Why we wear it, and practical matters... such as how to buy, size and care for both modern and vintage lingerie.
A Slip of a Girl educates us about the entertainment value of tap pants.
Forgive me, Dear Blog Reader, for I have sinned -- it's (almost) been a week since my last confession...
I am a firm believer that how you look and what you wear can affect how you feel. I also think this is true more so for women than men.
Alternately titled: "Did Feminism Murder Lingerie or Is Victoria's Secret To Blame?"
A common complaint I hear from men at my blog, A Slip Of A Girl, is that women don't love lingerie like they used to. I don't have stats to back me up, but I think I have my finger on the pulse of some cultural issues which may explain this...
Whoever said that the crotch of panties had to be white? I'm sure the idea of a snow-white cotton panty liner is based on the desire to have panties look as clean as possible. That sounds rather sane, except as we ladies all know, the last we see of that white liner is at the store when we buy them.
Nylon made its debut on the lovely legs of Miss Chemistry at the World's Fair in 1939 -- but getting there wasn't easy. It took Du Pont twelve years and $27 million to create, refine and develop the industrial processes for nylon, but when they did, "Nylon Mania" ensued. Then there was the war, "Stocking Panic" and the "Nylon Riots" to live through...
A high and larger bust line and full round hips, at least by comparison to a small waist, these are the delights of a curvaceous, voluptuous figure which corsets help to create.

An illustrated guide to the beauty and controversy of corsetry.

What are Tramp Lamps? Tramp Lamps are artist created lamps made from vintage lingerie. They are cool, they are sexy, and since September, 2003, artist Kelly Bulter has been making them in her basement studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

So, you've become smitten with vintage lingerie. You've been eyeing & buying like crazy. But now that you have it, how are you going to take care of it?
DeeDee here with a look at the affordable fashion shopping options in the Twin Cities...
Parts is parts so they say. But sometimes, it seems they figure in just a little too much. Take bra shopping for example, something men don't have a clue about...
My stockings and I had an exciting day together. A stockings review by Tess.
Stockings arouse such passion, make hearts go pitter-patter. Perhaps more than any other sheer item of female dress simpley because they are not just for the bedroom... even if the naughty nylon leads you there... Perhaps it because they can be ladylike & refined. Or maybe it's because a glimpse of stocking is also a glimpse back in time.

To get the details, the Sex-Kittens go undercover, or at least peek up some skirts, to discover the romance of stockings.

So you love vintage stockings, & you cruise the auction listings ~ before you bid or buy, here's some info to make sure they'll fit.
Our vintage Lingerie expert, Kimberly, shares her tips on how to make sure that vintage piece of lingerie is going to fit before you buy it.
Gracie answers her email, but this time, it’s different. Someone who would not reply to my email to see if I might identify them by their ‘name’ sort of ranted about why “don’t I support Victoria’s Secret at this site.”

I know it’s not a burning issue or anything, but I felt compelled to respond...

Baron DiPiacere gives his thoughts, & directions, on lingerie.
Sure you do!

Our vintage lingerie expert dishes on the delicious babydolls ~ a must have for retro-loving sex kittens!

You know we sex kittens don’t just trust anyone’s advice, especially when it comes to the very important matters of vintage lingerie, but by the end of this interview, I think you’ll agree, there isn’t anyone we’d trust more to tell us about our delicate under-things...
We don’t need to tell you, vintage lingerie is *hot* ~ It is desired for its collect-ability & for it’s ability to make one be desired. But where do you start? Here, of course!
Selecting the proper intimate apparel item makes all difference between an ‘ooooooohhh’ & an ‘eeeeeiiiwww’ when she opens that box.
Before you select a gift, you need to know what the heck we are talking about here, so let’s look at lingerie terms & styles.
Women love to receive lavish little gifts, and lingerie is no exception ~ silk, satin, lace, leather, what else can be so little & so lush?

But it can be devastating to open a gift box, see a pretty little hint of lace & lift it with joy, only to find out that it will not fit.

Men want to give it, but do women want to receive it?

Some folks say there are two kinds of women: lingerie lovers & the practical cotton/flannel set. I disagree. All women love lingerie, or at least Sex Kittens do. (Which would mean there are two kinds of women then: Sex Kittens & the Non-Sex Kittens ~ which we don’t know so much about. But we’ll presume the reason you are here is that you have, or want to have, a Sex Kitten on your gift list.)

By Herb Graffis
As appeared in The Beside Esquire, 1940
Why we wear it, and practical matters...

Ok, this isn't really 'lingerie,' but it provides the same feelings of sexy beauty... And you *might* love them so much you wear them instead of a bra, everyday!

Never, I tell you, *never* has one product impressed me so much! And frankly, it is one of those products that makes you say "Why didn't I think of that!" or "I have been waiting for these!"

Why we wear it, and practical matters...

A Panty Review, by Roxy

If you are looking for something sexy, something naughty but discrete, then look no further ladies ( and gentlemen ) ;) I have found one such item that is oh-so-sassy, you'll giggle with excitement. ::blush:: Just like I did.

Why we wear it, and practical matters...

Do you wear lingerie?

If you do, great, keep reading, and say 'amen!'

If not, let me tell you why you should...

Lingerie sets the mood. Not just for your partner but for you, and that's why I am so pro-lingerie! Think of lingerie as a costume. It signals that something 'different' is about to happen...

Need help finding gifts for women? Read Gracie's shopping guide.

Why we wear it, and practical matters...


As usual, Gracie has an opinion. *wink*

I personally, find little use for thongs. They ride up, are uncomfortable, and well, you know I just prefer to go without panties of any kind.

Other than those for 'play wear' as in bra & banty sets, or for sex costuming, I say why bother?