Dolabriel's Room

Dolabriel is a soft butch with a soldiers edge. As a young lesbian I have some funny thoughts about love, life, and sex. I have done it all; guys, girls, groups- and when these fantasies got old, I got a girlfriend. With a mental health degree and years of masturbation I have discovered the secret to great sex. Get a partner!
The one thing that I have found to be extremely interesting is the female body's way of synchronizing itself with other familiar female bodies.
Sex is supposed to be sweet, and special. Every episode is supposed to become one of your cherished memories. But sometimes it can be down right crazy. I just want to share one of my encounters from when I played for the home team. I haven't always been gay!!
My overwhelming excitement with lips is so deep that I have to watch every heated moment while a girl kisses my body. The mere image of her kissing my breast, sucking my nipples, and licking me is enough to get me to where I need to be.
Christmas can bring out the best and the worst in some of us; dependant upon how good your gift is presented.