Laura's Room

Some fiesty opinons, heartfelt thoughts, & fantasies from our Canadian grrl (you know, they are secretly trying to rule the world!)
We were given the topic "Inspirational Women" but all I could think of were the women in my life, those I admire and those I love. We all inspire someone, somewhere. Why don't we give ourselves more credit?
Better an old man's darling or a young man's slave?
Finger licking good.
Sometimes BDSM is boring.
The fine print in the instructions had said "Never push the red button." ...But, always, there was the red button and finally, in spite of whatever the consequences were, she just knew she had to push it.
Do you handle your stress or does it handle you? I've found a way to do both, to my satisfaction.
That was when she looked at websites about disposing of bodies. Not that he was quite a body, he was still breathing after all. But... she was only curious really.
Can you die from a wet dream?
The house had history, atmosphere and music. It also had a ghost.