Sex in the Rain

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Today started out as an overcast dreary day, one which would normally leave me feeling lifeless and blah. Somehow I am way too in tune with weather changes; anyway, today I am feeling rather creative and motivated. I think it is the rain.

Today is a warm spring day and I’ve been working in my garden for weeks. I know how much my precious little plants and seedlings need the rain. I think my mind and body subconsciously understand that. Then there’s the other part of myself, the sexual self that craves something else entirely from the rain.

My ultimate, and yet unfulfilled, fantasy is to have sex in the rain, wild, uninhibited sex in the hot rain. I fantasize about the torrents of rain washing down my naked body like the caress of another lover. Today would almost be the perfect day for it. It’s just raining, no storming. Yes, today is almost perfect. I think if it was just a little bit warmer it would be the ultimate, though my fantasies have always occurred in the raging heat of summer with steam rising off our overheated naked bodies when the rain hits. Umm…yeah… oh sorry. As you can see I’ve really thought about this.

I guess it may be my connection with nature that has me craving the rain like a flower that needs water. I am a bit of an earthy sex goddess type. I love to get down and dirty…in the dirt (gardening ) and in other ways as well. Perhaps my craving for sex in the rain is because it is a fantasy that has been left unfulfilled for so long and I’m not one that’s left too many of those stones unturned.

I’ve just never had the opportunity I guess. Mainly when I think about sex during a hot summer rain shower it is storming like crazy and while that turns me on immensely but the thought of getting a major jolt of electricity from getting struck by lightning just isn’t part of my fantasy. Then there’s the fact that seclusion is a must and my yard doesn’t have a whole lot of secluded areas at least not ones that would be comfortable. Most of them would leave me with more than I bargained for like a tree limb up my ass or something. No, that doesn’t sound kinky to me, just painful.

I think this is going to be my summer sex quest. My goal is to have amazing sex in the rain this season. Hot, steamy, sweaty, rain pouring down our bodies as we moan and scream in ecstasy…oh… sorry again, I got carried away.


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Discuss This (2 Comments)

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