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Love Stories

A walk on a nice summer day reveals these little vignettes of love.

Do I really see them, or am I just a romantic who fancies love everywhere?

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Makes Men Drool

Posted 06:55pm 07-20-06 (Score: 3, 'You Don't Say! ')
I think you're just a hopeless romantic:

1) The thirty-ish couple: Just a "connection" discretely passing some crack cocain to the woman.
2) The couple of 35 years: They are sharing a smile because she knows he is wearing panties under his trousers.
3) The couple with the baby: She has tears in her eyes because she is afraid her husband will find out that it was her boss that fathered the child he thinks is his.
4) The two women: These two just might be in love.
5) The twenty-ish couple on the porch: He just told her he has a feather fetish. But only when they are attached to chickens.

But don't feel got one out of five.
Makes Men Drool

Posted 09:24pm 07-21-06 (Score: 3, 'You Don't Say! ')
You are on a roll, Angela. First an incredible poem and now this that has me laughing out loud.
Envied By All

Posted 12:44am 07-22-06 (Score: 3, 'You Don't Say! ')
OMG Angela, you are too cynical lol