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Horrific examples from Wives Legal Rights, by Richard T. Gallen, a Dell Purse Book, © 1965.
I could wax on about suffrage, your right & duty to participate in this country's political system, give you a cute Top Ten list... But really there's only one reason to vote tonight ~ and that's to get real leadership in the White House.
And then I get to respond.

I stumbled into this post, To Women who complain about older men dating younger women….here is why……, and I figured someone ought to point out just how ignorant this all is.

It's a normal day ~ until my Gchat window pops up with a message from AAG...

AAG: Hey, I've got a question for you

me: shoot!

AAG: in your experience, do vaginas become "stretched out" after playtime with a well-endowed man?

Yeah, this was gonna be a typical day.

Women who collect porn & erotica; we are out there, and we are not the novelties you might think us to be.
Reviewing Girdle Love III I began to wonder if I could build an entire blog or website around images of the 80's shaker sweaters in porn.
I don't have time to write a really good article on this (the radio debate with Genia on smoking is tonight & I have several BIG negotiations in the works), but I just couldn't let this sit.
I'm here to free myself; how 'bout you?
We talk a lot about porn and erotica here at SK. Most of us are in favor of it, in some form or fashion; but there are things we don't like about it.

What tends to happen though, is that we (and this includes the royal "We" of the world at large) give the old nipples up (I like it!) or thumbs down (I hate it!) response, rarely articulating why we love it or hate it and what exactly elicited such a reaction.

So I say, we all go back to school...

Looking at porn past the trite "I like it" or the dogmatic "It's oppressive" brings down holy hellfire for sex bloggers. And I could just leave it at that, but I won't.
You aren't cool unless you're aware of this week's high-fives.
I grew up during the time when feminism had teeth. I was too young to participate in much of the dialogue; but I did hear the conversation. And while I was confused by it, I learned from it.
Over at Amber Rhea's I was reading about Susie Bright's reaction (as published at Salon ) to Sex And The City. I'll admit, I've never seen the show & have no desire to see the movie, but...
I'm ranting today about the continually perpetuated myths of sex work which add to the further debasement, exploitation & abuse of sex workers.
High-Fives for (and to) Phone Sex Girls!
I have documents open as I write this ~ three of them, to be exact. And while that's not really miraculous or anything, it is but a (small) part of similar documents, each filled with started columns, emailed questions, and links to articles & blog posts by others which I have every intention of writing about. In looking through them today, I'm struck not only by how many fascinating, excellent opportunities I've got just sitting here, awaiting my time, but that as a group, themes & connections not previously known emerge...
I may have skipped a week, but I haven't skipped a beat!
Cult of Gracie Radio launches Wednesday, April 23, and (other than the first week in May, for my much deserved vacation) will air Wednesday evenings at 9 p.m. (central time). All shows are live and you can call in ~ so who knows what will happen?
Giving props to 5 grand, strong, wonderful women.
A follow-up on the 20/20 show on prostitution.

MyRedBook, a site that posts escort, massage and strip club reviews, has some interesting discussion on the TV program. What sex workers (including one sex worker who appeared in the show) and clients had to say may surprise you...

Giving thanks & high-fives for the week, as needed.
Tonight, ABC's 20/20 hit the streets looking for hookers & intending to cash in on the salacious sides of sex work ~ with Diane Sawyer as lead pimp, making her paycheck just another one of the profits earned from the poor, down-trodden, girls she herself called exploited.

Diane let us know from the start, with her Good Friday biblical references, that this was not actual news coverage nor anything remotely close to impartial reporting; and from that moment on both Secondhand Rose and myself, Gracie Passette, began typing furiously to one another ~ and no, 'furiously' wasn't our typing speed.

Here are our notes.

Fun & factual sex links for the week.
The week you might have missed ~ if weren't for the Gracie of God. *wink*
Our servers had issues yesterday, requiring an upgrade and pretty new hardware (as in 'expensive and time consuming'), so this edition is late ~ but the links are still fresh & excellent!
What did you miss this week?
This week, it's things to see and do...
My weekly round-up.
Momma always used to say, "Two wrongs don't make a right," and I rather believe her. But still, when it comes to the matter of gender and politics, I'm thinking of ignoring her advice.
It's not just who I like ~ it's who and what you need to be reading.
Secondhand Rose enters Gracie's boudoir and asks her some questions as a part of the Sex Worker Confessions series.
I'm giving my 5 high-fives for the week to...
This week's TMI Tuesday questions are from my list of conversation starters for couples as posted in my Blushing Ladies' Journal article, 13 Ways To Use What You Have To Build Intimacy.

Thanks Slip of a Girl for sending them in. *smile*

Since these are supposed to be conversation starters, please join the conversation!

Slip of a Girl and I sent questions into TMI Tuesday, and now they are officially TMI Tuesday edition #117. Go figure.
The year in Gracie.

(From the Marketing Whore blog meme ~ and a cross post.)

Looking at the evolution of modern porn as it moved from playful tease to slick business of fetishized-nearly-to-the-unrecognizable genitals and acts.
The name's Gracie Passette, not Emily Post, but I answer emails & dish etiquette anyway...

Am I better than a Magic-8 Ball? Read and see.

Read this week's TMI Tuesday and find out...
Much is written on the effects of porn and female body image. Some complain fearfully of men who will, upon viewing porn, expect all women to have those bodies; others that women themselves fall into this trap and try to emulate such unrealistic things with their own bodies. Of course, these accusations and reservations aren't only reserved for pornographic materials, but magazines, television, any media.

And while you may think that I'm going to rant about how stupid this is, how silly it is to believe that people will be so affected by these images that they'd let ~ no force ~ them to be their realities, I'm not.

I can't.

TMI Tuesday continues...
Drama Queens (and Drama Kings) are, I think, a misunderstood lot ~ especially by themselves. They are difficult to put up with, let alone love; and if you can do neither, then this may make dismissing them (or their dismissal of you) that much easier.
Why it can only mean TMI Tuesday!
I, yes, I, have become sexually numb.
Another Tuesday, another set of questions sure to enlighten &/or embarrass...
On marrying, muppets and my sex life.
More about me ~ and advice for you.
Or, When Fantasy Ruins Your Love Life
How can it be both Too Much Information and the 97th edition? Well, read and see...
Gracie's on her monthly rag rant, which includes news, her views, and a five point plan.
Satan's Angel was telling me that a friend of hers had, a few years ago, tried to talk her into selling panties ~ and I don't mean opening a lingerie store or having one of those lingerie home parties, I mean selling the panties she's worn, right off her own bottom.

Apparently the friend had quite a nice business going, and when Satan's Angel questioned how much she made, how many panties she sold etc. The friend assured her this was very lucrative and that she sold more panties than she could realistically wear.

How's that work, exactly?

They always want to know. *wink*
Can the TMI really be sans sex?!
It's Too Much Information Tuesday... You know you live for it.
Are the topics of TMI 92...
They way things stand right now, it's not just "fake it 'til you make it" in the boardroom, but "fake it because you're trying to make it" in the bedroom.
Gracie has always found that the more sex she has, the more she wants it. And she's not prone to bouts of depression either.

Apparently, Gracie is not alone.

Because I just can't get enough of TMI Tuesdays.

(Shouldn't it then be NEI for Not Enough Information? lol)

It's about you; it's about me. Curious? Heh heh heh
As mentioned in the TMI post, I have a rash story.

Once a lover (who was cheating on his live-in girlfriend with me), wound up with a rash. Yup, on his dick. He called me and told me. This is how the conversation went:

Slip talked me into playing this week's TMI Tuesday. So here we go...
This time, Gracie addresses the question, "Should the age of consent to appear in a porn movie be raised to from 18 to 21?"
I'm often asked, "Gracie, does size really matter?" to which I always reply, "Yes ~ but not the way you might think it does."
Or: Why I Want To Watch TV with President Bill Clinton
No, this isn't a joke about the three of them walking into a bar...

Or is it?

Gracie's monthly rant ~ a wee bit late ~ gets to the root of most matters.
For the one who reads all I write...
Assume the postion, on all fours, say "Fuck me, Daddy," and Paul B. would come. It became the thing, the trigger for him to come. The good thing was I could end sex as quickly as I wanted. The bad thing was I could end sex as quickly as I wanted. It became boring.

(If you missed it, Part One is here.)

How one relationship prepared me for being a whore.
It's Not "A New Year, A New Gracie", But It Could Be "A New Year, A New You."

I don't plan on changing me but I would like to change the collective 'you' ~ and that just might mean you, personally.

New York plastic surgeon and medical school professor Jane A. Petro is scheduled to give a provocative speech at a dinner for Milwaukee Gynecological Society but some are planning to boycott -- over the title of the speech.
OK, so we've started to explore the mightiest sex organ and if you were lost before, I must say, it's only going to get worse. That's because we are now stepping further away from the physical things and reaching deeper & deeper into the matter that matters, the brain.
Arrogant Penis is more than your typical Proud Penis or the sad Selfish Penis.
Now we begin to explore the largest sex organ: the brain.
You may be thinking that Gracie has skipped a part in her 'Body Parts Series' since this part is not about how men can attract their Ms. Right via proper dress. After all, dear Gracie has been flip-flopping-fairly between both sexes...
So, perhaps you ladies have recognized that all your Mr. Wrongs can at least partially be attributed to problems with types. For example, you keep attracting ass men, yet you'd prefer a breast man. But you do have the sweetest little ass, so what's a girl to do?
Holiday season is looming large on the horizon. Soon most of us have to open our wallets & head to the malls, online or real world, and begin to select gifts to show how much we care.

Arguing if this is neccessary or not is a waste of time. And men, if you hate shopping, or just plain suck at it, get a grip. No amount of explaining, reasoning or begging will get you out of this gift-buying jam. You can't shirk this.

Recently one of the major US television stations did an 'undercover expose' on the world of prostitution, from the pimp's perspective. Here prostitution was called 'the game.'

I personally have not heard of the world's oldest profession called 'the game' before, but then, the name of the profession is usually a controversy...

In which I expound on the female views of male body parts.
I bring you ‘Body parts, The Series’ as I have both experience with them, and my usual opinionated thoughts on these things.
I had more than a few adventures with Betty Lou. Many of them started with her attempts to belittle me but as for how they ended up with, well, we'll see...
When I was a freshman in college one of my gal-pals was a young woman who shall be called by her nickname, Betty Lou (as in "Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight" by Bob Seger). Betty Lou was a tall, dark Italian woman who had a perverse need to belittle others.
When I was in Middle School (Junior High) our family moved. That is not the best time to move for girls. We are insecure enough, so why make us give up the friends we do have, to move into a new school, and all the new politics it implies...
I was asked to meet a professional athelete at a local restaurant. I wasn't going to work that day, in fact, I didn't usually work days, but the service kept calling me...
Another story from my pro days.
His name was Jim, and I know it was really Jim, because I asked for an ID. Jim had called a week earlier, to set a date. A date to lose his virginity.
Not too long ago, I went out with an ex-boyfriend & his current woman.
The boy and I decided to 'dontate' plasma. I say 'donate' because we're not all that altruistic ~ we were doing it for the money. Sure, we support the mission, but we'll take the money as long as we're doing it. As you will see, it's rather ironic.
Many Americans were thrilled when Bush signed the Adam Walsh Act into Law on July 27th. Who doesn't want to protect children? But what's not generally known by many Americans ~ and is not accepted by a large number who do know, is that this law lumps many entertainment professionals in with sex offenders and pedophiles.

Yes, I'm talking about adult content providers, webmasters, and you.

Once I replied to a a request for a non-paid position. One that was just a bit of fun, to report little tid-bits of info as I found them, on a specific subject. As the topic is something I am into anyway, I thought it would be a fluffy bit of fun, something to do in my spare time. (Yes, I am being intentionally vague!) I answered the questions on the form, and was told all was set. I would be emailed when they were officially due to start.

Or would I...?

Many times fantasies are full of shit. I don't refer to fantasies of poo, but fantasies in which the fantasizer is a bit out of touch with reality. Sometimes, these are not fantasies, these are cries for help.
A true story of girl-on-girl action, with vibrators.
From start to finish, cotton percale sheets are perfection.
I cannot speak for all women, but I will speak to all men.*
Gracie's thoughts on kissing.
I must declare here, that my boyfriend states that I have a 'miraculously small clit,' and I myself, having never been much of a cliteral girl, will have to take his word for it. Why am I telling you this? Because, your clit, large or small, is important. There are lessons in the clit. And in the Labia. And in the vagina.
Without getting all technical, medical, or trying to sound like a pro at anything other than I am *wink*, let me give you the rub-down, err, run-down.
They just don't have the lay of the land *wink*
Bette Davis said: "Sex is God's joke on human beings." And I believe her.
Men like porn, women like erotica. Is this true? And how the heck does that help you find a raunchy movie?

(If you are trying to get the woman in your life to like porn ~ or at least not make you get rid of your collection, curtail your viewing habits ~ then pay attention!)

Forget about that 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' (as a woman who's lived along the shores of Great Lakes, I snort at their compulsive need to name puddles!), Minnesota should have "Minnesota Nice" put on their license plates.
I grew up in a house where sex was discussed often. Well, maybe not 'discussed,' but it was a constant stream, a running theme of humor...
Gather 'round my sisters, let's get a show of hands here: How many of you have had your man call you a cunt during a fight? Whoa, that's a lot of hands. But then, I expected that. 'Cunt' is a favorite verbal vilification by many males.
Crossdressers & anal sex are discussed.
In many cultures, historical & current, there are people who have what we in the USA would consider atypical sexual relationships. Forget what you know about your Western Civilized ideals of relationships, maturity, emotional attachments & even patriarchy...

The premise is simple: take one man, one woman, and match them by the natural rhythms of the bodies & the cycle of life.

Many people are surprised to hear that Gracie is a sub at heart. After all, I am a strong willed, direct, person; a feminist in control of her life (as much as anyone can be!). It’s difficult to understand why I would find such satisfaction in being submissive in any form. It was difficult for me to accept & acknowledge at first, & even more difficult to communicate to a lover.
I am often asked what a 'bad girl' like me has against 'modern' porn. I'd like to go on the record and state that I am not against modern porn, *however*...
The first time I went to work as a professional sex worker, I learned an important Sex Kitten lesson about expectations & reality.
My first musical loves were the bad boys of rock n roll.
My first time with my married lover. (A fantasy from several years ago...)
Really *Is* Good For The Gander!