Ina's Room

A voluptuous, sensual smart-ass. As a bisexual, she’s an equal opportunity tease.
Being a woman who holds humor in high regard and who has a reputation of being quite silly - Ina reflects on the role of humor in sex and relationships.
Written a couple years ago, these are still Ina's views on the general issue of women and pornography.
What's the largest sex organ? The one that gives you the biggest, best orgasms of your life, that's what!
Ina takes us on a trip down the strangely curvy path that led her to writing.
The word that offends is often the word that is the most useful...
First Ina is tackling the question of how to help a lady get her man to try something other than the standard missionary position. Next, she's helping an adventurous vixen get her boy to stop being afraid of something she's very curious about... Hot Wax Play.
Sex and Spirituality - not an easy subject to talk about, even harder to write clearly on...ramblings and random thoughts on how it works for one woman in her own experiences.
Barbie is an icon - no arguing that - but we don't have to LIKE her. Some thoughts on her and her effect on women. PLUS! A bonus addition of an older column that contrasts Barbie compared to Superheros as role models - and the sexual implications it would have to be a superhero. (don't ask how Ina got to sex from rolemodels - it's just who she is...)

What size is "sexy"? A question women are plagued with since before we even know what "sexy" is...One woman's view from both sides of the size coin.
Funny how a piece of music can get me just as wet as if you were whispering into my ear, telling me how badly you want me...