Vixen's Room

'She ain't no push-over!' so get it straight from her curvy hip!
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If there's one face we all wear, it's Orgasm Face. Like Morning Face, it's not our most attractive face, but sooner or later, the object of our affections is going to see it.
Sex on the Beach Rubs Me The Wrong Way
...or pick from Betty & Veronica...
How do I handle stress? How do I relax? Umm, you probably mean in a healthy way, right? So cigs & wine don't count, huh? If we take those things away, all I have left is sex, and well, then we'd have the perfect environment for a sexual addiction! So what else can I tell you? Column over? *wink*
First times rarely seems to be worthy of the build up, let alone some dreamy "I remember when" story.
As a woman of slender proportions, I do not have large breasts. And I know it will shock the shit out of many here, but I don't want them.
Another night at the bar.