More than chick-flicks, this is mandatory viewing. OK, and sometimes it's more like warnings of what to avoid... We review everything from educational films and television programs to silent films and pornos. (Yeah we know it looks like 'fucks' in the navigation ~ we like it that way.)
Bill Turlock's Girdle Love III is a nearly two-hour romp for lingerie fetishists and voyeurs of girl-on-girl fantasy action.

This first half of the movie is the sort of slow teasing torture that lingerie lovers lust over; the second half keeps lingerie the focus, but has sensual femme action.

(Gracie's review includes photos and clips!)

Up late at nights, I've become addicted to Cold Case reruns; tonight I fell in love with an episode.

The Cold Case episode titled Best Friends tells the story of two women in love in the early 1930's. As if that weren't compelling enough, one woman, Billie (played by Tessa Thompson), was black, the other, Rose (Samantha Streets played the young 1932 girl; Piper Laurie played her as a grandma), was white.

The premise of Special Delivery is direct: "a porn video featuring real-life dyke couples."

The plot is simple, but realistic; an employee at a feminist sex shop (played by Deb Shooter) daydreams (and more) while she packages sex toys for mail orders. For every box she stuffs with toys, she fantasizes about how those toys will stuff other boxes, and masturbates. What you end up with are little stories, interspersed with Deb's solo masturbation scenes.

Read the review ~ and see clips too.

I don't know about you, but all I could say about Mia Farrow up to this point was that she was the precursor to Angelina Jolie ~ a beautiful sex pot in her time who adopted a hundred kids ~ and that poor Mia was tragically linked (forever) to Woody Allen, a man whose intellect and humor may have reached the highest-highs, but whose penis and morality also sent him to the lowest-lows. (Rat Bastard.) Perhaps it's all this crap which kept me from seeing any film with Mia Farrow (and yes, this means I've never seen Rosemary's Baby etc..)

But being sick and held prisoner in my mind by one of those muscle paralyzing physical stupors which cough syrups provide, rendering body lifeless but brain painfully alert and starved, I was unable to reach for the remote which lay out of reach and switch television stations. So I was forced to watch a Mia Farrow film.

Sure I'd heard all the rave reviews and acclaim for the movie Juno, but there was still something that really disturbed me about seeing a hip, pregnant teenager on the movie poster. I figured I'd have to check it out for myself and form my own opinion about a film that I thought was sending a dangerous message.
Slip of a Girl dishes on two classic pre-code black & white films by William Wellman.
It may have been almost forty years in the making, but sooner or later there was bound to be a porn parody of "The Brady Bunch." It's finally here.
Others will tell you Myra Breckinridge is a waste of your time. I'm here to say it's not.

Others will tell you Michael Sarne's film is a 'trainwreck'. But no matter who 'these others' are, I can tell you they are dead wrong.

"Myra Breckinridge is a dish, and never forget it, you motherfuckers, as the children say nowadays."

While the words "feminist" and "porn' are usually on the opposite sides of each other, Becky Goldberg's 2003 documentary looks at the women who proudly call themselves feminists and make pornography.

The alt-porn genre climaxed with this 2005 release from Eon McKai, featuring some of the genre's hottest starlets, including Dana DeArmond, Sierra Sinn, Justine Joli, and Joanna Angel.

Joanna Angel and her team of Angels band together to try and save the President's daughter and prevent a mysterious blond villain from outlawing everything "Alt" in this 2006 porn comedy from Burning Angel.

Are you a novice to porn watching? Curious, but don't know where to start? The classics of porn are always your best bet as they were made for actual audiences to be watched in theaters and have plots, pretty decent acting, and average looking performers. Some of these five have been reviewed previously at Sex-Kitten, but they're worth mentioning again.

A look at the first feature-length sex films in America and the Victorian (yes, you read that right, Victorian) reactions to them.
5 DILDOES UP: Leave it to the Ladies to Get It Right!
You know I love Libido films. These films have actors which look and act like real people instead of canned porn robots. I don't just mean healthy body curves, body piercings and tattoos; I mean the sex has more chemistry, the pacing and positions are more realistic, and the women have real orgasms. Not to mention that the story lines are not moronic.

Perhaps this is why Marianna Beck of Libido Films asked me to preview the movie pre-release to get some verbage for the DVD packaging. Maybe she asked because I am cool. Whatever the reason, I got my hands on the film before it's release, and this is what I saw...

Some may walk away talking about the ice dildos, but I prefer to recall the packing peanuts.
Long the butt of jokes and grade school humor, "Debbie Does Dallas" still remains one of the top five grossing pornographic films of all time. This new documentary provides some backstory on one of the first successes of video-age porn.
Betti Mustang witnesses twenty-two orgasms in 120 minutes. It's like a fucking smorgasbord. Pun intended.
Tess ponders cheating spouses in film... Is there a double standard? Do cheating men or cheating women fare better? Do either?
This DVD features women taking charge of their own pleasure with fantasies, masturbation, sex toys and little to no use of men. This movie was made by women for women with women's fantasies in mind.
French filmmaker Catherine Breillat is well known for exploring the sexuality of women, in often controversial and complex ways. Unlike male filmmakers, who re-create female sexuality in exploitative and superficial manners, Breillat's work reflects real female desire, however raw and masochistic it may seem. Brelliat has said, "I take sexuality as a subject, not as an object" and the content of her films reflect that.

DeeDee presents two of her favorite comedies.
In the video's opening sequence, the younger guy, who I am assuming is "Wacko" lounges around on the make-shift "death arena". The "death arena" by the way, is two twin beds pressed together. On an unrelated note, their "death arena" reminded me of my childhood. A time when I used to press the beds in my room together and jump on the modified, larger mattress until the day I fell between the two beds and knocked the shit out of myself.
This DVD lets you "live through" photographer Steve Diet Goedde's camera lens and view over 700 of his images.
Weimar Berlin: Where Pre-Nazi sexuality was outrageous, and fuck machines ruled. A review of erotic entertainment that educates. Ah, if only all history was taught like this!
Find out what movie has "ants-in-your-pants, can't-sit-still, must-finger-yourself heat!"
Gracie talks about films, media & pop culture portrayal of the BDSM culture with Gloria Brame, one of the world's foremost experts on SM/fetish sexuality.
Elizabeth Starr's remake of Meyer's classic features bra-busting boobs, fast cars, and Ron Jeremy.
Do women ejaculate? You bet we do!
Never saw "Freaks and Geeks" when it originally aired on NBC? Now you can finally check out one of the masterpieces of modern televsion...
Neuters and perverts lock horns in battle for Hartford Road in Waters' newest film.
To be a Tarantino fan, you have to like at least one of his movies, right? And me, well, I had not previously even seen one. Nope, not even Pulp Fiction.
After finally seeing the Aileen Wuornos biopic "Monster" with Charlize Theron's amazing Oscar-winning performance, I felt it was only appropriate for me to comment on some of the issues I had with the film.
Jenna's hotter than ever giving hubby Justin Sterling the rubdown is this 2004 remake of the 1990 porn classic.
Libby checks out the re-release of the original "Deep Throat".
Based on the DC-Vertigo comic book Hellblazer, Constantine is a science fiction suspense drama but all most girls will care about is that it stars Keanu Reeves. This review offers a bit more reason to go see the film besides the tall, dark guy in the trenchcoat.
Libby lets loose on Veronica Hart's musical remake of the porn classic "The Opening of Misty Beethoven".

Libby gives her whole-headed opinion on the new documentary "Inside Deep Throat."
I have had it up to (HERE) with the heterosexual males idea of lesbian sex. Up until recently, lesbian porn has been male oriented, glossy, long-finger nailed, cucumber toting straight chicks pretending to be queer. Finally, some films are being made that show real lesbians in real sexual situations...
Once & a great while, a movie comes along that is so intense & powerful in all the right ways, that you hesitate to review it, for fear of ruining it...

(If I just left the review at “This film brings BDSM out of the closet” would that be enough?)

We review another bit of classic porn, featuring Marilyn Chambers. However, this isn’t one of those artsy pornos.

Insatiable is a post 70’s flick, and the ‘slide’ away from the art of adult films is visible in this flick. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see it. In fact, there is a certain charm, joy & yes, arousal, in this movie.

Review of the movie musical 'Chicago'
If you dare to modernize the classic Doris Day and Rock Hudson sex comedies you’d better do a pretty damn fine job of it.
Classic film examines The Double Standard.
Settle in, my sisters, especially those that think they don’t like porno flicks, for this, *this* is the review you’ve been waiting for.
"I have to admit, I drooled just a little."
Nerds never get the girl -- unless, somehow, wishing it pulls the sexiest comic book character out and puts her in your bed! Gracie & CR/LF review Wild & Wacky Adventures of Chloe.
A couple views the anime flick "La Blue Girl" ~ as in, one man, one woman, watch & review porn.
Reviewed by, the 'ever opinionated' Gracie.

If you struggle with bondage issues, don't read ~ but if you enjoy struggles... *evil laugh*

This was my first viewing of a real ropes bondage flick ~ and by 'real' I mean a master has done the rope work.

Reviewed by, the 'ever opinionated' Gracie.

I wish I had good news...

I don't like to pan movies, but sometimes, a movie is so bad, or the reviews at other sites are so way off my tastes, I feel it is my duty to warn others.

Being single, my New Year's celebrations are usually with friends, and most years we opt to stay in & avoid the drunken danger that is 'single men with alcohol.'

Drunk men are bad enough, but those who seem to be without dates on New Year's Eve, seem to be conflicted about their status and the desire to get laid is only surpassed by their unwillingness to be considerate. (A note to men, spitting on a girl is not the way to get her to go home with you...)

Anyway, we girls stay home, and generally we watch videos all night. Over the years I have perfected a list of my favorite films for women to watch, and my possy (nope, there is no 'u' in that word!) agrees.

These are my top picks for any girl gatherings (in no particular order):

Do you watch chick-flicks? Are you put in the mood by some sentimental movie? Or is it those strong female-centered movies that make you feel raunchy? Maybe porn the number one rental at your house...

No matter, Gracie & others will help you find the flicks!