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You never know who is staying at Gracie's house, but you know it will be fun!
If you've been living under a rock and somehow missed the slimy activities going on with Steve Ward and VH1's Tough Love show, Alessia of Relationship Underarm Stick brings you up to date on the stink.
Or, American Culture's Dismissal of Love and Trust, by Miss Eve
Silent Porn Star has The Knack for getting personal.
In a rare peep inside Silent Porn Star's private world, she and her husband, Roue Ataraxia, dish on their mutual affection for porn, sex ~ and each other.
Silent Porn Star brings us A Lesson In Porn, saying, "In male fantasies, the myth of "the sexy lesbian happening" is bountiful.

And I ought to know; I collect old porn & have a lot of it."

PSO Vixen, more likely known to you as Radical Vixen, is next in the series.
There are times when we have to fly in the face of convention for the success of our children.
Originally I was going to write a piece -- one single article -- on sex workers and what they do besides the obvious. But quickly it became impossible...
Slip of a Girl first published this piece at her other blog, A Tad Too Much Tan For Taupe. But I'm making her share it here.

(Because maybe you too need New Year's plans.)

This isn't the usual opinionated piece you find at Sex Kitten, full of rants and raves about how you should be free to express your sexuality without shame or fear of shame.

This isn't about why it's OK to be a pervert; it's about a specific perversion Secondhand Rose has...

I can think of so many ways my playful side never leads to a dull moment ever.
Elizabeth Black is back...
Most people would be surprised to learn that I spent a good chunk of my life very sad. You'd never know it from the erotic comedies that I write, plus my voice in chat rooms and message boards is downright silly. The truth is that I have a dark side.
Another slow night, at the end of the month. No john has called. Everyone's scrambling around for rent. I watch the phone, thinking that if I even take my eyes off of it, I might miss a job.
In February 2006, Kis Lee wrote an essay about White Male/Asian Female couples. For a long time, she was part of that trend. But after her last relationship, she debated whether to date outside her usual preference...
Slip here, and I have something to say...

Often I'm trolling about the Internet looking for lingerie images to use at my blog. Well, that's partly true... I blog about lingerie because I love it, and so I love photos of it being worn. But some times -- too often -- I find photographs which upset me more than please me.

Gracie said I should rant about it here.

Sci-Fi brought us the fantasies of the future. By 2010 we'd all be driving hover-cars, right? Some are very disappointed that we won't make that mark, or others like it; but I'm far more concerned over the the other benchmarks we are even further from making.
Lately, I have been finding myself in a stranger state of mind than I normally am. In part, I think it has to do with a question that rose up from the psyche after I had had an intimate, personal encounter, or an actual 'date' if you will.
Porn Opine says, "I am going to be giving my unfounded thoughts in a decisive, unmistakable manner regarding an ill-defined subject: Porn."
Sometimes you just have to teach by example...even if it is embarrassing.
Neely's turning 30 and she ponders the changes.
It was at the end of this past year that I became fully immersed in sex-work, functioning not only as an escort, but also as a erotic film actress and dominatrix. All the hats that I tried on, I enjoyed. In sense, it was putting my Bachelors' Degree in Philosophy to better use than any other job that I could have found. That, and I relished in the idea that I was in charge of my own Life, for a change. Everything was bound to change once I met B., who would become one of the most interesting challenges in my romantic history, as well as one of the most pathological.
I was born of dreams & intentions. Of illicit touches & mingling of fluids. Of hope colliding with fate.
Ginger Is For More Than Cooking
February is the month of love and chocolates. I wish love were a bit more like chocolates; I've rarely tasted a bad chocolate. If I do, I know to stay away from the ones with the cherries on the inside, or the ones that have bite marks on them. No doubt used and tossed back!
While randomly surfing the net, I came across a blog post addressing the trend of white men dating Asian women. The author wanted to know why so many white men date Asian women. Why do some Asian women date only white men? Do these Asian women hate their culture so much that they won't give Asian men a chance? The post caught my attention, because it was directed at women like me.
OK, Valentine's Day is almost on top of us... err, 'here' yeah, that's what we meant!

Since we were too busy (and lazy) this past Christmas to reply to emails regarding gift ideas, we thought we'd help out for this holiday.

The struggle for equality is far from over.
Keep The Government Out Of Our Bedrooms
"There are 'large gender differences in the propensity to choose competitive environments' and this needs to be taken into account in understanding why women are under-represented in many fields of work."
There are many myth-conceptions about The Unholy.
"There appears to be no evidence suggesting a causal role of alcohol use in determining the probability of having sex."
The Unholy Trinity (Gracie, Kat and DeeDee) share their first gathering after Kat's breast cancer surgery.

This occurred in March, 2005, and is being published here now so that all may know...

"Parenting an additional female child increases the propensity of a member of Congress to vote liberally on women's issues, particularly reproductive rights."
"One year with a male English teacher would eliminate nearly a third of the gender gap in reading performance among 13 year olds…and would do so by improving the performance of boys and simultaneously harming that of girls. Similarly, a year with a female teacher would close the gender gap in science achievement among 13 year olds by half and eliminate entirely the smaller achievement gap in mathematics."
Imagine that you are sleeping peacefully, enjoying your night of restful slumber. You are then suddenly awakened by your very angry spouse, who claims that you have attacked her, demanding sex.

The problem is that you were asleep while you did this. You don't remember a thing.

A man that names his dildo is bound to be trouble.
Ever been betrayed by a safety pin? I was. Or better yet, the red-headed slag that was holding it...
Shemia Miller responds to a reader's question on kids and rap music.
In this fast-paced technological age, when one looks around and observes the current state of our planet, one has to ask: Have our natural human instincts become so intermingled with the teachings of civilized society that we have forgotten where our inbred nature ends and the conventions of socially accepted "norms" begin?
Kis Lee is back with another confession...
Anal sex is considered taboo in many social circles. It’s also a sexual practice that can provide tremendous sexual pleasure for the participants. The following information is a guide to anal sex for both men and women that should facilitate pleasure and intimacy between partners in a safe way.
Slave master used to spin the Black woman around before other White men placed their bid on her. Now Black men spin us around in every single video, I guess they want to have their audience place their bid on their worthless single. Yea. I said it. Worthless.
Kis Lee dishes on being an Asian woman with a weakness for specific types of men...
Wordsmith Sex Expectations
The question was asked of me earlier today, if, because I preferred bisexual men, if that meant I was interested in threesomes with two men as well. It was stated that the only reason that men like bisexual women is because they want to have a threesome, which I will agree is probably true in the vast majority of cases. While I do find sex between two beautiful black men incredibly arousing, it is not the reason I am interested in bisexual men.
Two sides of the sword...or should I say whip?
Or "How My Boyfriend Tricked Me Into Watching the Paris Hilton Sex Tape".
And to think, Jenny Corvette spun together this hilarious essay with a dick in her mouth... Talent, such talent. Okay, so you should be green with envy... so are we.
Hormones. They suck. Well, I say that now because it's my period, and I'm hurting. However, when I'm horny and getting some, I think hormones are grand!
I found Rachel, an erotic pen & ink temptress, on the internet. I fell in love with her pretty pink tipped breasts, fingertips and Labia lips. I wanted to take her home with me, and nail her hard... to the bedroom wall. In order to get to Rachel, I had to deal with Isabel. But Isabel's brother, Pierre, won't let Isabel out of the house...
Radio Kinkstress joins us in The Guest Room to talk about art.

You may be expecting to hear all about leather ~ and while this does involve a horse head, it's not the severed kind from The Godfather. In other words, you may be surprised. But then, she's a Sex Kitten Guest ~ she must be unexpectedly cool!

Betti Mustang's litter-mate Ms. Lila Blake offers up a few of her favorite things... Troy, chocolate, and a little lube, anyone?

Gracie sits down to talk with Ph.D. Marianna Beck of Libido Films. (Because after seeing Urban Friction she just had to!)
Pornography: - noun - the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement

Feminism: - noun - the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

Recently I asked my lover, "do you know what the one major sex organ is?"
Kara tells us of her long term relationship with a cross-dresser.
Gracie talks to Annie, a genetic woman with a spouse who dresses.
DeeDee's daughter (finally) tells her she has her period.
ADeadHeart's 8 year old daughter has a few interesting thoughts about ... sex. I think we're on the right track. ;)

Words are amusing.

Heck, a writer has to feel that way!

But ever wonder why a it is called a 'bridal dress' a 'bridal shower' etc.? I mean beyond the obvious reference to the word bride...

Could it be, in fact, a spelling error?

The greatest controversy in the 20th century may have been over Kinsey's "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" -- and the dust hasn't settled yet.
Olympia returns, to answer the question.
Kola Boof, a woman of controversy ~ author, activist, mother, harlot, opportunist, poet, womanist.

Kola graces us with a rare interview, which offers insights into a spiritual woman, something often not seen in this woman with such a sensational life story...

The Devadasi, a centuries-old caste of sacred temple priestesses, struggles to have it's own renaissance. One woman leads the way...
Sensuous Sadie explains what BDSM has to do with her spirituality.
As a girl, I had 5 Barbie dolls, but only one Ken. I understood that something was wrong with this scenario, but I didn't really think much of it unless I was playing with my friends - all boys - around the neighborhood.
OdalisqueK is a 26 year old married woman who now turns to an open marriage to get her needs met.
Olympia, a professional consort, discusses power equity in relationships, & the grace required to deal with them.
If you're the sub, are you always 'in the wrong?'
How do you live a BDSM lifestyle if you have kids?
Where would a newbie start?
And other questions, answered...
If you've ever been interested in DD (Domestic Discipline), or D/s (Dominance & submission), but wondered if it was sane, weird or just plain wrong... If you've heard of 'lifestyle relationships' in BDSM, but wondered just how that could be realistic... If you've been curious, perhaps even aroused, but were afraid to ask... Here's the interview you’ve been waiting for.

Patty is a woman who is submissive to her husband. Yes, sexually. But not just sexually. Patty gets her cute little behind spanked when she's been naughty. She might even get it spanked so hard, that it turns colors & it is difficult to sit the next day ~ or two. Not only does this happen to Patty, but she enjoys it. She worked hard to create this living environment for herself.

Taking a short break from work, I opened my email at about 4P.M. There was one message from Lady, with no subject line. I opened it, and the very first words made my heart skip a beat. It read: "First meeting".

My Lord, She is real.....

Another fine product of CR/LF and A Red Blooded Thing

Joan decided not to dress up for Halloween. She'd only started his new job in July, and wasn't particularly comfortable around her peers yet. There were the group she sat with on break, but she knew their first names and that was about it. Nobody outside of her department. Nobody she felt like dressing up in a costume with.

He called me up in the middle of the night. His voice full and aching, full of need.
By CRLF of >

Rebecca peeked into the bedroom. Dan was adjusting his lighting - a makeshift array of workshop lights, hung with sheets and turned to illuminate the bed area.

Dan folded the sheet another time, then rehung it over a little lamp next to the bed. Rebecca crossed her arms across her chest, her fingers gripping the terrycloth robe tight. She walked into the room and sat on the bed. She could see herself in the mirror. Her makeup took an hour to get just right, but now she was worried that her time had been wasted. She doubted she could go through with this.