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Lesbianism 101: A look into how lesbian sex actually works, and why it works so well. There will be very dirty, naughty, delicious sex. There will *not* be "lesbian bed death."
In early September, an ad appeared on the Seattle craigslist. It seems that a young twenty-something woman was looking for a discreet rendezvous with a gentleman.
You won't find these favorites under any tree.
Life Soundtrack
I am not a dyke
I'm pretty sure one of my daughters is lesbian. I have tried to open the door and let her know that her father and I will love her no matter what. She still won't open up. What can I do to make it possible to talk about the possibility of her being lesbian? She's 22 and living on her own.
From altar girl to heathen...
Not all Barbie dolls live a carefree life.
A saving grace...
It's not that we aren't romantic...
There's a first time for everything, and for this girl, everything happened the first time.