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Merideth is married, with kids, a mortgage, and well, all that goes with that life... 'There Is NO Privacy'
Attacked by so-called-feminists for reinforcing gender roles & being "Red State TV," 'Desperate Housewives' is one of my favorite passions. On Sunday nights, the children go to bed, & I take my reserved seat on the couch to watch, uninterrupted, the entire show. None of my friends will call, they are watching it too. Even my mother, gifted with the ability to call me at the worst times, is glued to her television ignoring her phone, if it should ring. But apparently, as a good feminist, I'm supposed to hate this show...
All legal restraints aside, how can any adult be interested in someone who is still alive by virtue of parental care? There are no real life experiences here which make a person interesting. And even those who mature quickly, are seasoned by horrific traumas or who have otherwise achieved 'old souls' they simply cannot be ready for adult relationships.
When Valentine's Day is known as V-Day, or VD Celebration.
Married couples with children often complain about a lack of sex. So when hubby starts to travel for work, this unflappable mom decides to take matters into her own hands - literally.
Last year, my husband dropped the kids off at his mom's all by himself, so that I could have 30 minutes to get dressed all by myself. Which all sounds like a good thing, right?
As a mother, getting oneself 'in the mood' can generally be described as getting oneself over all the other moods.
Can I say that??!