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CJ is somewhat like Martha Stewart, only kinkier, more queer, and a transguy. Small differences, whatever. CJ is somewhat sassy, fabulously faggy, and delightfully dorky. Grab yourselves some snickerdoodles and enjoy!
Over weeks and months I found that Calvert really loved anything having to do with sex. Wet spot? Oh, there he'd be sniffing it and licking it and purring his little striped head off. Dirty underwear on the floor? He'd sniff and snuggle up with it like a favorite blanket.
Thoughts and reflections as this transguy is about to start on testosterone...
While I am, indeed, a fan of whiskers on kittens and the occasional crisp apple streudel, I could do without cream colored ponies all together and Iím not even quite sure what schnitzel is and whether itís all that great with noodles. I can, however, tell you a little bit about some of my actual favorite things, including some fabulous lubes. Also: be warned--herein lies a singalong!
Andrea Dworkin: feminist genius or total, raving lunatic? Here's why even this queer, kinky, porn-lovin' boy can take a step back and say "Thanks!"