary friends... Friends that are willing to share their personal stories, experiences, fantasies and rants with you.
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Gracie's Room
Come inside my boudoir... As a former pro & a general wild one, I'll discuss all sorts of naughty business. For more, read my bio.

OMG! (Oh My Gracie!) It's Cult of Gracie Radio! (On XXBN ~ Listen & Download here.)

Kat's Room
A 40-something sexy mamma, with a new lease on life. For life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

The Guest Room
You never know who is staying at Gracie's house, but you know it will be fun!

Ina's Room
A voluptuous, sensual smart-ass. As a bisexual, she’s an equal opportunity tease.

ADeadHeart's Room
Former Domme and wanna be switch considers alternative lifestyles in Hickville. Man eating, spell casting drama queen and femi-nazi with no qualms about silly things like love, romance and other things that do not exist. If it's the thrill of the chase you want, it is certainly what you will get.

Vixen's Room
'She ain't no push-over!' so get it straight from her curvy hip!
(In between episodes, check her oft ignored blog, Con-Sensual-Sex, for more.)

Rhiannon's Room
Our resident gypsy, if one can have such a thing. She's into this & that, tantric sex & a bit of submission.

Merideth's Room
Merideth is married, with kids, a mortgage, and well, all that goes with that life... 'There Is NO Privacy'

DeeDee's Room
You can't prove she's not Marilyn reincarnated. (You really can’t!)

DeeDee is a wife and mother, a collector of kitsch and women's history, and a blogger on vintage living.

Jewel's Room
Jewel started writing in response to a challenge. She writes for a special person who encourages her. She knows if it turns him on, it will turn you on. She is the Lady of the Castle and Mistress of your imagination.

Laura's Room
Some fiesty opinons, heartfelt thoughts, & fantasies from our Canadian grrl (you know, they are secretly trying to rule the world!)

Gaëlle's Room
Lesbianism 101: A look into how lesbian sex actually works, and why it works so well. There will be very dirty, naughty, delicious sex. There will *not* be "lesbian bed death."

Tess's Room
A lovely tempest, not easily understood, but worth the effort. Sort of like dark bitter chocolate surrounding the sweetest cherry...

Amber's Room
Sex writer and sensualist gives sex tips and a random smattering of smut.

The Parlour
We ladies invite men into the parlour for some stimulating conversation. Brandy & cigars, optional.

Sappho's Room
An outspoken lesbian chick with a sense of humor & problems with injustice and bigotry... After all, you need to feel free to be yourself to feel sexy!

Will's Room
20-something Southern Boi just trying to find his way in life. Previously known as EmmaLee here on Sex-Kitten, Will is trying to get used to being a straight male with a female body.

Margot's Room
Fireball With A Southern Drawl. Love, sex, relationships ~ "views on whatever’s happening in my life, my bedroom, my car or wherever."

Debbie's Room
Sensuous, savvy, semi-driving gramma with an overdose of optimism and a penchant for perversion.

SatansAngel's Room
Our very own Living Legend of Burlesque, Satan's Angel is The Devil's Own Mistress. One hell of a ballsy woman. Read her bio here, and visit her website.

Angela's Room
Angela St. Lawrence is the PhoneSex Operator of choice for the thinking man. While she's been called many things by her clients ("The way she riffs on matters sexual and otherwise, she is my white Billie Holiday" & "A 21st century Anais Nin with just a touch of Machiavelli."), mostly she just likes to be called Angela. Make sure you visit her award winning website -- and her blog, Zen Fetish.

Sabrina's Room
Sabrina C is a 24-year-old writer living in Los Angeles, California. She has a journalism degree from California State University, Northridge. Cognata has major powers over insane people. She hopes to one day use these powers to command the crazies to help her fight crime. If this does not happen she will continue to write. She runs a “successful” website that a lot of people read.

Roxanne's Room
Roxanne is a bewitching chameleon that can change her appearance, personality and attitude at any given moment. After 5 years together, her husband still suspects that at some point she was a spy or assassin for the C.I.A or some top secret government agency. She openly denies that allegation, but he still has his suspicions. The lady has many secrets and loves to remain mysterious. If she wants you to know or believe something about her, it will appear in her writing here, &/or at her blog.

Betti Mustang's Room
Betti Mustang is a word-nerd, tattooed, has her clitoris pierced, is hopelessly addicted to caffeine and is one hell of a 9-ball and Texas Hold 'em player. She is rumored to be fantastic in bed. You can find our more at her blog.

CJ's Room
CJ is somewhat like Martha Stewart, only kinkier, more queer, and a transguy. Small differences, whatever. CJ is somewhat sassy, fabulously faggy, and delightfully dorky. Grab yourselves some snickerdoodles and enjoy!

The Libertine's Room
"I consider myself to be an intellectual slut, a deep thinker with a dirty mind, so to speak. Unlike most women, I don't aspire for children or marriage, but for personal satisfaction." She also runs

Dolabriel's Room
Dolabriel is a soft butch with a soldiers edge. As a young lesbian I have some funny thoughts about love, life, and sex. I have done it all; guys, girls, groups- and when these fantasies got old, I got a girlfriend. With a mental health degree and years of masturbation I have discovered the secret to great sex. Get a partner!

The Obligatory 50 Shades Of Grey Post (Includes Gender Rant & What Rocks My Heart-Shaped World)
Get Sex Positive, Jul 29th '14 1:44am
If you were under a rock last week, you missed all the ruckus surrounding the release of the trailer for the film version of 50 Shades Of Grey. (The film won't be out until Valentines' Day, 2015; b...See it on, via Let's Get Sex Positive
Rough sex at Lust Cinema.
Master Blackie, Jul 29th '14 12:34am
Rough sex at Lust Cinema.
Support sex worker activist Isabel fight violence
Sex Work Scoop It, Jul 29th '14 12:34am
Emergency funds for Isabel, a Brazilian sex worker who is in hiding since testifying against police.See it on, via Sex Work
Changing the Way We See Native Americans
DPopTart, Jul 29th '14 12:24am
See on - Colorful Prism Of Racism This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced...
E-Books War To Intensify Between Apple And Amazon
DPopTart, Jul 29th '14 12:24am
See on - Readin’, ‘Ritin’, and (Publishing) ‘RithmeticBidness Etc...
List of Literary Journals for LGBTQ Writers, Women, and Writers of Color
DPopTart, Jul 29th '14 12:24am
See on - Readin’, ‘Ritin’, and (Publishing) ‘RithmeticIn a previous...
Romance In The Tub… Where Will It “End” Up?
Sex-Kitten.Net, Jul 28th '14 10:54pm
Lust Cinema has a lot of sensual romance “packed” into this anal sex film which shows you how to have pain-free and pleasurable anal sex. It’s not often you see a romantic setting for anal, so kudos (again) to Lust … Continue reading →< /span>
Sexual Freedom Summit by Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance » Affirming Sexual Freedom as a Fundamental Human Right
Dare To Be A Feminist, Jul 28th '14 10:34pm
Welcome to the 5th year of the only Sexual Freedom Summit – the event where all of the personal and political elements of the sexual freedom movement come together.  And this year, 2014, we’re bringing you even more of the fabulous discussions, trainings, networking events, and extended Institutes than ever before.See it on, via Dare To Be A Feminist
ARRRG! Now there's birth control shaming?! "Why I Don't Care Why You Don't Use Birth Control"
Dare To Be A Feminist, Jul 28th '14 10:34pm
24 women shared why they don't use birth control - and it's exactly as shame-y and problematic as you'd expect.Deanna Dahlsad's insight:ARRRG! Now there's birth control shaming?! Now we don't see access to birth control as a choice?! Shit, I thought that narrow vision was gone & in my lifetime we'd get people to see abortion as a choice... Now this?! *sigh*See it on, via Dare To Be A Feminist
Therese Casgrain, Quebec feminist, disappears from public history
Herstory, Jul 28th '14 9:44pm
The Harper government has spent millions to commemorate Canadian history – e.g. the War of 1812 – but erased the legacy of Quebec suffragette Therese Casgrain.Therese CasgrainTherese Casgrain, a feminist icon and Quebec heroine who died in 1981, has been quietly removed from a national honour, to be replaced by a volunteer award bearing the prime minister’s banner.See it on, via Herstory
Interview: Kristin DiAngelo speaks out for working girls in 'American Courtesans'
Sex Work Scoop It, Jul 28th '14 8:34pm
'We’re just human, we’re just like everyone else.'See it on, via Sex Work
ARRRG! Now there's birth control shaming?! "Why I Don't Care Why You Don't Use Birth Control"
DPopTart, Jul 28th '14 8:24pm
See on - Dare To Be A Feminist24 women shared why they don’t use birth control - and...
What Kind Of Masked Sex Bunny Are You?
Storybook Whorehouse, Jul 28th '14 8:04pm
Riffing on Gracie’s post at Sex Kitten, a collection of sexy bunny masks at Etsy. If you’re late for having sex with Alice, or the Mad Hatter, grab your papier […] Related posts: Some-Bunny Loves You Close Encounter of the 4th Kind The Easter Bunny Does It Doggy Style
About The Sneezing Fetish
Get Sex Positive, Jul 28th '14 7:44pm
For most of us, a sneeze is just a bodily reflux....But for some, sneezing is a sexual pleasure. I asked for volunteers to answer a few questions to help write this article to give a better understanding on this kink ...See it on, via Let's Get Sex Positive
It’s a Bat-Porn Party
Mr Pink Porn Reviews, Jul 28th '14 6:14pm
Known by many names – Bruce Wayne, The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight – the superhero most know as Batman was created 75 years ago this week by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. With the roaring success of Christopher Nolan’s … Continu e reading →< /span> Known by many names – Bruce Wayne, The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight – the superhero most know as Batman was created 75 years ago this week by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. With the... [More]
Feminine Eminence
Zen Fetish, Jul 28th '14 5:34pm
“Men were created before women. … But that doesn’t prove their superiority – rather, it proves ours, for they were born out of the lifeless earth in order that we could be born out of living flesh. And what’s so important about this priority in creation, anyway? When we are building, we lay foundations on […] “Men were created before women. … But that doesn’t prove their superiority – rather, it proves ours, for they were born out of the lifeless... [More]
(No Title)
Sex Is A Red-Blooded Thing, Jul 28th '14 5:04pm
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B Balls Purple Anal Plug [The anal plug that reacts to your motion]
Sexclectic, Jul 28th '14 3:54pm
B Balls Purple Anal Plug [The anal plug that reacts to your motion] The B Balls a butt plug that reacts to your motions! Two balls of graduated size are passionately inserted anally, segment by segment like anal beads. With every movement, the small weights inside of the B Balls create reactive sensations depending on the body's activity, allowing intensity ranging from gentle to powerful. There is no other toy like it! The movement of the toy’s weights does not... [More]
Keeping Up With The Joneses, Sexually
Sex-Kitten.Net, Jul 28th '14 2:54pm
Nearly two weeks ago, there was a serious discussion on Reddit regarding married couples and how often they were having sex: Married people of Reddit, how often are you and your spouse having sex? Some people were surprised. Others felt … Continue reading →< /span>
For Science! - Part 5
Giantess Club, Jul 28th '14 1:34pm
A struggling female scientist discovers a big new way of life through her research. Continue reading →< /span> A struggling female scientist discovers a big new way of life through her research. ... [More]
Treasure Chests!
Sex Is A Red-Blooded Thing, Jul 28th '14 11:14am
< img src="http://www.redbloodedthin" border="0" align="left" hspace="10">An intrepid redditor was snooping around his grandmother's house, and found this horrifyingly arousing calendar. Just so you know, photoshopping breasts on things isn't new, although back in the day you needed an airbrush to make these sorts of alterations to otherwise attractive ladies. The link below is to the 1971 edition; here's 1969's strange boobs. They were apparently related to a book by two guys named Mel Norman and Arthur... [More]
sexicallysexical: Chloe Amour - Tiny4k
Master Blackie, Jul 28th '14 12:34am
sexicallysexical< /a>: Chloe Amour - Tiny4k
Confirmation Bias for Everyone!
DPopTart, Jul 27th '14 10:24pm
See on - Nerdy NeedsSee on
Basset Hound Singing - With Piano Accompaniment
DPopTart, Jul 27th '14 10:24pm
See on - Walking On Sunshine Tristan Xavier matching pitch. Sort of.Deanna Dahlsad's...
Easily Aroused, Jul 27th '14 10:04pm
The four lengths of rope are in her bedside drawer. She takes them out slowly, one at a time, making a show of the act. He watches intently as she places a single length in each corner of the bed’s brilliant white sheet. “Lie down,” she tells him. He’s already naked, having swiftly divulged himself […] [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ... [More]
My Shoes. His Cock.
Secret Phone Sex, Jul 27th '14 9:04pm
phonesexfemdomcatherine: He thought I wanted him to move a couch or something when I told him to...
Seeking After Paternity
ErosBlog, Jul 27th '14 8:44pm
Here’s an 8-century Irish king (detailed citation) doing a good job of sexual reasoning about a mysterious birth: A woman came to the king carrying a boy child, and put him into the king’s arms. “For your kingship and your sovereignty,” said she, “find out for me through your ruler’s truth who the carnal father [...] Here’s an 8-century Irish king (detailed citation) doing a good job of sexual reasoning about a mysterious birth: A woman came to the king carrying a... [More]
Give me a call ;)
Secret Phone Sex, Jul 27th '14 5:04pm
strokahontasxxx: 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 1042-5273
Autumn Riley in a red bra & black panties.
S & M = Smoke & Mirrors, Jul 27th '14 4:54pm
Autumn Riley in a red bra & black panties.
Ewa Sonnet’s A Real Honey
Food Fetish Phone Sex, Jul 27th '14 3:34pm
So hot, I can’t speak! Via.