The Parlour

We ladies invite men into the parlour for some stimulating conversation. Brandy & cigars, optional.
The other day whilst sat at my computer I heard that, Oh! OH! Sound. Which means I have mail. In this case the Oh! OH! Sound was even more ominous.

For there in my inbox menacing and bold it appeared. Urging, daring, NO threatening me to open it. My first feeling was curiosity quickly followed by caution, fear and then a panic attack followed by a very large gulp of wineÖ

Though Iíve been blessed with an assortment of friends and lovers for most of my life, there have been at least two times when I knew loneliness all too well...
Gracie, quite a fan of historical erotic fiction herself, asks author Richard V Raiment to dish on his love of writing such erotica.
Gracie recently had the pleasure of doing a quick interview with Richard V Raiment, author of such erotic stories as Third Person Singular and the novel Aphrodite Overboard; The Erotic Memoirs of a Victorian Lady, published by Velluminous Press. During correspondence, she discovered so much more than could be covered in an 'interview quickie' and so she asked the author for more...
Dr. Paul writes in with his story...
"Dedicated to a real life superhero."

A love letter, of sorts, by our own Marlboro Man.

As fascinating as Richard is, he's yet to appear here officially at Sex-Kitten. We had to remedy that ~ and quickly.
"Children who were 'born unwanted' prior to the legalization of abortion not only grew up in more disadvantaged households, but also grew up to be more disadvantaged as adults."
After enduring over 12 long hours of cyberspace interview for my interview by Betti Mustang ('The Wonder Horse') which was like having my artistic guts drawn and quartered from my body -- and then was tortured for another 6 hours trying to create a portrait of the enigmatic, invisible face of said Sex Kitten (with no image to work from), I have something to say...
So I've been asked to "give the male point of view" on the rather testy subject of abortion. Well, I can't speak for all men... although I should. Hereís why...
From the Biography of an English Dom, John Gordon, writes of his youthful rights as an 11 year old boy in which he discovered the cane...
Jersey Jake takes a look at the bewildering world of hormones, and decides that if all else fails, a simple 'Yes, Dear' feels better than a swift kick in the nuts...
Jeff Harris, inspired by the comic books he collects and the film noir genre he loves to watch, is one of the artists behind the art here at SK (for examples, see the pinups of DeeDee and Gaelle, as well as the men of The Parlor and Will's icon). Since we're such fans of his, we naturally had to talk to him for the Art Issue.
I'm a director, a cinematographer. I'm a tinkerer. I love to open things up and see how they work. Sometimes I can put them back together again. When I'm disgustingly rich and famous I hope to become a great philanthropist. But most of all I'm a storyteller.

-- Burke Heffner

You are such a Bastard. Why am I a single guy with my nose in text books while you're taking pictures of babes?

-- Luc Heffner (Burke's brother)

Heffner's evocative photography heralds the land of the lost and all their poisoned apples.

-- Veronica Varlow

Betti Mustang braves the stormy intellect of Englishman turned Australian artist and erotica writer Tony Sacre. Pour yourself a cool drink. It's about to get extremely hot in here. Just a fair warning to the ladies in the house: This Marlboro Man is full of piss and vinegar... in a good way (case is point: Russell Crowe). You can't help but fall for the charm of this verbal outlaw... But alas, he already has his Minnie Muse. Don't worry, I'll explain.
"It is about sex, love, desire, talent and never ending lust. It is for all dreamers, lovers, sex surfers..."

Samarel creates his art digitally with a digital pen which is almost like drawing on your screen. Every image is then manipulated to an art print on high quality canvas when an order is placed online. It's wild, explicit, yet as the artist himself will tell you, most of his fans are female. No wonder he's been a long time favorite of the Sex Kittens.

One man's trip down masturbatory, err, memory lane... We Sex-Kitten's definately agree that art can be so, well, stimulating.
Men often drool over a nice pair of breasts...but when the doors are open for sex they forget all about their former focus of attention. A long breast massage will return his attention to the forgotten bust, while she can have a bit more fun out of sex. Gracie's boy-toy CR/LF has written a 'how-to' that will give a guy everything he needs to know to properly worship the contents of your sexiest bra.
He's man of all trades who watches over the lovely ladies at Lili's Burlesque Revue and carefully observes the audience.
Think that the actors & actresses have dream jobs where they get paid to have "all that fun"? You might want to read this first ~ before you quit that day job!
Being gay has done nothing to curb my love for women in porn...
Angela gets up close and personal with Jay, the man behind the high heels, at the ultra-sexy and ultra-sleek website, AltaHeels.Com

I think it would have been awesome to be a sexually active Black gay man in the 60's. Aside from being a member of an emerging counterculture, fucking and sucking and licking and sticking without the knowledge, fear or care of disease would be incredibly freeing.
"Oh God," I'd say. "I'd never do anything like that. That's just...freaky." And yet, who knew later on in life I'd get such pleasure out of it, especially during an especially low time of my life.
Call me lucky, but I recently found myself surrounded by a group of submissive males who wanted to adore, worship and serve me. Well, maybe it wasnít just a matter of luck, since I was the one who threw the party and invited the guests.
"Flirting is but the foreplay to a proper mindfuck." -- Anonymous
Grammar, plot, voice ~ What is most important in writing?
Can you, should you, judge a book by its cover?
What happens after you write it? The discussion turns to publishers & reviewers.
The authors talk about what they read ~ And dish on who they think are the sexiest authors.
Are they 'compelled' to write, or must they chain themseleves to their desks...
Oddly enough, no one mettions the muses specifically, but I'm under the belief that they are describing what the muse shows them...
Paxton Vs Pullman playwright Josh Carson dishes on his life as a bachelor, actor, and funny man. (No, ladies, he doesn't have performance anxieties!)
"I'm not a writer -- I'm a sexual anthropologist." -- Carrie Bradshaw

There's probably not a person in the US that's not familiar with Sex and the City -- the wildly popular series about a female foursome living and loving in the Big Apple. And while each of the characters struck a chord for the show's thousands of fans, no one stoked the creative fires inside like Carrie Bradshaw.

Which would they rather write about? Which would they rather read about?
Authors discuss the bastard child of written works: Erotica.
Brave New Workshop's John Haynes sits with the Sex~Kitten crew to chat about what the Worshop is, beyond a stage and four walls.
Are they straight men with a fetish, are they gay, or are they bi? Continuing our series on crossdressers, Gracie leads a roundtable discussion on cross dressing.
Francine shares 'how this all started...'
Coach Sappho Interviews Bob Bernstein, Author of "Families of Value: Personal Profiles of Pioneering Lesbian and Gay Parents" and Actual Parents Profiled in the Book!
Sometimes it's a LOT more then just pushing a few buttons...
Janet continues her story about Larry/Laurie. (If you missed it, here's Part One.
This is a true story, give or take a lie or two, from the perspective of a Real-Lady who happens to meet a Real-CrossDresser.

Note: All photos are of CD Laurie

Travel to Thailand & see these natual wonders ~ Yoni & Lingam in natural rock formations!
In Part II of our interview with Rufus C. Camphausen, we look at how certain religions have perverted our Yoni ~ But she's still there, if you dare to look!
An interview with Dutch writer and photographer Rufus C. Camphausen (1948), author of several books dealing with sexuality and other taboos, among which his now sold out and hard-to-get work "The Yoni - Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power."
John is back with some definite views about age differences.
I've got quite outspoken views on the question, mainly very general. I'm not going to give details about my personal experiences (for privacy reasons, not my own), but I'm 43 in a few months, and I can assure you I've had (and have) experience with age differences.
John continues to answer questions from the Sex Kittens about what it means to be a Dom. In some answers he becomes quite explicit in how he brings a sub to "ecstacy" and how he believes a responsible Dom should behave.
John Gordon, a practicing Dom, answers questions from the Sex Kittens.