"What does the economic crisis mean for prostitutes?"

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I don't have time to write a really good article on this (the radio debate with Genia on smoking is tonight & I have several BIG negotiations in the works), but I just couldn't let this sit.

It didn't take long for reporters to pander to salacious interests during this time of financial & economic troubles (i.e. The Bailout). Take Sudhir Venkatesh at Slate: But What Does It Mean for the Prostitutes? How the financial crisis affects the oldest profession.

I say it's pandering because where are the articles on all the other professions, such as teachers, janitors, authors, retailers, film makers, farmers, librarians...

No, we have to go to something titillating ~ sex workers.

That's because in these trying times readers want a happy piece to distract them ~ and if you can't give them a grand two-headed kitten survival story, well, at least entertain them. And nothing does that better than sex.

And frankly, that's the stunning center point of Venkatesh's article; that sex work will increase as a result of folks trying to escape during tough times.

Big surprise.

But what's really missed in this piece is that escorts, or higher-priced sex workers, may see an increase in demand while the lower-wage earning sex workers will face tougher times. Just like the rest of this freakin' country.

The wealthy will not see as many changes to their lifestyle. A forced boat sale here, the loss of vacation home #6 there; but few will face the loss of their home (i.e. shelter) due to loss of income. The fat-cats will still be able to eat, drink, and pay to do Mary. While the rest of us will have to "ride things out" by tightening our belts and reaching for those proverbial bootstraps, the wealthy will continue to partake of amusement, including sexual varieties.

This too isn't anything new. We all knew this before AIG, and we know it now.

The lines of safety, security, comfort, & luxury in this country have been drawn as clear as the writing on that there wall. We don't have anything on which to weather this out. We knew that when we got sick & had no medical care, then got sicker and lost nearly everything if not everything. But the fat cats, they'll ride this all out sure enough ~ on our backs.

If Venkatesh, Slate & others really gave a damn, they'd be concerned about the non-consensual screwing we're all taking right now, and stop assisting the fat cats in distracting us with exploitative tales of sex workers.

This is one time that I believe in the trickle-down theory; I have to because whenever you take it up the ass in an unprotected screw the fuck-toy always leaks.

But hey, media, let's talk about how happy the fuckers are to be able to pay for top-class tail and ignore the fact that the "lucky to be paid" call girl has no worker rights, no health care, no 401K, & faces legal & moral prosecution. Because those realities would really bring the piece down, and we want to entertain the reader during these troubled times.


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Discuss This (3 Comments)

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