Our Sex Kitten Shrine to Legends. Babes, beauties, cheesecake, and sexy women who inspire us (sometimes, you'll be surprised who makes this list!). More than just a bunch of photos, you can read real bios and find out just why we adore these women.
Alan Duncan of the nudist magazine Nude Living looks at what brings women to undress in front of the eyes of the public: is it exhibitionism, does it make them a whore, is it a sign of frigidity...or are they simply sexually healthy women?
On the eve of Hillary Clinton's landmark run for the Presidency, now would be a good time to remember Victoria Woodhull, the first woman ever to run for President.
Gracie takes a look at Jane Fonda half a lifetime ago.
Taking on the role of "The Munsters" goulish housewife, Yvonne De Carlo played it to the hilt and showed us the subtle sexuality of being sinister.
The story of the woman behind the famous nude girl in the chair photo and the infamous sex scandal of the 60's ~ both of which are said to have ushered in the swinging, sexual, sixties.
"I don't care whether they love me or not. I don't care whether I am beautiful or not. I want a chance to act."
Pola Negri (1894-1987)
Nita may have played a vamp, but based on these quotes it seems she was a bit of a vamp herself.
"Tell me about yourself - your struggles, your dreams, your telephone number."
Peter Arno (1904-1968)

Peter Arno was born Curtis Arnoux Peters, Jr. on January 8, 1904. He was the son of a wealthy New York judge, and grew to be a dashing ladies man with dark wickedly slicked-down hair, a bright smile and a masculine twenties jaw. A major party boy, he became a dropout of Yale's school of Fine Arts in record time. When asked about it, Arno considered "the month wasted".

An accomplished musician who could play the mandolin and piano, Arno was a onetime jazz leader for Gilda Gray. In fact, Arno was about to abandon his art career for a musical one, when he received a check for a drawing he had submitted to a new humor magazine. The magazine was The New Yorker, the year 1925, and the check was for $25.

Thus, Peter Arno, the artist who perfected the single-speaker-captioned cartoon, was born.

"It is not how many years you have lived that makes your age. I think it's what you have up in your brain and what you have here in your heart I had more talent than I showed and I had more talent than I realized how to take hold of myself."

~ Billie Dove ~

"The fans just assumed that I was in real life as I appeared on the screen. Woman loathed me. I was warned not to appear on the public beaches and everywhere I went people used to look upon me as something unreal—like griffins and unicorns."

Nita Naldi (1897-1961)

Louise Brooks was transformed from an erstwhile silent film actress to an American Icon. The quintessential flapper girl of all time. A girl a million men have fell in love with. Make that a million and one.
Together they named and lived "The Jazz Age" and she cultivated her image of "The Flapper." But there was trouble in Paradise.
Satin or silk cloth cloth played an important part in the days of burlesque - Those bits of cloth, slowly removed steamed up the passion of the audience. The article tells of how the temptation of bit of cloth arouses the mainly male audience. The article then continues with a short history of striptease and burlesque telling how dress or undress titilated and...
Bawdy and risqué, daring and revolutionary, Rusty Warren was one of the few successful female performers in a business historically dominated by men. She pushed the envelope even more by using comedy to deal the taboo topic of sex -- more accurately, her message was that women do have sexual appetites.

And she did it in the 1950s and 1960s -- when women were not even supposed to enjoy it, much less talk about it.

She was the ultimate funky white girl, a rock-and-roll Goddess of the 1960's.
For the first time ever here at SK, we have a male for our "Vintage Inspiration" model, and although many consider him to be a lech and a pervert, but to me, Russ Meyer was a role model. Well-known for introducing the softcore porn genre to mainstream audiences, Meyer not only created a signature style to his films, but Meyer exemplified the term "independent filmmaker".
Lucy: What's not to love?
Tura Satana, ass kicking goddess and star of Russ Meyer's classic film "Faster Pussycat, Kill!Kill!" answers a few of Libby's questions.
She would never make a pin-up, but she was one heck of a lady!
Known for her great wit and acerbic writing style, Dorothy Parker is remembered as one of the greatest female literary writers in history. Her career ran the gamut from magazine to poetry to short story to screen writing, leaving behind a body of work that is still often quoted today.
Satan's Angel, The Devil's Own Mistress, a legend on the strip club circuit from 1964 to 1984. Like all the best dancers, she had a signature dance: She'd set fire to tassels on her breasts, butt cheeks, and navel ~ then she'd twirl faster and faster until her spinning created enough breeze to blow out the flames. It's an act that to this day, no one has repeated.

In a cozy exclusive talk she dishes with Gracie about life on stage & off...

Dearest Dear,
Unfortunately this is the only way to make good the frightful wrong I have done to you and wipe out my abject humiliation. I love you.
You understand last night was only a comedy.
Jean Harlow, one of stage and screens most popular and widely known stars of the Golden Age of film was always portrayed in roles of a sexy blonde vixen. What is lesser known is that she disliked these comedic roles and longed for the opportunity to portray more dramatic characters. What follows is a biography of one of Hollywood's most tragic young stars who died too young and left the world wondering what could have been.
One of the most prevalent rumors in history is also one of its most sexually taboo.
A return to the Summer of Love ... 1669 Style
Some might be a bit surprised to find that high fashion priestess Chanel would be listed here at Sex-Kitten.net, as a legend we admire. After all, her fashions have been described by many as 'boxy,' and of a 'practical classic style.' Her trademark suit-and-hat ensembles imply a couture for women who aspire to be ladies, not sex kittens.

But the real fascination about Coco is what is often edited from virtually every bio about her...

A tribute to the greatest screen actress of all time...Katharine Hepburn