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Surreal allusion surrounds Lance and Gwen in their first, yet legendary, encounter.
Tonight on Cult of Gracie Radio, the fabulous AV Flox of OMG. OMG! OMFG! (an abbreviation of "oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my flipping goodness!")

And oh my goodness, what a show it will be!

Adult product reviews from the last seven days from all around the sex blogosphere.
In the dusty recesses of a closet comes a discovery: Gracie's been holding out on me. An old sex toy sent for review...and it's for guys. I've never used one before; are they as much fun as flashing banner ads tell me?
I'm a lady who delights in satin and lace, in everything being in its proper place. I am a lady in control.

Erotic fiction by Areola Brown.

Get answers on XXBN when Dr. Jane Vargas returns to Cult of Gracie radio Wednesday.
Vivian's favorite foreplay routine is as titillating for her lover as it is for her.
It is the mid-1960s and London is beginning to swing. Young Danny make a sudden and seemingly crazy decision to follow two very beautiful young women, drawn irresistibly by their very high, black leather boots and stunning looks! Soon he is welcomed enthusiastically into a deliciously uninhibited, shameless world. His fantasies about 'boots, leather, discipline' (and much else besides) become a thrilling reality topped with lashings of whipped cream.
Guest Callie Simms joins the cult on Wednesday.
It's been so long since we've shared a Sugasm!
As a person who thinks this nation's obsession with "smoke free" environments is another way to continue the smokers-as-lepers treatment, trampling rights and not assisting those addicted to tobacco at all, I challenged Genia of SistersTalk to a debate to, ah, clear the air about the issue.
XXBN's Special Show This Weekend: Live Broadcast With Johannes Grenzfurthner From Arse Elektronika Conference
On Wednesday, September 24th, I'll be chatting with the pole dancing, sex positive feminist with a Bachelor's degree in linguistics and a Master's degree in internet technology ~ Amber Rhea.

Wednesday, September 3, 2009, at 9 PM (Central) Cult of Gracie Radio has the fabulous Dr. Susan Block, sex educator, cable TV host and author, discusses what we can learn from bonobos, the chimps who have a matriarchal culture and are recognized to have sex play a prominent role in their society. Bonobos also display compassion, empathy, kindness, patience, sensitivity, and altruism. We humans could should learn a lot from these apes so closely related to us.
Sugasm's back, baby!
This week's Cult of Gracie Radio has the wildly talented (and mildly mad) Jeremy Edwards to discuss not only his own written erotic works, but the Ultimate Burlesque anthology that is part of Burlesque Against Breast Cancer.
On this week's Cult of Gracie Radio, Gracie Passette talks with erotica author, smut collector, charming cad, & intriguing rogue, Shon Richards.
The best of this week's blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
Tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 23rd, at 9 PM central) on Cult of Gracie Radio my guests will be Tom Paine & C., the husband and wife behind Polyamorously Perverse fame. The couple amazes me with their discussion of the private & intimate details of their road of exploration & discovery, and I'm thrilled to have them on the show.

You can listen live to the show here, and calls are welcome at 1 (646) 200-3136.

This Round Robin of sex blogs has everything but the orange breast... I think.
Ever wonder what Gloria Brame would say? Now you can find out, live.
June 25, on Cult of Gracie radio: Jack Hafferkamp, of Libido magazine and Libido films.

Click here to listen to the show live, and call in with your comments and questions at 1 (646) 200-3136.

Who made the list? Who made the top three?
The best of this week's blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
There's been a change in the line-up. Tonight at 9 p.m. (central) Cult of Gracie on XXBN will have as guests DJ Ashba and James Michael from the band SIXX:A.M.
The who, what, where & why of this week's Sugasms.
Because I'm often not posting comments as I should, you may not know I've been there & loved that.
The who's who (and what's what) in sex blogging.
More enjoyable than a speeding bullet!
The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them.
Who's the best in the past week's sex blogging?
The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
We made the top 3 again!
The best of this week's blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
Want to see the best of this week's sex blogs, including the top 3 posts as chosen by the bloggers who blog them? Sure ya do!
The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. ~ and guess who makes the top three? *wink*
And SK makes the top three!

So read the rest of the goodness, or Santa won't put you on the naughty-but-nice list.

Get ready for holiday parties with Gracie's top 5 must-have home entertaining items. (Psst! They also make great gifts!)
The best of this week's blogs by the bloggers who blog them.
The best of this week's blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
Lord John Wilmot's classic poem.
The best of this week's blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
Jane and Greg attended their first-ever Southern Comfort convention in Atlanta last week. Here is Greg's report.
God he loved knowing her body so well, loved to be able to direct another on how to use his wife. She was his plaything and sharing her made him feel like a benevolent powerbroker, like that day when he was the first on his block with a Big Wheel and he gave all the other envious kids rides on it. High on that feeling of God-like power Duane began concentrating on screwing.

An excerpt from Pam: Duane's Little Cupcake, by the equally tasty Secondhand Rose.

I assigned Kis Lee the word 'resentment' ~ and holy hell Hanna, just look what she wrote!
Thanks to darling Angela, we're in the Top Three this week!
When asked to express 'gratitude', Jeremy Edwards replied with this short story...
The best of this week's blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
The best of this week's blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
Have a lil sugar, sugar...
This week's sugar, with just half the calories!
(Psst: It's 13 B because the last chapter, stated at 13 was really 12 so I'm trying to get us back on the right numbers ~ see how tricky the number 13 is? lol)
Ever since their reunion outside Pentonville, Jake and Tess seemed for all intents and purposes more in love than ever before. Rarely were they seen apart, in fact rarely were they seen outside of their suite except for stage calls and performances.
That's issue number 89, kiddos.
Hold on girls, here's a site guaranteed to have you squealing like the sex kittens you are!
A pictorial beefcake spread. :p
The best of this week's blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
Tone had been told Jake would be taken to the ‘Ville. It took him two days to sort out the visiting arrangements and he had to make various calls to Danny. When a visit was finally secured, Tone took Tess and tried to explain to her what to expect. Jake was no soft guy and had seen a fair bit of life in his time, but that wouldn’t quite prepare him for the ‘Ville.
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
We're so cool, we have our own fan fic

Here's the next installment ~ the plot, as they say, thickens...

A new feature, "Sleeping In Your Blog" (aka blog reviews), begins. And who is better to begin with than Bacchus of ErosBlog?
DeeDee goes on a Panty Raid with Doug and his Hot Nuts, 1960's style.
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
Clearly a game for college kids and swinging couples, Roll 'Em Show 'Em is also fun for the couple who is tired of Daily Show re-runs and the usual card games to pass the time.
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
The band had chartered a huge cargo plane to jet the components of their mammoth stage to New York City on the East Coast...
Sure I'd heard all the hype about the musical "Wicked", but I hadn't realized how truthful the story of the witches of Oz was going to be.
Actually he's on TV. Henry Fitzroy is the newest bloodsucking bad boy to appear on television. The so sexy vampire is in Lifetime Network’s new series Blood Ties which is based on theBlood Books novels by Tanya Huff"".

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them.
It's cards... What could possibly happen? *wink*
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.

Again, Sex-Kitten makes the Top 3!

A retelling of one of Grimm's best tales told from the perspective of Grandmother's cat.
What's going on with the band? Will Jake ever get more than a taste of Tess? Will Tone get Gracie ~ or will he need to just get over her?
The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants ~ including SK!
All three find that their dating habits leave them frustrated and unfulfilled. It's time to give up on men completely. Isn't it?
"Blowin' Like A Hurricane"
For my daughters who are unafraid of their sexuality:
The following day at rehearsals, Gracie hardly spoke to Tone...
In Behind Closed Doors, the saga continues...
Spousal seduction; a love story featuring lingerie.
The Order of PURR.

(If you haven't been following along, catch the start of PURR, and PURR, part 2.)

A 'pretty' poem by Angela.
An erotic latex fetish story by Tobly McSmith.

First Place Winner in the Please The Baroness Contest at TE & published here in honor or The Baroness' Birthday.

Nick Romano's poem poses more than one question...
Liana was tired of death taking everyone she loved while leaving her behind to suffer. While searching for death and eternal life she found Devlin, who was exactly what she had been looking for.

This story also appears on our sister site

Unannounced visitors were not very common, especially in the middle of the day, so when the knock came at the door for Lisa Ingles, she was caught a little off guard. Little did she know that she was about to be introduced to a world of experiences that would shift her reality and alter her life completely. Little did she know that she was about to become an entirely new woman.
Bet ya didn't know your cellphone could to THIS!
Let’s Get This Show on the Road.

If you missed it, read the start of PURR.

A piece of Halloween Erotica - this story also appears on our sister site
Erotica by Jeremy Edwards
Every body in this story is familiar to you, if you're a regular here at SK...

Jake and Tony present chapter one of PURR! A Rock 'n Roll Fantasy as a tribute to Sex Kittens...

In How To Use Erotica I shared some ways in which I have used erotica with others and I asked others to send in their ideas and tips...
Prose piece about his needs, wants for Mistress and the redemption only She can deliver...
Settle in, kids! More steamy erotica from AfroerotiK!
Mary's queer, the kids said. She's fat and queer and stupid and ugly.
Jewel continues to tell about some of the sex stores she has visited.
In the Jazz Age of the Roaring 20s, young Priscila Ryersbach leaves the family farm for the big city & gets a real education that she uses to become Heather Leah. She uses her talents to become a star on the silent silver screen as a vamp, emulating her idols Theda Bara & LuLu Brooks.
Vintage prints by Peter Arno.
Conversation, along with drinks and laughter, flowed freely that evening. Unfortunately, so did the rain outside of Dante’s Restaurant on the night that Olivia and I decided to have a business dinner. Olivia Dennis is actually my sister’s co-worker’s best friend. Sounds a little convoluted but we met at a holiday gathering three years ago and have been friends ever since. We bonded, I think, because our outlooks on life are so similar. There was so much more to the relationship that she and I shared than just girlfriends that hang out a couple times a month. There was an ever so subtle and never discussed attraction simmering underneath the surface between us.
Shakespeare said, “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.” It seems that lust, much more so than misery, makes for some the most interesting boudoir companions. Such was the case for Pamela, Michael, and Imani...
An amazing poem by Chloe Jo Berman.
Obviously, erotica is easy to use: Read, Get Aroused, Get Off. But erotica is more than just a solo activity wherein a lone reader devours the stories until she desires to delve into her moist bits to drive herself to delightful orgasm; erotica may be shared.
Assman of Uor is a sort of sequel, or at least further adventures of Mr. Cocksmith (from Cocksmith at the Helm, a book be published this Fall). Says the author, "It's a send up of John Norman's Gor series, a loving tribute (and I'm saying that with a straight face!) to JRR Tolkien, Homer, and Robert Louis Stevenson, among others..."
Stormy Leather is a place of delight. The entire store is a toy worth talking about!
Sweet prose about his cravings for Mistress, and other cotton candy treats!
Louise, a highly successful young career woman lets Master strip from her any shred of control over her most intimate bodily function of all. Cute Louise, so0o0o delightfully kute and kinky-kinky (mmm) embarks on a real voyage of adventure and ends up completely ~~~high~~~
"Perfidious Scoundrels aided by Sycophants and Toadies threaten the foundation of the Great Republic. Their contemptuous peculations are so shrewdly contrived that it is hard to know who are the betrayers of our trust, and who are the Honest Tribunes of the people.

But Fear Not! There is Hope! You, as an Assistant Special Prosecutor armed with nothing but court orders, can help expose to corruption and cleanse the halls of power with the power of truth.

Expel the corrupt. Honor the honest. Save the republic."

In all the old movies and lore, fighters are told to not have sex or masturbate while in training. Does refraining from masturbation improve physical performance? Does masturbation drive you insane?

Here's a 1945 men's magazine article on the subject...

Like the name suggests, Oysters and is full of aphrodisiacs. It has arousing fiction, tantalizing poetry, interesting columns, naughty reviews and much more.
"To the naked eye, we are fucking..."
A woman fantasizes about being reunited with her lover in an intense and emotional public display.

An erotic story by C.S. McNeil

An erotic water sports story by Jeremy Edwards.
A poem by Chloe Jo Berman ~ and a drink recipe *wink*
Norman A. Rubin gives us this naughty little version of the classic fairy tale:

The story of a princess that took a bite of a red apple with a secret potion that sent her spinning to dreamland.

Bruce Parsons illustrates a fantasy scenario with just a bit too much reality.
Prepare for Summer with these crisp and satisfying versions on the traditional Cuban cocktail.
"Meet Women of the World," "Travel to Exotic Places," & "See Exotic Women!" The allure of world travel & adventure, the promises of exciting vacations, distant lands, & oh, yes! the loads of hot babes. Isn't this every man's dream? And many a woman's dream too...

The collar I was wearing was made out of some sort of rubber but extremely comfortable. Her friend made it special for me so I could take it home. "Something to remember me by," she said.
Gaëlle visits The Seattle Erotic Art Festival, founded in 2002 by Seattle's Sex Positive Community Center.
Different strokes for different folks? Angela and her friend, Nanette, give you the skinny on their experience with this #1 selling sex toy in Japan.
Betti Mustang discovers a hot new bedroom item that you won't believe you've done without for all these years. Screw the satin sheets, and for the love-of-god put your stuffed animals in storage... Reality Bedding is heating up bedrooms everywhere. Finally, bedding that both you and your man can agree on...

Are you feeling lonely or has your sex life lost its power? Adding more energy to your love life can be as simple as rearranging your furniture and adding a few elements to your bedroom to create the sex positive energy you need.
Kiss us, even if we aren't Irish!
I had given up hope. After much trial and error I figured I would never find a lubricant that worked right. Then fate stepped in and I received a free sample of "the perfect lube".
A funny little story of sci-fi love by D.W. Rhodes.
In the interest of making your sex life better, Gracie & CR/LF bare their bods & put these edible treats to the test.
We put a blow-up doll through her paces: she is tried out by both CR/LF and a creature created by science fiction.
"Ouch!" is what you'll be hearing if you decice to spring this toy on your partner.
Cockrings are some tricky buggers. Women might not realize this, but when a man puts on a cockring, he's got a lot of things going on down there to consider.
Imagine, you order an item of such exquisite design, of such precise performance; a gift at once so personal & luxurious, that when she receives it she can only blush and coo... or swoon. Imagine that this reaction continues everytime the gift is seen. Now imagine this gift will get you laid.

You no longer need to imagine all of this. The ultimate gift for your lady lover is here.

Sexy, risque and bawdy, Suzanne Ramsey is everything you could want in burlesque entertainment. Now, you can give the gift of insanity, or take her home, just for you!
Sure she's pretty in the pictures, but will this fantasy women I take to my bed live up to both my design desires as well as my easy care needs? Will the Joie de Viv blonde be able to live up to my dreams?
Does the Love Bag satisfy Sabrina?
Some years later I started to hear all of these warnings, mysterious whisperings about how jelly toys are bad for one’s health. To be honest, my first reaction to these overheard warnings was something akin to, “Fuck that! It’s just anti-sex preachy moralists trying to oppress me and keep me from my own sexual pleasure!” I was angry—could my beloved Crystal Jelly Deluxe be bad for me?
The Suction Mistress Dual Breast Exerciser by Doc Johnson, it has a pump release that lets you control the action and an airtight rim at the cup to assure the vacuum seal. The ultimate in dual breast pleasure and satisfaction…for the fully cupped feeling of two human hands, reads the box. The box also states it sucks the nipples to a tingly firmness. Hmm, sounds good so I gave it a try.
The Sex Kittens try creams, ointments, lotions & balms all designed to increase arousal, keep dicks erect and produce world class orgasms.
So much has been written about risk reduction and safer sex techniques, but sex toys have largely been ignored. What makes for a safe toy? How do I clean my beloved toys? Is there any risk of disease transmission from sharing toys? Is that thing safe to go there (wherever there may be)? While using sex toys generally carries fewer risks than coming into contact with another person and their fluids, it is important to remember that safer sex techniques can also apply for use with toys.
A review of, a seriously sexy site for the serious connoisseur of Long Legs, High Heels, and Silky Stockings! OH MY!

It was John's birthday and we went to Lili's.
I’d give you my first-hand opinion, but there is no way this thing is getting inside my pussy.
Because of the number of requests he'd had for the recipe used in one of his stories, he's written a few others for everyone to fantasize about and drool over. I bet you didn't know he was a real chef, now did you?
Viva La Bam favorite H.I.M.'s new record, Razorblade Romance, perks up Karsh's ears.
A unique (and pleasurable) prophylactic experience.
Dreams can be exciting, or unsettling, or both. When I began to dream of a man entering the bedroom room I supposedly shared with a girlfriend, well, I was excited. And when the dream progressed to his punishing us, the excitement grew. Of course, I couldn't tell my husband about any of it, but maybe you'll understand.
Recently I had an experience with paying for a porn site membership. It wasn't the smoothest transaction I'd ever had. But I didn't panic. Let me tell you why.
Lover's Secret Kit from Doc Johnson thrills me not. And for a man who generally loves good head, the Relentless Tease was strangely unimpressed as well.
Sensual sounds for the 21st Century
When strap-ons and a cross-country road-trip cross paths....nothing good could come of it. Ina did exactly that, and exposed the world to The Pocket Pal.
Usually silver bullets will only finish off werewolves, but these dual bullets were more than Ina could handle.
Libby gets evil testing out Doc Johnson's Horny Little Devil Kit.
Sure, you've been to the museum before. You've seen dinosaur bones. You don't want to waste your vacation time on this... But wait, The Science Museum of Minnesota is very worthy of a stop!
Mainly Me Productions sets off a battle of epic proportions by setting Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman on opposite sides of a world-ending conflict...who will win? Hell, for that matter -- who is who?
Burlesque is much more like vaudeville than stripping, more like cabaret than exotic dance, more flirtations than stand up comedy, more interactive than a play, and more fun than anything else you've experienced. At Lili's Burlesque Revue, you can experience classic burlesque at it's best.

It's difficult to explain burlesque to folks who haven't seen it, but we'll do our best ~ if we've done our jobs right, you'll be running off to see Lili's this weekend. Because, if you do one thing in Minneapolis, get thee to Lili's!

If you are looking for what's new in music, look to the Twin Cities.
...but will it move him? A review of the Peter Sucker ~ Does it suck in a good or a bad way?
Libby gets professional with her presentation on Doc Johnson's vibrating toy
Pretty in pink...a smooth and flexible pleasure toy.
When my lover whipped out the hot stuff, I was glad to have a pad to contain our love.
Kat reviews the Hot Affair boardgame: A game for two consenting adults who wish to have fun and enjoy an intimate liaison with each other.
It's rare that a soundtrack to your own life comes already compiled. And when it does, you just want to tell everyone about it!
ADeadHeart writes to her newest buzzing toy.
Forget about Do-Wa-Diddy & get ready to moan along!
Specially formulated for HIS pleasure. A review by Kat.
For those looking for a divination tool with modern symbolism, or those who want a fun way to help friends sort though life situations, Dirty Tarot offers great grrl fun!
A young girl, groomed from birth to use sex to rule from behind the throne, learns that the power of passion goes both ways.
Sometimes something as simple as a flower can bring the memories rushing back...and then you can't get her out of your life.

The Hop'n Rabbit Stroker, part of Doc Johnson's famous Rabbit line, is a high tech multi-speed and multi-function vibrator, with a shaft that plunges up & down while the head rotates & those bunny ears flutter away on your clit...

And, it's purple. Gracie likes purple.

Because sometimes free CDs don't suck.
A new way to "catch a buzz."
They rock, they roll...but not to my beat.
Hot lesbian sex via a card game? How on earth would that transfer? Sitting across from my lover, pulling cards from the deck, isn’t sexy. It sounded like a silly novelty game that some 15 year olds stole from their parents and brought in place of booze to the slumber party. I was not impressed with the idea.

Then I opened the deck.

Ever woken up from a particularly vivid sexual dream and had the thought, “What was I *doing*?!” because you were enjoying a sexual act you had never tried in real life? You think about it for a while and realize that you’d like to explore it but don’t know where to start. Enter Kheper Games’ Fetish! board game.
If you use the tarot are you 'playing with the devil' or just 'playing around?' Or is it something more?
If Barbie is the ideal woman, then let's pretend Ken is the ideal man.

Vixen reviews

It's like Bingo...only better!

And baby, could that thing vibrate!
All women all the time...

The theme of this tarot deck is sex, no doubt.

Ina reviews a batch of sex toys and REALLY tells how they stack up to actual Real Woman use.
Those tunes, once thought of as ‘ugh’ are now classics. My how your musical tastes have grown, baby.
Where to go to find your Prince Charming's Better Looking Older Brother with a Really Great Car and Only Slightly Receding Hairline. That, or just read the ads and take your chances.
I remember Sex Scrolls before it was a paysite.

Fortunately, now that it is a paid membership site, it has only improved!

Here are some great gift ideas for your man! Surprise him with a toy of his own this Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!
Ladies, here are some sexy gift recommendations (vibrating and otherwise) from me. Print out this list and give it to your partner. Or just order up on your own! I mean, can you really have too many sex toys? I think not!
There are women's artists and artists who happen to be women. Lili G is an incredibly meticulous erotic artist who just happens to be a woman.
Romanticism is defined as “an exciting and mysterious quality (as of a heroic time or adventure)”
Enter the world of one happy & creative spanko!
Fem Fantasy, the website that asks: “Ladies, need a little erotic fantasy in your life?”

We have some questions of our own.

'Let us help you experience an era when women were proud of their femininity.'
Libations & self-entertainment for libidos, including a review of 'Boob Squad' ~ Does it deliver, or is it a bust?
Stay in on a cold night, enjoy a cold drink & some music...
ADeadHeart ditches her normal rants for a pretty good product review!
Here a buzz, there a buzz, everywhere a buzz-buzz!
Libations & self-entertainment for libidos. You've likely heard of these 'Bang Bus Guys,' pranksters for sure, here's an honest review, by Gracie.
Libations & self-entertainment for libidos. The obligatory drink recipe & a website review.
Libations & self-entertainment for libidos. Including Web Site & Product Reviews.