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"I consider myself to be an intellectual slut, a deep thinker with a dirty mind, so to speak. Unlike most women, I don't aspire for children or marriage, but for personal satisfaction." She also runs
In light of last week's Elliot Spitzer scandal that escalated the sex industry into the spotlight of nearly every imaginable news source, it became all the more clear to me how important it is for sex workers to be creating our own media nowadays.

Secondhand Rose enters Libby's boudoir and asks The Libertine (aka Serpent Libertine of SexPros.Net) some questions as a part of the Sex Worker Confessions series.

You never know when she'll come back to haunt you.
The public opinion of the sex industry is that it's demeaning, immoral, and sexist. To me, it was something different. It was empowering.
And I sucked it. I've even got photos to prove it.
Haircolors come and go, but sometimes letting go of the color that makes you who you are can be a little difficult.
As you all may know by now, Libby's always adding to her roster of new sexual tricks and treats. This time, I've brought a friend along for the ride. Leave it to me to corrupt everyone in my immediate circle!
After running my own escort service for over a year now, I've come into more than a few pratfalls in making my service a success. Before, when I worked for agencies, I became irritated with business owners who only seemed to care about money and very little about my well being. I've tried to make myself different in that respect, among other things, but sometimes your hard work isn't appreciated by others.
It's safe to say that I'm no stranger to controversy, and in fact, I gravitate towards it. If people are compliant, I want to shake them up and irritate them. If there's a wrong thing to say, I want to say it. As you can imagine, this behavior has cost me a lot of friends, jobs, and much of my sanity over the years, but I can't see myself being any other way. Controversy, to me, is what makes life interesting.
Libby realizes fucking someone else makes makes the heart grow fonder.
Libby goes from radical feminist Riot Grrrl to porno talent scout and finds herself much happier with the results.

Most people, when it comes to BDSM play, assume the dominant player is the "top" and the submissive personality is the "bottom". Those of us who've been in the scene for awhile know better.
Libby's travel blog of her exciting weekend with the girls in the Twin Cities.
Libby tries to get a 16 year old to date -- no, not to date her, sheesh!
Barbie, queen of all blondes, might be having more fun, but she still has to put up with all the dirty looks of those who possess manes of the darker variety.
It's time to come clean.

My name is Libby and I'm an addict.

Not into having you ass spanked or your nipples pinched? Never fear! There's a fetish out there for you, whether you've discovered it or not.
Since the topic here is tricks 'n treats, I thought it'd be an appropriate time to share the experience of my first time turning a trick for a treat.
Libby gives her honest, 'unaltered' opinion on plastic surgery.