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Roxanne is a bewitching chameleon that can change her appearance, personality and attitude at any given moment. After 5 years together, her husband still suspects that at some point she was a spy or assassin for the C.I.A or some top secret government agency. She openly denies that allegation, but he still has his suspicions. The lady has many secrets and loves to remain mysterious. If she wants you to know or believe something about her, it will appear in her writing here, &/or at her blog.
Today started out as an overcast dreary day, one which would normally leave me feeling lifeless and blah. Somehow I am way too in tune with weather changes; anyway, today I am feeling rather creative and motivated. I think it is the rain.
I am used to defending what I read and write as being more than porn but to see it insulted in Writer's Digest is just too much.
A couple weeks into the new year and I'm still sticking to my resolutions.
Jingle balls, jingle balls, boobies bouncing all the way, oh what fun it to ride a well hung man in a one horse open sleigh...
Put it there, right there, no there, you have to stick it in there, push harder. There you got it, turn it on. Is it working this time? Oh good, it's blowing.
No more condoms, no more pills, no more sticky gooey gelsÖ
Many men shave every day, their faces that is, but how many hetero, non-metro sexual men shave their private parts?

My mother was a subtle sexual goddess. She was (is still) a lady, a little quirky and eccentric, but every bit a lady, yet her powers of seduction entranced many men after my father passed away. I learned by watching her wield her magic on men who were quite willing to be entranced. I wanted to grow up and have that kind of power.

For me, the point of being married is to be with just that one person. That is what marriage is all about. It is a sacred union between two people. For some it is just a piece of paper, a legal obligation, a business arrangement or something entirely different.

Pretty much everyone has sex or thinks about sex or wants to have sex, but not everyone is so fascinated with sex and human sexuality that they collect items of a sexual nature from books to magazines to vintage lingerie and pin up calendars. Iíve always been interested in sex. When other girls my age were still playing with Barbie dolls, I was reading books like the Hite Report and checking out Playgirl Magazines all of which I found stashed in my momís nightstand. I now know that without a doubt my sexual curiosity is genetic.

All of us, no matter how "happily married" or "happily single" we claim to be, probably at times lament wistfully about "the one that got away."
As a married mother of three, is there time to have sex or time to even be sexy?

2006 was not a good year for me. I spent the first half pregnant, the second half adjusting to having another person to take care of. Donít get me wrong I love my little bundle of joy and really appreciate having the time to bond with him and be there for all his firsts, but thatís all I did other than the bare necessities. Utter exhaustion and depression left my business, my writing, and everything else including my relationship with my husband in a sad state of neglect.

Justin Timberlake may have brought sexy back, but I wasnít having much luck with it.
Iím sure youíve all heard sayings and things about following your heart; follow your heart, let your heart lead the way, listen to your heartÖ etc, etc. My experience has taught me that following your heart can land you into a lot of trouble.
Halloween is coming, have you picked out a costume yet? Maybe you should pick out two this year. One for parties and a special one to give your lover a great Halloween treat.
I can not be held accountable for what I do when Iím in bed with him. He drives me crazy. I go wild, the noises he makes drive me insane. I just want to pounce on him andÖ
The 20ís had to have been an interesting era to live in. The 20's were glamorous and sexy, full of intrigue, and scandal. The 20ís also brought the original bad boys, the mobsters and bootleggers into the spotlight because of prohibition. Prohibition started Al Caponeís, Lucky Lucianaís and other mobstersí careers as bootleggers and rumrunners, then they became the bosses that controlled all the bootleg liquor. They put Chicago in the spotlight with organized crime. Tommy guns, mobsters, molls, speakeasies, and flappers all were part of the 1920ís.
In today's modern society, especially here in the good old USA - you know, the land of the free - I think it is ridiculous that the government is still trying - and in some states succeeding- to control the most intimate and personal part of our lives, our sexuality.
Should you share your sexual fantasies with your partner? This question arouses some and scares the crap out of most. I've had both good and bad experiences on all ends of the fantasy sharing spectrum. Being an erotica author, sexual fantasies are part of my business. Yet even for me the sharing my intimate fantasies on a personal level with my husband can be scary and intimidating.
Hormones, are they a blessing or a curse? They are what separates women and men, what makes a woman ultimately female but there has to be a perfect balance of those hormones or they can cause anything and everything from acne, to cancer, to mental meltdowns. A woman goes into hormonal overload during pregnancy. It's a hormonal roller coaster of ups and downs, twists and turns and you never know what is going to happen. Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.
I have always had a great eye, especially for color and composition. I would love to be a photographer but have never learned the skills and it seems me and mechanical equipment do not get along. I still have plenty of creativity in me when it comes to other forms of art.
The bad boys, though exciting at first, turned my life into a nightmarish roller coaster of pain and heartache. I finally got rid of the last one and swore off men forever. Of course that didn't last... Robert walked into my world and would forever change the way I viewed men and love. From our very first date, I knew our relationship was going to be different. He made me laugh and brought me out of my shell which no one else could ever do.

I know at some point you have to accept that your child is going to become a sexual being, I just wasn't prepared for it. Now I have to accept it, my first born, my son, has a girlfriend.
I have great feet. They are the one body part I that I don't frequently go to war with or want to change. Not only are they small, pretty, and very well formed they are useful. I can do things with my feet the average person can not do. For someone with a foot fetish they are a dream come true.
I afford myself few luxuries and I'm a practical do-it-myself type of girl. Yet I can't live without my bath and body and home pampering products. I don't treat myself to manicures, pedicures, massages or getting my hair done. I do pretty much everything myself so I enjoy products that let me indulge myself at home. The two main companies I buy from are Avon and Enchanted Potions.
I often wonder what women in porn have to go through in their personal lives, what kind of emotional turmoil, if any, do they have to deal with. In the past people that worked in pornography were outcasts, but in today's society some are as famous or infamous as regular celebrities. It makes me wonder if there are still female "victims" in porn, or have women discovered a way to use their sexuality to their advantage while giving men what they want.

I wasn't born until the 70's, but I have to appreciate the things that occured in the 60's. Civil rights, women's rights, everything those people worked so hard for did make a difference for all the generations to come.
Foreplay comes in many forms. Many involve no physical contact. With a little planning and a lot of creativity, it is possible to lay out a plan that will leave your lover curious, enticed and excited all day long.
There are so many men out there who view sex as a purely physical thing. Finding one that could stimulate my mind and body took some time and the agonizing ordeal of making my way through the undesirables.