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Ginger Is For More Than Cooking

I had read about figging on the Internet a couple of months ago, and I was eager to try it. Figging is the practice of putting freshly cut ginger root up your ass to enhance sexual pleasure. It's popular with the S & M crowd. The juice from the ginger tingles and burns. I've used ginger in marinades and in cooking before. I've never used it in the bedroom. I was eager to try figging.

My husband wanted to help me, but he refused to have that ginger root anywhere near his asshole. He tells me things come out of there. Nothing ­and he meant nothing ­ goes in there. A couple of weeks ago we had eaten Altoids mints to see if it was true that chewing on a few Altoids made oral sex more fun. It did. I liked the cool, tingly sensation. I wondered if figging would be similar.

If you are interested in trying figging on your own, buy fresh ginger root at the grocery store. You can find it in the produce section. Make sure you get a root with long, thick fingers. Place the ginger root in the freezer for a few hours when you get home. Freezing the ginger intensifies the power of the ginger juice. Right before you want to use it, let it come to room temperature.

Now you are ready to trim the ginger root.

Trim off the skin to a size that you feel would be comfortable for you. My ginger root was about three-quarters of an inch wide and about two inches long. It wasn't too long or too narrow. You don't want to make the cutting so narrow that it breaks off while inside you. You also want to make sure that you have a big, round plug at the end so that the ginger root doesn't get sucked into your rectum. When I first heard about people losing ginger root in their rectums, every bad Richard Gere and gerbil joke ran through my head. My greatest fear was having the ginger root break while it was inside me. Thankfully that didn't happen.

I cut off a few slivers of ginger to rub on my labia and clitoris. I had done that once before, and I liked the sensation very much. It was warm and tingly.

Before using the ginger finger, I placed it and the ginger slices in a bowl of cold water. I read that cold water also makes the ginger juice more intense.

He rubbed a slice of ginger over my labia and clit. He didn't rub it inside my vagina. I felt a warm and tingly sensation that made me cream myself. I was very hot.

My husband first played with my clit. I am very sensitive. Sometimes I'm so sensitive that I can't tolerate direct clitoral stimulation. This was one of those times. He also warmed me up by sticking a finger inside my pussy. Once I was good and hot, he rubbed the ginger finger around my anus. I like having fingers up my ass. They feel good. They also make my orgasms more intense.

He slowly slid the ginger finger into my ass. At first I didn't feel anything, but after about five minutes, I felt a warm and tingly sensation inside and on my anus. I liked it! It made me squirm, especially since my husband was playing with my clit and my pussy while he was rolling that ginger finger inside me.

Soon, the ginger felt hot. It was not unpleasant. It reminded me a bit of the feeling I had when my husband went down on me after eating a few Altoids, but this was hotter. I was definitely horny, but I didn't want to come. I just wanted to know what all the fuss was about regarding figging. I can say that it felt very good.

My husband removed the ginger finger, and threw it away. For the next hour, my ass and my pussy tingled. I squirmed on the couch, and spent a lot of time giggling. I would happily try figging again sometime soon. It was very pleasant, very sexy, and very enjoyable.

© Elizabeth Black

Elizabeth Black lives with her husband and clowder of cats on the Massachusetts coast next to the ocean. She has written erotic fiction for Xodtica, Tit-Elation, and Scarlet Magazine. She has written articles about pop culture, sex, and relationships for Nuts4Chic and Bare Back Magazine. Visit her 'at' LiveJournal.


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