SatansAngel's Room

Our very own Living Legend of Burlesque, Satan's Angel is The Devil's Own Mistress. One hell of a ballsy woman. Read her bio here, and visit her website.
CeCe Walker, aka burlesque dancer Satan's Angel, signs book deal with Ephemera Bound.
What a fabulously wonderful night... New found friends, laughter, love, great food and wines... Life couldn't be any better. But I still had to figure out what I was going to do about getting home.
I had just gotten off of work, working for Barry Ashton, in one of his grand productions, and I wasn't tired. Hell, it was New Year's Eve!
Satan's Angel has a fling that really swings in Florida.
I knew when I looked at this older gentleman that he definitely had money. He just reeked Dupont. I thought to myself, "oh, brother: another horny old man." Money or no money, I wasn't interested! I told hank the handy "everything" man, to please tell Mr. Smith (that's what I'll call him) I wasn't interested but thank you anyway.
Satan's Angel recalls the nightlife in Miami Beach.
Here's one of the stories of my life when I was a young, up and coming starlet! I hope you like this short story...