Vixen's Guide To Messy Sex - Part One

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There are certain types of sex, or places to have sex that don't exactly lend themselves to neat & tidy.

I may be a dirty girl, but sometimes I don't like the messy side of sex.

It's not that I won't partake. I just need a little bit more incentive. I don't know if it is the female response to cleanliness or what, but sometimes the clean up after just seems to make certain things seem like too much work.

Having said that, I must say I can often be given the proper incentives: the right kiss, some alcohol, a great mental build up, more alcohol... And like the Boy Scouts, I believe in being prepared. So here I begin my series on messy sexual situations.

Coitus During Menses, or Sex On The Rag. I know plenty of women, and men, avoid this time of the month like the plague. I am not advocating 'for' or 'against' as this is such a personal matter, but a little information may help some of you, so let's start with some basics, for men & women.

#1 Sensitivity Due to the hormones, cramps, and emotional situation, the female desire to have sex before or durring her period may be an over-my-dead-body thing. (Or is that an over-YOUR-dead-body time?) If she isn't interested, drop it. And that means no whining. If you are in a relationship that lasts several months, don't bring it up every month either. Once is enough usually, but if this is something that does turn you on, and you really want to discuss it, try bringing it up at a time when she is not on the rag. At least then it won't be begging, and you might be able to have a discussion about it...

PROS: If you do plan on discussing it, or if you ladies didn't know, here are a few benefits to having sex during menstruation:

* Less Cramping. It's true, girls, your orgasm will reduce cramps ~ Provided your partner can bring you there... (Perhaps "Let's Make A deal' is the way to go here...)

* Less Risk of Pregnancy. Yeah, birth control kinda makes this point not so important, but if you are concerned, it is info you might need. (Just know that this does not give you a 100% guarantee ~ No sex with your vagina gives you that!)

Remember, you can discuss these things with her, but don't expect your needs to become her needs ~ and don't think a presentation, with or without flip charts, will make her physical discomfort go away.

CONS: These arguments are not 'for' but then I said I would give you the info...

* Increased Chance of STDs. When a woman is bleeding, the chances of spreading STDs, including AIDS, increases. So if this is NOT the time to forget the condoms, kids.

* Increased Health Risks for Women. There are studies that indicate sex during bleeding may cause heavier bleeding, and, potentially, leave women vulnerable to hysterectomies.

#2 Hormones, Taboos & Turn Ons Ahh, hormones & taboos, such a heady combination! I am one of those women who find their motors racing at this time of the month just because my hormones tell me to. I know for many a man, it has been a turn on because it is often considered a 'no-no' time, and the chance to 'finally' do it seems all important.

The taboo thing isn't a big deal to me, I don't find it a 'bad time' other than the mess. But I can't help it ~ sometimes I am so horny at this time, I just don't care if there is a mess to clean up. (At least, I don't care until it is times to change those sheets... After a hearty romp, I'd rather just lie there.)

If you'd rather spend the after-glow basking, here are a few tips to aovid messes & help with clean up:

* Use a diaphragm. I have friends who swear by this. They tell me this leaves you doing about as much clean-up off your thighs as regular sex. Since I don't use this method I do the following:

* Keep a dark towel in the bedroom. It is simple. Keep it under the bed, pull it out as needed, and place it beneath the action. When you dash to the washroom, you can take it with you.

* Sex in the shower. Save yourself a trip, just start there, finish there! For women who are uncertain about enjoying sex at while bleeding, this is an excellent way to start too... Plenty of foreplay to get you going, and if you decide you really can't do it, it is easy to finish him off. (Heck, he sure can't be unhappy with a shower escapade!)

So go ahead ladies, give it a 'bloody try' and see what you think!


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